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  1. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I've been a rabid lurker on Chani since day one. Like coffee I couldn't start my day without it.
  2. SpaceDude

    Happy Birthday, Spacedude

    Thanks everyone. Just think, in 40 years I'll be 100!
  3. SpaceDude

    "Penetration" - very rare book by Ingo Swann

    Ingo Swann is definitely the "real thing". I never met him personally but I have met and talked to two individuals who knew him and had worked with him. Here is some more information about this true psychic: http://www.irva.org/conferences/speakers/swann.html Ingo Swann was the discoverer and original developer of the remote viewing protocol. Already a widely-collected artist and an accomplished intuitive, Mr. Swann remote viewed the interior workings of a sophisticated quark detector in the physics department at Stanford University, the report of which attracted the interest of the CIA and led to the founding of the consciousness research program at SRI-International from which the military remote viewing program later sprang. Mr. Swann worked with Dr. Harold Puthoff at the SRI lab to create controlled remote viewing (CRV), which provides the foundation for the majority of remote viewing methods in use today, none of which has been able thus far to surpass it in effectiveness. Here is a link to his website: http://www.biomindsuperpowers.com/ The two individuals that I met were Skip Atwater and Joe McMoneagle from my visits to the Monroe Institute in Faber, VA. Joe McMoneagle was one of the original recruits for the STAR GATE remote viewing program headed by Harold Puthoff and Ingo Swann. F. Holmes (Skip) Atwater Raised in a spiritually oriented family environment, Skip Atwater's childhood was filled with extraordinary psychic experiences. As a young adult he was guided from within to a career as a counterspy during the cold-war era where he used his natural psychic aptitude as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent. He initiated the US Army's remote-viewing intelligence program now known to world by the code name STAR GATE. For ten years Skip was the Operations and Training Officer for this secret remote-viewing program. He recruited and trained an elite cadre of professional intelligence officers to do remote viewing for the Department of Defense and various members of the national intelligence community. He planned, conducted, and reported thousands of remote viewing intelligence-collection missions. After retiring from the Army, Skip became Research Director at The Monroe Institute. Since then he has published technical research on methods for expanding consciousness, authored the inspirational book, Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul, and assisted hundreds of individuals in experiencing and exploring expanded states of consciousness. In December 2006 he became the President of the Institute. Skip Atwater speaks at seminars, conferences, and religious services around the world each year. He has been featured on Coast-to-Coast AM, Jeff Rense, and Lights On with Nancy Lee radio programs several times and has been on numerous other community television and talk-radio shows all over the United States, Australia, England, and Spain. He has appeared on nationally televised programs including Sightings, the Life Science Foundation public television documentary Intuition, the A&E series The Unexplained, The Learning Channel series Science Frontiers, the A&E two-hour special Beyond Death, and The History Channel series History Undercover. He lives near The Monroe Institute in Virginia. IRVA 2001 - Hemi-Sync® and Remote Viewing Abstract: Hemi-Sync is a patented auditory guidance system developed by The Monroe Institute to engender states of focused consciousness. We contracted privately with Robert Monroe to work with Joe McMoneagle, an experienced, highly skilled remote viewer for the military Star Gate program. The training sessions continued for ten non-consecutive weeks over a period of one year. Each training week I conducted an audit remote-viewing session to try to determine any improvement in Joe's remote-viewing performance. During one of these, I decided to use coordinates of some unusual structures on the planet Mars that Dr. Puthoff from SRI had provided me. As it turned out Joe described eight different coordinate-designated locations on Mars. This presentation will describe the Hemi-Sync process; the associated remote-viewing training used with Joe C, and illustrate the results of this specialized training by sharing actual recordings of Joe's historic remote viewing of Mars http://www.irva.org/conferences/speakers/atwater.html Monroe Institute: http://www.monroeinstitute.org/
  4. SpaceDude

