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  1. freecookies

    Policeman's Story is the TRUTH in Furgeson , Missouri

    There's a reason why they implemented food assistance. And it wasn't because they were nice people, it's because the food riots during the '30s scared the shit out of them. It looks like the people in charge have forgotten some of those lessons learned during the 30s.
  2. freecookies

    Policeman's Story is the TRUTH in Furgeson , Missouri

    However, if they are thinking that somehow the scared whiteys are going to want to fall into the arms of the police state, they may be surprised. What happens next is anarchy. They destroyed the rule of law several years ago, and since nothing bad happened right away, they just kept digging. Well, now it's all coming down, since there's no rules to buttress anything anymore. All there are, are gangs now, and the law is whatever the biggest gangs say it is, at a point of contention, at that moment in time. From here on out, you create your own order. Or not.
  3. freecookies

    Policeman's Story is the TRUTH in Furgeson , Missouri

    You can tell the MSM is desperate to keep this contained to black people - I guess the MSM is racially unprejudiced until it doesn't suit their interests. The local good ol' boys are trying to cover this up. But good ol' boys ain't that smart. At this point, I don't think it will matter what the inquiry into this shooting finds. The good ol' boys have killed more people since and now the military is called in and there are reports of live fire from the citizens. I have a gun, but it's locked and unloaded. I'm seriously contemplating unlocking and loading it and keeping it under the pillow.
  4. freecookies

    The SKYPE is Falling

    There are way cheaper services than Skype. Just search for "SIP VoIP providers" and try a few out. Most of them will do prepaid. I use X-Lite as my VoIP client, and www.diamondcard.us as my VoIP provider, but those are not endorsements. There are plenty of other VoIP clients out there and plenty of other VoIP providers. As far as clicking on wrong things go, I think a lot of people need to get training before they log into a computer. Nobody would hand you the keys to a motorbike without asking if you took a class or passed a test, for instance. Instead we send everyone to the school of hard knocks, where they all learn how to use a computer the hard way. Imagine if we did that with motorcycles...
  5. What do you call those people at the garage in Parkes they were talking to. In Alabama, they'd call them "good ol' boys".
  6. Triton, these guys now want to borrow your car. And weld stuff to it. So they can travel through the outback.
  7. freecookies

    Urban Legends

    I was making a joke. There was a 4chan project not too long ago to try to send Bieber to North Korea entitled "North Korea is Best Korea".
  8. freecookies

    Urban Legends

    So South Korea is Best Korea? A nuclear accident in China doesn't surprise me. If the Japanese can't make it work, nobody can. Nobody gets the future completely right. Nobody.
  9. I wouldn't put it past Apple, that's all I'll say. I want a smartphone that isn't tied to a U.S. corporation these days. Something along the lines of Blackphone or http://neo900.org/ Where all the hardwsare is open and so is the software, and no corporation has any motivation to try to monetize your brain while the NSA is looking over their shoulder.
  10. freecookies

    First steps to clean a Windows PC

    Depends on their level of expertise, how bad it's infected, whether you like them or not, and whether they're paying you or not. If they're nontechnical, if it's badly infected, and they're not paying you, I'd just tell them to back up all the data they want to keep onto a cloud drive service, all of the big names will let you store a few Gb's for free and then reformat/reinstall using whatever discs came with the computer. If they don't have the discs, then they can order an OEM copy of Win7 from Newegg. Or pirate it from thepiratebay. They're on their own though if they do that and I didn't hear anything or know anything. Right after re-installing, if you like them: install Microsoft Security Essentials. Right after re-installing, if you don't: install Norton Antivirus. If they don't have it, point them to the Norton website to buy it. And no desktop box should ever ever ever be placed directly on the raw internet. There should always be a firewall device in between. Windows has the security model of swiss cheese, just look at all the security patches they push out all the time. I wouldn't even put a desktop linux distro like Ubuntu on the raw internet and it's at least 5x better than Windows when it comes to security. If they're paying you, if it's just spyware/malware what you outlined sounds reasonable. Might include CCleaner in the list as well. Also if they're paying you, and they've had a history of being dumb about clicking on things, make sure their user account doesn't have admin rights. A majority of security holes can be plugged if you downgrade their account privs to user. It might mean that someone else will have to install programs for them, but again, if they've demonstrated a lack of competence, that's probably the right thing for them.
  11. freecookies


    Argentina screwed everyone for 30%, back in '02. What I'm hearing, is the Fed is going do the same thing, but at 90%. Basically Argentina divided by 3, the Fed is going to divide by 10. Paper money will actually have some worth afterwards, but remember, they can print that into worthlessness if they need to as well. And I would expect smart people to dump all their paper for anything tangible. Just like they did in Argentina. And finally the Fed and all their little buddies will disappear into the past, like they should've back in 2008.
  12. freecookies


    BTW, according to Clif, they're not actually going to print more money, they're going to divide everyone's checking account by 10. I'll repeat - if you see it on a computer screen or see it on a piece of paper that gets mailed to you, it's not really there, you're um, seeing things, as the nice psychiatrist likes to say. As always, timing is the real issue, but with the founding of the BRICS bank, I think the dollar's end isn't too far behind. That and the failed attempt to kill Putin (which is what MH17 was really about), the petrodollar doesn't have much more time left. All the usual advice still stands - have a good portion of your savings outside the banking system in whatever form or manner suits you. If you like growing things, wouldn't be a bad time to grow some. And I'd think about what I might do if gasoline hit $20/gal. A 2-cycle moped might not be a bad thing. An electric bike might not be a bad thing either. An ordinary bike might not be too bad either, but you must like pedaling up hills and into the wind. I'd also think about spare parts for the bike once the magic Chinese supply gets cut off because they don't want dollars any more. All bicycle tires and inner tubes are made in China, for instance...
  13. Ukraine has always been a battleground over the years, they've been abused by Russia and Europe. I'm not saying that cheering at a downed plane is right, but I understand. These are people that need to be left alone for a century or two, to heal, but nobody will leave them be.
  14. freecookies

    Naked selfies extracted from 'factory reset' phones

    If you see me naked, you get what you deserve.
  15. freecookies

    Marciniak and the Pleideans

    You might be interested in joining this program, the next time you need to um, go. http://halfpasthuman.com/essays/twowires.html