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  1. I cannot take the word illuminati seriously. It gets bounced around forums meaning everything and nothing.
  2. kerbie

    Simon Parkes Interview

    Nice one! Thanks for the link, lots of info to muse over.
  3. kerbie

    Moving into 5-D

    Sounds interesting. Can you post the link up or send it to me?
  4. Hi Clavicus, I'm sort of newish so you won't remember me. Hope you had a nice break and welcome back.
  5. Any book suggestions? I'm open to anything.

    1. eyelight


      Eckhart Tolle: New Earth

    2. kandescent


      I'm not finished with it yet, but "Wool" by Hugh Howey - a post-apocalyptic, underground type sci-fi book

  6. kerbie

    Bilderberg Copenhagen 2014

    Nice work LoneStarr... you are a star! Also thanks to Nex for posting those speeches. Interesting.
  7. Thanks guys I've got some bud here actually...
  8. kerbie

    What makes you vibrate?

    Hearing the wood pigeons cooing in the morning on my way to work, eating cherry tomatoes for lunch, listening to the purr of my contented cats sleeping next to me and on a rare occasion when the night is clear star gazing. Ahh... bliss. I also get a buzz from thunderstorms, running and sex lol.
  9. Same here and I still can't get my head around that he is still alive. I was so sure he died years ago.
  10. I'd have to go with 17 - I honestly have no idea. Coz that's the kind of girl I am
  11. kerbie

    10 Spiritual Things We Weren't Taught

    All the above points resonates greatly with me. However, number 6, most of us incarnated here before, does confuse me. I believe we are all one, we are all beings, we are consciousness. So to say most of us have incarnated here before makes no sense to me as we are all ONE. Our egos die but the essence, the true energy of 'I am' never ceases to be. So when we speak of incarnations are we referring to incarnating through different egos?