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  1. No I dont......I never paid attention to that end of things....literally day after day it was banning ACs for lewd things, then banning IP spans because they would come back in under another IP, etc.....I could understand why enough was enough....and the stuff posted was blatantly racist/anti-semetic....waste of time and people....
  2. It is odd....but I was a mod over there for a time....its not as bonkers behind the scenes as you would think....of course there are always things going on that not everyone knows about but all in all, I would categorize it as "business".....the "ACs" would just hog up the place with really atrocious things - it would come down as fast as it would go up, so most folks probably never saw it. It gets old....And recently there has been an uptick in ACs doing it.....Yes, getting people to sign up is possible as well, but from my perspective, I think it is more of a "maintenance"/"Streamlining" thing....
  3. Mulva

    America under President Trump

    Here is a link to when the power went out
  4. Mulva

    America under President Trump

    I'm watching the new "I accept US intelligence conclusions that Russian meddling took place" live speech.....right now... If confusion is the goal....objective achieved
  5. Mulva


    Well - we just had someone climb the statue of liberty
  6. Mulva


    [4am] What will tomorrow be? Coordinated. What happened to Stormy? Fake news! Q Hmmmm.... https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/02/us/man-accused-of-plotting-attack-on-july-4-parade-in-cleveland/index.html
  7. Yes.....he put out an executive order...of course I cannot trust anything said... I think this order will now create "Refugee camps" akin to the countries bordering Syria. Wont let them in as citizens, they dont want to leave....so they will just sit....stagnant...(versus Europe where they are out and about and living on the streets). And when people will complain about that....the response will be "this is why we wanted to separate the children....for their safety.....
  8. Yes - some pics are from 2014....but there are ones currently coming out now....I just found out there is a "detention center" up here in NY by me....no one knew...8 kids.....their parents down in Texas....separated....
  9. Yes Fet.....totally....MS13 FOR THE MOST PART is just gang on gang violence...and it stays in the community....versus the migrants who just live on streets in Paris)....."Sanctuary cities" are having issues now though and they are turning into Paris with people living on the streets... So literally, MS13 is in my next town over.....but it stays there. A 10 minute drive and you are in MS13 territory. I can drive through it with my windows down and my doors unlocked too! I am not "the target" (of course I would not do this at night!). They are TERRIBLE sons of bitches though....inhumane.....they kill children..... One story that was close to me has never gotten out of my head....a young mom was "lured" by a "Friends" into a wooded area. She had her 2 year old son with her. Apparently she may have been seeing a member of a rival gang, or was saying bad things about MS13. There were 4 "Friends" there. One of them shot the 19 year old mom in front of the son. The boy ran and hid behind and clung to the leg of one of the other men there. He was then shot two times in the head. The shooter took the boy's red ball he had with him and gave it to is daughter when he got home! They all fled back to El Salvador and were on the lam for 4 years. They were caught and extradited back here where they where charged with murder. A couple of them were under 18 at the time! Kids themselves....
  10. This is JUST like what happened in Europe.....some legitimate people looking for help....given hope for a new life....and among them - young single muslim men - potential jihadists... Here - its legitimate families trying to get out of bad areas, surrounded by MS13 members looking to wreak havoc in the states....I LIVE in MS13 land over here in New York. It is scary as hell! Its literally one town over. My friends and neighbors are teachers in the next town over - they are dedicated educators trying to help these kids - it just doesnt matter - even if the kids refuse to join, they are killed.....MS13 is terrifying....
  11. Yes Breezy - some ARE unaccompanied Children...thats how things were under Obama....unaccompanied Children were put in holding centers.... The ZERO TOLERANCE policy now under Trump pulls kids away from their parents....so the NEWER detention centers have both unaccompanied AND accompanied children... Here is the BIGGER question - WHERE ARE THE GIRLS....
  12. Thats the thing Breezy....there parents are at other detention centers...."home" is back to their native countries... SOME of the children being held are purposely being held separately from their parents because they are 17 and ready to turn 18...they will automatically be processed as adults and will be sent back
  13. Do y'all outside the states know what is going on here in the good ole US of A? Just like the refugee stuff in Europe wasnt making news over here, is this making news overseas??? Kids are being separated from their parents when they illegally cross over and are detained and put in "centers"....thousands of children. Siblings also separated from siblings. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-edit-daca-immigration-20180615-story.html - whats going on https://wokesloth.com/creepy-trump-mural-in-casa-padre/distributor/ - inside one of the centers There was a story on last night where one of these centers was in the middle of a neighborhood and the people living there had NO idea....just found out recently. Completely fenced in so you cannot see.... These folks crossing the border are the ones who were in the "Giant Caravan" making its way through South America and through Mexico. Now that they have arrived this is happening. It SOUNDS JUST LIKE the mass migration into Europe - someone was paying for these folks to gather up and do a mass exodus to Europe. We know how that all ended...or, rather, is still what is going on. The difference between Europe and America is that Europe let them in and next thing you knew you have people living on the streets, cities over run, violence and crime, etc. America is detaining them and separating them from their kids as a WARNING to not cross. Makes me wonder if this plan was in effect for Hillary to win, and they would have come in and set up another Europe - Trump knowing the plan was put in place and not stoppable put his own blockade on it.....
  14. Mulva

    Walmart Stores Closing??

    Bumping this - I put it in the Jade Helm thread.! The children being separated from their parents are being held at - CLOSED WALMART STORES!!! The Walmart stores that were suddenly closed were thought to be related to "Jade Helm" - perhaps to be converted to FEMA camps....well, they found their purpose
  15. Mulva

    Jade Helm

    Hey! Look what topic is back! The children being separated from their parents are being held at - CLOSED WALMART STORES!!! The Walmart stores that were suddenly closed were thought to be related to "Jade Helm" - perhaps to be converted to FEMA camps....well, they found their purpose