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  1. Hi everyone.  Just thought I'd pop in again after so long.  Hope everyone is well :)  I"ll check out the posts and see what I've missed out on :) Love yas!


    1. Foopengerkle


      Where have you been.  We've missed you.

  2. Blue Wren

    Earth Energies and TimeLine shifts

    I've been off meat for a while too. I actually cannot bring myself to eat any red meat. I think it's the iron content. I can taste the metal in it, and deep down I think that sense the the effects of a cosmic visitor entering our solar system and creating all sorts of magnetic disturbances in my body, just like Earth, and the other planets. The other night I woke restless (not the 14th, some other night last week) and it was the moon that woke me. From where I sleep I see directly into our living room. There, next to the window, facing the window, was a blue smoky outline of a man, but his head turned to me and I knew that we both caught each other out. It wasn't funny, I was terrified. I tried wake my husband, tapping him hard on the shoulder, then next thing I fell asleep. Also, for many nights I've dreamed about snakes talking to me, and a giant anaconda's head staring into my eyes in various dreams, telling me important things that I can't remember now. These were good dreams though, homey.
  3. Happy Birthday Reddwolf! and may all your dreams come true!
  4. I missed yours Kandescent! I hope you had a lovely day also
  5. Yes absolutely Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it was awesome!
  6. Blue Wren


    I need a carton worth after the last 2 seconds of Episode 6!!! sheesh!
  7. Blue Wren


    left hanging!!!! omg I couldn't believe the show finished the way it did! I get better closure with Stargate than this season of X Files! I loved the entire 6 episodes with the bits here and there, clues, red herrings, you name it conspiracy - it was all there, but the end? the end? there was no end! just a hole in the air - one triangular craft, one blue light, one dazed Scully!!! and where was her Alien Morph? Why did we see a little tinsy bit of truth and not have it finalised! Oh I was sooooooooo disappointed! I tried to get online to see what everyone else here was saying but my mobile kept dropping out so I left it today. I was seriously bothered by the non-ending!!!! rant over.
  8. Blue Wren


    um I'll stop talking now
  9. Blue Wren


    Yes I sense this also. There seems to be some very profound messages in each silly episode. It's almost parable-like. Truthfully, I'm enjoying all of them. When it's finished I'm buying
  10. Blue Wren


    which one? I'm in Australia and we're about to watch E6 next Sunday night ... the finale.
  11. Blue Wren


    I look forward to it also. Some people I know have just started on this journey and have watched some XFiles. These are people that years ago just shrugged their shoulders with disdain at the whole conspiracy thing. Now they're trying to educate me about who's doing what and why and I shrug my shoulders and say "eh - old news". That keeps them searching for more stuff to surprise me. I think it's really rather cute - preaching to the converted so to speak. But I also sense that with these XFiles, there's a mission there - to cram as much in as a short period of time to get people to know things quickly. Seems to me that someone is acting as though time is running out for the truth get out there.
  12. Blue Wren


    here! here!
  13. Blue Wren


    I feel it too Jessica. I'd like to think that now that I'm 50 years old I can start to see the world with the eyes of an elder, someone with a little more knowledge, a little more patience, and a little more ability to observe the current version of humanity as young and spiritually infantile. Someone once said to me that there is no growth without pain, and perhaps that's what we're observing, humanity in pain yet on the cusp of its greatest potential!
  14. I only got "DRAVISNA OVNI" or "DRAVIZNAH" or "DR'VVINZNAAHH. Only sounds for me!