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  1. i tend to be informed of various national prophecies and keep them in the back of my head, but do not generally use them as guidelines to the future as it is easy to manipulate the meanings into current events having said that it seems that various prophecies made by greek sources (in modern history) are coming to pass you see the problem here is that greece has always been the gateway from the east to the west and south to north, anything passing through Suez also ends up in the Med. the Hellenic land is the most bloodfed land on the planet and by no accident, making it a likely candidate for the commencement of wwiii on a statistical basis alone during the last world war we had the greatest casualties per capita reaching almost 10% of population. We held out axis forces for over 260 days by regular army and even pushed them back! we diverted hitlers troops going through middle europe in his 3 pronged attack towards russia for long enough in order to be caught out by the winter in op. Barbarossa whilst giving red russia the time to produce and regroup for their push back there are countless quotes from leaders of the world at the time (on all sides) praising the greek decisive effort in that war (find them in youtube) it does not surprise me that we are public enemy no.1 to the nwo plans as can be seen by the ferocity and wide span of their attacks on our population but hey, its our lot in life, meaning the few that carry the gene of old, and these people are dotted around the world not just in this geographic area
  2. The Turkish electronic surveillance aircraft CN-235 M-100 ELINT Milsis-2U/Radar ED are working ‘overtime’ to cut off comms between Kastelorizo and Rhodes. All military and commercial aerial and naval traffic has been informed to stay within 5 nautical miles of the platform.
  3. From Wiki: Greece has not yet claimed an exclusive economic zone, although it is entitled to do so, as per UNCLOS 1982 as well as customary international law. This had led to direct threat by Turkey of casus belli if Greece was to declare her exclusive economic zone, although Greece restrained from any kind of declaration so far.[citation needed] Turkey's declaration of casus belli is not related to the EEZ issue. Turkey claims that the Aegean Sea's status as a semi-closed sea affords it a special nature (unlike other semi-closed seas as the Adriatic or even fully enclosed seas as the Black Sea). Moreover, Turkey is not among the signatories of UNCLOS which allows countries to expand the width of their territorial waters up to 12 nautical miles (22 km). Even though Turkey is a persistent objector to the relevant article of UNCLOS, it has expanded its own territorial waters in the Black Sea to 12 nautical miles (22 km). And moreover, in 1995 just after Greek parliament ratifications of UNCLOS (as every signatory state was entitled), Turkey declared that if Greece expands the width of her territorial waters over 6 nautical miles (11 km), Turkey would conceive this action as a containment attempt and a direct offense to her sovereignty and thus threatened Greece with a war (casus belli). According to published maps, the Israeli government has recognized the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of Greece and Cyprus. They describe the course of the gas pipeline which will transfer gas produced by American ?oble ?nergy Ltd. from the Leviathan reservoir to Europe, through an undersea pipeline crossing Greece. The gas pipeline should traverse the sea area, which according to international law, is part of the Greek EEZ. By this proposal, Israel recognizes the Greek EEZ in the area and offers an advantage that Greece can use during negotiation procedures to support its claims on the area. In practice, this cooperation will set up a powerful energy coalition between Greece, Cyprus and Israel. The mining and operating part will be undertaken by an American company.[19] "The substance of the issue is that in an effort to protect and secure vital Israeli interests in the Mediterranean Sea, Israel has been left with no choice other than to officially delimit its maritime borders," an Israeli diplomat told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review.[20] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exclusive_Economic_Zone#Greece and a MAP so you understand the topography (light green is Greek and green Cyprus, with the Israeli EEZ attached to the Cypriot one http://www.europeanunionmaps.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/exclusive-economic-zones-of-the-european-union-map.PNG Now remember that this uninterrupted route to Europe is made possible from the existence of the tiny island of KASTEORIZO (Megisti)
  4. In order to fully understand the problem here one has to understand that the Cypriot and Greek Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) join at the eastern tip of Greek sovereignty at Kastelorizo (Megisti) a tiny otherwise insignificant island that by maritime and international law extends Greek EEZ to the underbelly of Turkey and in essence closing off the Med. to the Turks. This IS the REAL problem for the Turk and the ultimate PRIZE in Turkish showboating. Of course the Greek TRAITORS in government at present and prior (all members (piss boys) of the global elite power tentacles) have not yet claimed Greece’s EEZ although it is a matter of formality. The explanation they give is that they fear war with Turkey in such an event. WHAT? Infuriates me. It is my understanding that this whole Turkish hostility has a primary goal being Kasrelorizo and then the Israeli/Cypriot platform. Just think of an underwater pipe line running from the Middle East to Europe utilizing this route. Of course the Palestinian issue is just the vessel to mask the intentions of Turkish hostility. Lest we forget most of the boats left from Cyprus during the bloody Marmara executions. I am between minds of the Israeli intentions at this point, and suspect a back deal between the historical allies of Turkey and Israel in order to leave the Greeks out to dry when the going gets tough. I hope to be proved wrong in the eventuality of hostilities.