    The Secrets of Power

    Having just read "T",s thread of "We the HUMANS, Past - Present - Future..," about "HOW FAR UP THE CONTROL PYRAMID CAN YOU SEE?" post http://thechaniproject.com/forum/index.php/topic,4230.msg34482/topicseen.html#new reminded me of an ebook that I started over a year ago about the secrets of power. I never finished it, maybe someday if time or events allow. But either way you may find what I've printed informative if not relevant. THE COMPLEX MAZE OF POWERDOM The first thing learned about the inner workings of power is the vastness and complexity comparable to an intricate maze. Simplifying and Examining Elements to This Complexity As complex and as extensive this power is, the overall parts of this power can be subdivided. Even though there are numerous and increasingly complex categories, we will however break them down into three general categories: 1. Power at the Societal Levels 2. Power at the Individual Level 3. Power that transcends the societal and individual levels and deal with untapped energies. The first two are easily visible while the third will take more effort to identify. Due to the complexity and amount of detail required to adequately cover these categories, it will become necessary to break them up into separate volumes and courses. This volume consists of five courses and will cover in detail the elements of societal power as this is a required foundation to developing individual empowerment and sensing powers. Overriding Importance of Societal Powers I realize that you are probably more interested in learning to become self-empowered, but to my knowledge, no book on self-empowerment comes anywhere close to identifying and addressing the overwhelming societal elements towards power. Which is why they all fail in helping one become self-empowered? One reason is because these societal elements are craftily designed to suppress, thwart, or prevent individual self-empowerment. Therefore a relatively powerless individual might wish for self-empowerment, but these desires can be thwarted if you are uninformed about the mechanisms designed that make individual empowerment overly complicated and fruitless. No doubt that self-empowerment needs to take place in the confines of societal elements. Those societal elements have a long and quite hidden history. Many of the methods have become institutionalized and secret. The Hidden and Secret Aspects of Power Deliberate hidden aspects of power equates to secrecy. At one time or another, the secrets of power have remained hidden by the powerful elite in all cultures. This indicates that both the secrets of power and their deployment is generic to all humans. It is therefore more important to reveal the general hidden aspects of power. This way those who seek empowerment can identify each aspect or theory towards gaining power. SECRET #1 http://i890.photobucket.com/albums/ac105/newstrollermom/power-fulcrum.png[/img] Read the attached pdf file to learn more 3494_.pdf
  5. SpaceDude


    Hi T, Thanks for responding to my reply. I take no offense to your comments and I have a totally open mind to all possibilities. I been to the Monroe Institute on several occasions and have learned that we are much more than our physical selves and also how to tune in and trust our gut instincts. One of the items that kind of threw me off was the thought that this video message originated from the G.H.REES site. Their site was filled with a lot of bigotry and hate. The sites tone just didn’t jive with a message that was coming from a higher source. Since you clarified that this message didn’t originate from them and that the source is unknown thankfully eliminates that associative dark cloud. Please keep a cool head and don’t get discouraged. Sometimes we inadvertently express our feelings just to get a response to see how someone reacts. It’s maybe a not to subtle way to see how one responds to get a better feel for their convictions and whether there is possible truth in the message. I agree with Jessica’s comments as well as RSSWizard. It difficult to remove the wheat from the chaff with all the disinfo out there. That’s why I go with my gut feelings to see if it resonates with my inner knowledge. As far as the Galactic Federation that I spoke of may need some clarification. At one of my voyages at the Monroe Institute in 1996 for what is called the Lifeline Program where we do soul retrievals, a group of us were sitting around discussing some of our experiences. Some of them have been attending the various programs offered there for many years and were very adept at exploring higher levels of consciousness. A few had described their experiences with a group of higher beings that as best as can be described was a council that oversaw the affairs of our galaxy. Since many of us at the time were old “Star Trek” fans we just coined the term “Galactic Federation” to refer to this group. I also seem to remember that in one of Bob Monroe’s books he also mentioned this group. Now this council that I referred to is probably not the same as the one that you say the Draco’s use to throw others off track. I didn’t include “of Light” to this federation and it was just a label we gave this council at that time and it just kind of stuck. This may or may not have been where this term originated from but it was the first time I learned of this council and the label of Galactic Federation. This council is real; it exists and is not a Draco fabrication. Another reason why we labeled them the Galactic Federation is due to what we learned was their “prime directive”, which was to strictly observe and not interfere with outside planet affairs. They had apparently learned the hard way that interfering with planet affairs, though done with the best attentions, didn’t also have a positive result. Now I know this sound like an episode from “Star Trek” but one of the problems when you explore other realms is the communication factor. Our waking conscious minds have a very difficult time translating our experiences into our current spoken language. So to try and explain it as best we can we use common day experiences and knowledge to best describe what we our experience during our “trips”. Since I’ve been aware of this council for some time now and because of what we called their “prime directive” about non-involvement is why I have reservations about this group getting involved. Though I do understand that in a way they are not directly involving in our affairs and that they are saying we need to “Deal with those Agents” ourselves while they take care of this outside force. So in reality they aren’t violating their prime directive. The other item that throws me off is the term “Andromedian” which I don’t ever recall hearing this name before. Has anyone else heard of this group or can you “T” maybe shed some light on this name? The reason I asked is for some reason it just feels fake and made up. The more light you can shed on this “Announcement” “T” the better. You definetly appear to have strong convictions about this message. It is sometimes difficult to get a true feeling about a message with only words as our source (aside from the video). So the more the better even if it’s just bits and pieces. Eventually the true meaning will come across. On a final note about the moon. I’ve known for a long time (late60’s early 70’s) that the moon was artificial and didn’t belong here. It was just a strong feeling that has always been with me. At first I didn’t understand but over the years it became clear that what I always suspected was true. That the moon was there to control and influence us in a negative way. I can and still do feel this force emanating from the moon but have conditioned myself not to be influenced by it. The result being more aware and awake which I suspect most if not all in this group has learned to resist this force. So “T”, I hope this maybe explains my feelings better and that it wasn’t directed at you in any way. I’m more of a lurker as you can see I don’t post much. But I’ve been following the Chani forum since day one as it’s refreshing to read and listen to like-minded souls as yourself and everyone else here. Maybe one day I’ll tell of my experiences at the Monroe Institute. Some of them are amazing at least to me and I know that we are all just actors in this play called life and that we are so much more.
  6. SpaceDude


