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  1. Slooooowly weaving CHANI back into my life, after much encouragement from members...  :-*

    Is anyone also checking out the new platform, OnStellar (https://onstellar.com/ )?

    1. breezy


      Welcome back MESmeRiSe.   Nice to see you back on CHANI!     :hug:

    2. MEsMErise


      Thank you breezy & fellow Chanites!! :hug:I hope I can keep the momentum going this time!  As I navigate through life, I am sometimes reminded about the Chani entitiy or the BEZERK jellyfish.  I just wish more of the dialogue could have been revealed.  If anyone out there from the old Rubicon is reading this, then we are READY! :bump::)

    3. breezy


      Yes, so many times I am and know others are too, reminded of both of those threads and the info contained. I'm sure there was info on both, that we never did quite figure out 100%.