  5. Traditionally Turkey and Israel have been best friends, so there is no historical reference on that. Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and claimed half the island for themselves being the only country in the world to officially recognize the occupied state as a sovereign country Greece and Turkey have been in perpetual war since the birth of the Turkish state with Ataturk (a jew from Thessaloniki Greece) and the genocide committed by the later upon the Greek populations of Asia Minor. If I was to rate the current situation on a DEFCON level it would be a 2, ie 1 step before pulling he trigger
  6. Although Turkey has not come close to the area yet, have however started an aerial campaign in conjunction with naval assets CN-235MPA, CN-235-100, C-130B with SIGINT-ELINT and C-160T technology, to bombard with electronic interference the area between Rhodes and Kastelorizo (Megisti), which is Greece and not Cyprus or Israel.
  7. Israeli sources state that, they are operating HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) EITAN/HERON TP type UAV’s , capable of 36hr flight around 40,000ft. They are used to pin point the exact position of the Noble Energy drill and to patrol the area for hostiles. This system comprises of daylight cameras, IR, SAR radar, Inverse SAR. If the Turks try to come close to the platform there will be an hours advance warning of the Turkish vector via the ops center receiving real time EITAN data. At the same time, IAF has employed G500 SEMA (special Electronic Mission Aircraft) that is able to monitor all the electronic transfers in the electromagnetic range from telecoms to radar signals originating from naval assets. On call are Israeli C-12 COMINT/COM Jammer, specializing in comms and interference.
  8. Turkish F16 and recon F4, Israeli ECM aircraft and tens of Helicopters are constantly airborne in the area. Israeli UAV’s are patrolling the straight line between the Cypriot and Israeli Exclusive Economic Zone at an altitude of 40,000feet. On the platform itself, security is maintained by Israeli special forces dressed in civies. The Platform itself and the area around it is being guarded by the Cypriot Home Guard, with its limited resources is enforcing the Hellenic Cypriot rights against a much larger foe. 2 Cypriot Helicopters, out of Larnaka base, are patrolling and guarding the platform and on standby to transport an Israeli special forces team assembled for this reason.
  9. well depends what event you are referring to if you are talking about a local war, then all the right ingredients are there (to my dismay) if you are thinking of a more global picture with Russia, US, China etc entering the hostilities then i will tell you this: The moment you hear on MSM of an accident involving 2 or more large ships in the straights of the Bosphorous, thus closing the straights to traffic, we have 24-72 hrs before Russia attacks Turkey (a NATO country) as their second fleet will be essentially blocked off from their access to the Med.
  10. This rapid increase of electronic warfare, including recognition and locking of targets does not defuse the situation as Ankara seems to have removed the safety of their weapons. The fact that these electronic countermeasures inflicted in the Greek isles (not the area pointed out above) is a sure sign of Turkish governmental disrespect towards Greece, something which is not surprising to me as it is their M.O. This morning Turkish military reconnaissance aircraft flew from Turkey to east of Cyprus and then turned SW outside Amoxosto not ending up south of the island (close to Israel) but of course violating Cypriot Airspace uncontested and without penalty (as usual).
  11. Unfortunately there is an exponential increase in the positioning of military/other assets in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the area between Rhodes and the coast of Israel with the epicenter being the platform installation ‘Horner Ferrington’ of Noble Energy placed in plot 12 of the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone. Within the triangle Rhodes, Kastelorizo (Megisti) (where the platform is situated) and Antalya, the war has entered its first phase, namely earth based electronic warfare ECM and ECCM between the countries involved Cyprus, Greece, Israel and Turkey. There is also an unprecedented concentration of electronic recognition aircraft within this triangle with UAV’s from all sides. On a side note (just to give perspective on UAV’s) before the situation turned sour between Israel and Turkey, the later had sent 4 UAV’s for inspection and maintenance to the manufacturer in Israel which are now impounded in Israel. In addition I wonder if the Israelis have built backdoor access to the UAV’s they manufacture.
  12. i will be releasing some hard to find information on this thread concerning what i consider the flashpoint of the upcoming wwiii so in essence this thread is going to become involved beyond the realms of the thread title (good indexing cover lol) i will be posting as soon as i can decode and translate (most of the times) the info coming in on a personal note, the reason why i'm doing this is to hopefully give the reader the understanding of timing to the first shot being fired and what that ultimately means for the world all the sides are mobilizing and gearing towards a clash of 'treaty' bound countries ie NATO, Shanghai Pact etc unfortunately i really do feel and comprehend that we are on the door step of the house of war, and i'm not talking regional here but as a good friend just returned to me my own words of old 'Everything is as it should be" ok, here we go...........
  13. the hot cold technique is in full effect in greece 1yr CDS's were -18% earlier today at 105 now standing at -14% at 110 market volatility is a sure sign of unease to say the least http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/quote?ticker=GGGB1YR:IND
  14. updates coming tomorrow seems we are on the final straight going to be spending a lot more time here, will explain in an email later see ya in 12hrs or so t