    I agree with NEXUS. This "ANNOUNCEMENT" doesn't feel right. Whenever someone gives a specific date for something to occur or give a warning about certain dates I tend to give suspect to their message. I've met some pretty amazing psychics in my time but none are very accurate at pinpointing that something will happen on a specific date. Especially when it's more then a couple of days. Time is just an illusion and too fluid to make accurate predictions. Two things I've noticed with this video. When I went to youtube to get more info about this video there was a link in the descriprion box from where this video supposedly originated from. This was the link: http://hellenandchaos.blogspot.com/ Now when you go to youtube this link is nowhere to be found. On the above blog site was the following image: The date near the top shows August 2, 2012. The message warns Russia that they have 8 days to topple their goverment (August 10,2012). Not clear what will happen if they don't but anyone making an ultimatum such as this loses credibility in my mind. As much as I would like this scenario to be true, it just doesn't resonate with me. We need to solve our own problems and not expect some benevolet guardian come to our rescue. Not sure if this video mentions it but I've come across information that originates off-world describing the political structure, such as a Galactic Federation, that mentions other worlds being destroyed by parasitic races. If this has happen before (destruction) which I believe it has, then we are being a little naive in thinking that we're "special" and deserve galactic intervention. Just my two cents worth. \
  7. Here is a excerpt from the interview between a reporter "Sarah" and "Dr. Neruda" from the Wingmaker site that talks about the Galactic Federation that supposedly exists as a central governing body for our galaxy. This was original publish around 1998! Sounds very similiar to the "Alliance Group" that Bluecoat mentioned. Check out the complete interview at the Wingmaker site: http://www.wingmakers.com/downloads.html Just a note: The names and places are fictional according to the author "JAMES" but the story and events are suppose to be true.
  8. Here is what BlueCoat originally said and compare to his recent message. Went from no doom to serious doom! Doesn't sound like the same person in my opinion. \
  9. Personally I like this crop circle!! http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2011/cherhillwhitehorse/cherhillwhitehorse2011a.html Mellow out!
  10. SpaceDude

    communication languages

    Most likely used English since it appears to be most widely used language to date. But the entity explained that this isn't the best way to communicate. This is what the entity said about language: On how we think, read and interpret: "write lanuage cause bad things 4 yor human history hold u back beter draw pictures like sumar beter write image like egyptian write lanuage tel u what to think not how to think not good thing 4 mind picture tel u how to think must use mind to read picture good thing 4 mind picture u remember 4 ever write lanuage u forget soon not think anymore" "the reason sumaria write in picture is they want last generation u to unerstan 2000 years later ok if they rite data on disk u not able deciferings disk 4 u not have same reading device 2 read their data 2000 year later sumaria write on stone to survive al yor teknology ok and alow u to stil unerstan 2000 years later simple ok"
  11. SpaceDude

    Why Are You Here!

    I happen to have come across a 9-part video interview from Robert Monroe. Unfortunately I started my "Exploration" in 1996 a few months after Bob passed away so I never got the chance to meet him in person. I've read all his books but due to life issues, some time has passed since I did any further exploring. Having watched this video brought back some past experiences and helped me to remember why I started my journey about why I/We are here now. I'm sure you'll find this interview interesting, especially part 5. Bob is very adept at putting into perspective how we got here and why and also in explaining the unexplainable. Enjoy!
  12. SpaceDude

    My Diary of 90 Days To Become A Channeler

    I'm not sure you understand what channeling is.......... It's not something you can or should do alone. I've had some experience with channeling at the Monroe Institute with an amazing lady Rosalind McKnight who is no longer with us. When you channel you are giving permission to a non-physical entity to temporarily use your body for communication purposes. Your consciousness is temporarily elsewhere and you are not always aware of what this entity is doing with your physical body. This is why it is necessary to have someone else present to do the actual communication. There are some dangers that you need to be aware of before trying to channel unless you've done some preliminary training before hand. There are powerful and mischievous entities out there that can cause some problems if you're not aware of how to deal with them. They feed on fear. If not properly conditioned on how to deal with them (think possession like the exorcist) you might not like the results. Not trying to discourage you. Just thought you need to prepare yourself if you hadn't already. Basically you just need to have a strong conviction that nothing can harm you (and they can't), ask for protection from your spirit guide or whatever your belief's are about who watches over you (guardian angel, higher self, etc.) and don't let fear control you. Good luck with your efforts.
  13. Here is a link for ESA about asteroid Steins: http://www.esa.int/esaMI/Rosetta/SEMNMYO4KKF_0.html Pretty interesting shape!
  14. Went to FINCEN website. Didn't see any alerts? What type of alert did they issue?