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  1. Kosh

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    RIP friend. May it be well with you and your family.
  2. Maybe I didn't read closely enough but how come they don't say anywhere WHERE this red dwarf is located? This omission is rather odd as usually don't they state where the object is located or did I miss where that was stated?
  3. Kosh


    Sliding, perhaps - I like to think of it as walk-ins - those happen all the time in this VR world - even the Bible tells us this world is an illusory place and what is unseen to us here, is the true reality. So lots of folks walk-in and "walk-out" all the time is my guess - some would call that sliding...perhaps
  4. Benjamin Fulford – November 6, 2013: Multiple sources say the Pentagon is moving to shut down cabal http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/11/benjamin-fulford-november-6-2013-multiple-sources-say-the-pentagon-is-moving-to-shut-down-cabal-2814322.html Something is going on and I think this is closer to the truth than anything else I've read.
  5. Kosh

    How Did You Find CHANI

    Someone mentioned the forum on either Elaine's forum (alien-earth) or lop - think it was alien-earth shortly after this forum was started. Having followed the bezerk and me tel u now threads among others on GLP, it was great to find this forum. I don't post much here, but read a lot
  6. You got to stand back and look at the whole - take all of these together - entropy is accelerating in our system....this can be a negative or from another perspective, a good thing
  7. wow - that is a really stunning video. It seems exactly as others have stated, like a computer/robotic glitch - no wonder they are keeping him away from interviews. Something very unreal about him too - very weird vibe looking at him
  8. to quote the original article " something is about to happen, it is about to happen soon, and there is no way we will ever be able to know the truth about it, who did what, when, where and why, but that whatever it is, we are sitting ducks for anything." Does this relate with anything going on now? I think whatever it is has begun - we are in the event, just at the beginning of it I think
  9. Very interesting indeed. Hope it turns out to be nothing - I expect though that China will not permit Kim to do anything - he has gone quiet lately so maybe this is a positive sign
  10. With all that's going on in the world, and with the predictions on this list clicking into place one by one, getting really concerned
  11. Kosh

    Blood Red Moon Over Israel

    Interesting. That must have been a sight to see. I've never seen a blood red moon. I wonder why or how it can appear blood red there, but here in the US it is normal color.
  12. Kosh

    WOW What's up with this Cloud?

    Bleed through - realms are collapsing. There's an interesting thread at the other site that I was following before getting perma banned. Called something like "Hello Gods and Godesses" - starting to think there is something to what is being said in that thread due to personal experiences and then all these incongruent events like the mysterious "sounds", the zombie thing and then other phenomenon such as these clouds. Anyway, regardless it is a cool looking thing but definitely unusual looking and eerie
  13. I actually ended up on one of the well-known conspiracy boards, yeah that one, as a result of trying to make sense of finding out that Billy Graham was still alive in Fall 2008. Just as all of you are certain you saw the coverage of the death of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston on tv, on CNN and all the other stations ad infinitum - well, just as distinctly I recall the passing of Billy Graham. I even watched an hour long thing with Larry King as they remembered the man. Then I find out he is still alive. Never been so shocked in my life. Then I began searching for answers and I ended up on the conspiracy forums. This was in 2008-2009. I'm now convinced that somewhere in the Fall of 2008 there was a timeline shift - my world turned upside down at this time - there is a discussion on Project Camelot on a timeline shift called "A Case for Two Timelines" . There is much I find questionable or total nonsense on that site, but on this particular issue imho their source is correct i.e. there was a timeline shift in 2008 (and probably have been others as well). Too many synchronicities in my life to get into during this time period of Fall 2008, suffice it to say the world has never been the same for me since.... what is reality if a timeline can shift?
  14. Did you know that things are actually getting better...just sayin
  15. Ok, I visit here sometimes, but I want to make a suggestion that I think will help this site. Please SIMPLIFY navigation. GLP works coz it is simple - this place has WAY TOO MANY sub categories yet there are so many interesting threads but trying to navigate this is like going to ATS - which is like reading the Wall Street Journal or the Economist. PLEASE simplify navigation - like GLP and LOP and AE and you'll get much more viewership if you have everything one page - this site would be awesome if you did this. Ok, I've said my piece FWIW. Flame away, but this is my humble opinion