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    Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

    While I'm at it: Solar ( R )evolution This one was shown at last year's Nexus conference. It totally expanded my consciousness and couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the night.
  2. MEsMErise

    Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

    I didn't see Grounded on the list so here is the trailer. I just loved this documentary! OK, I'm a sucker for cute baby moose too
  3. I believe it is 'Cymatics' that you are thinking of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymatics P.S. Michael Tellinger is doing some great research. I think he will connect many dots in future, but he really needs more community support before it all falls by the wayside.
  4. MEsMErise

    Fluoride if you really need to be told

    Maybe the high suicide rates amongst dentists was because of mercury poisoning, something akin to "mad-hatters disease". Dentists were using mercury contained in the amalgam fillings, everyday. This would have affected their nervous systems and brain functioning for sure. Good thing more and more dentists are now using ceramic fillings instead of amalgam. (Again, each individual has to do their own research.) I have had all my amalgam fillings replaced with ceramic. I know Norway, Sweden and Denmark have banned the use of mercury in amalgam fillings. It would be interesting to see if their dentists have a lower suicide rate... but it doesn't help when the overall population in those countries have some of the highest suicide rates in the world. Eh, now I'm thinking out loud (too many variables to consider)... I better stop now :D
  5. MEsMErise

    The Other Side.

    Arc, I would be cautious with Gamma frequencies (as in the video). There's not enough known about them. It's said that anxiety, panic attacks and high-stress usually show up as high beta frequencies. I think gamma is produced in very short bursts in the brain but can be damaging if it goes on for too long. From memory, I think epileptic fits have levels of gamma waves showing up in EEGs. Just one of those things to be careful of.
  6. MEsMErise

    The Other Side.

    I really want to check out those HemiSync 'Gateway Voyage' CDs, but so far, I've only tried out the free samples downloaded from The Monroe Institute's website. Nothing much happens to me when I listen to them, but I feel great afterwards. ...and that's a good enough reason to keep listening to them
  7. MEsMErise

    Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

    Geez, that's probably the rest of my life in viewing time :huh: Better get started.. Thank you very much for this list!
  8. MEsMErise

    Where have all the honey bees gone?

    Adopt a beehive, what a terrific idea!! First time I've heard of this too Found it in my local news and thought I'd share the official website: http://adoptabeehive.com.au/ Together, OUR FOCUS is to: 1. Create honey bee sanctuaries. 2. Increase honey bee populations. 3. Improve crop production through increased pollination on organic and biodynamic farms. 4. Help farmers and urban farmers to increase their plant diversity and grow more bee attracting plants. 5. Encourage the use of organic gardening products and practices to provide healthy bee habitat. 6. Provide training programmes for new and young beekeepers. "Queen Bee" Paula West (the Apiarist) created the Adopt a Beehive program in 2012 as a response to global concerns regarding the decline of the honey bee populations, and to ensure increased pollination rates for our organic food crops. Having been a beekeeper for many years, Paula observed that clean farms with bee hives have higher pollination of crops and better seed setting with stronger crop yields. Paula has established bee sanctuaries on organic and biodynamic farms. These farms are clean, free from contamination of toxic products that kill bees and beneficial insects. <snip>----------------------------------------------------- Way to go!!! Love ideas like this!
  9. Yeah, I concur with the above peeps!! I've been hanging for that new reveal (?) about telepathy research gone haywire (or something along those lines)... do it Aco!
  10. 2 years later.... New whale stranding on notorious New Zealand beach 18 January 2014 More than 50 pilot whales have beached themselves on the same remote New Zealand coast where another 52 whales have either died or been put down in the past two weeks. The Farewell Spit beach, at the top of the South Island, is a renowned death trap for whales. Of the 53 whales in the latest stranding, 13 were dead and efforts were being made to refloat the remaining 40. Regional department of conservation manager John Mason believes the whales were from the same pod herded out to sea after another stranding during the week. Farewell Spit, about 150 kilometres from the tourist city of Nelson, is frequently the scene of mass strandings by pilot whales, with scientists unsure why they swim ashore in large groups. Link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-18/an-nz-whales/5206596?section=australianetworknews
  11. MEsMErise

    Something strange happening with bees here

    I too read this in the news yesterday and wondered if these sensors were either going to kill the bees, or distort the bees lives so much that the research cannot even be done (or get distorted results). Yes, I can see what the scientists are trying to do, but isn't there a theory that bees are affected by electromagnetic frequencies and such things? Double that hmmmm... Poor bees.
  12. I have a phobia starting new threads, so I will this and say: Who came up with the idea to call these "smart appliances"? It was only a matter of time this would happen (duh): Cyberattack traced to hacked refrigeratorJanuary 18, 2014, 9:35 am Washington (AFP) - Call it the attack of the zombie refrigerators. Computer security researchers said this week they discovered a large "botnet" which infected Internet-connected home appliances and then delivered more than 750,000 malicious emails. The California security firm Proofpoint, Inc., which announced its findings, said this may be the first proven "Internet of Things" based cyberattack involving "smart" appliances. Proofpoint said hackers managed to penetrate home-networking routers, connected multi-media centers, televisions and at least one refrigerator to create a botnet -- or platform to deliver malicious spam or phishing emails from a device, usually without the owner's knowledge. Security experts previously spoke of such attacks as theoretical. (Theoretical?? My ass.) But Proofpoint said the case "has significant security implications for device owners and enterprise targets" because of massive growth expected in the use of smart and connected devices, from clothing to appliances. "Proofpoint's findings reveal that cyber criminals have begun to commandeer home routers, smart appliances and other components of the Internet of Things and transform them into 'thingbots,'" to carry out the same kinds of attacks normally associated with personal computers. The security firm said these appliances may become attractive targets for hackers because they often have less security than PCs or tablets. Proofpoint said it documented the incidents between December 23 and January 6, which featured "waves of malicious email, typically sent in bursts of 100,000, three times per day, targeting enterprises and individuals worldwide." More than 25 percent of the volume was sent by things that were not conventional laptops, desktop computers or mobile devices. No more than 10 emails were initiated from any single device, making the attack difficult to block based on location "Botnets are already a major security concern and the emergence of thingbots may make the situation much worse," said David Knight at Proofpoint. "Many of these devices are poorly protected at best and consumers have virtually no way to detect or fix infections when they do occur. Enterprises may find distributed attacks increasing as more and more of these devices come online and attackers find additional ways to exploit them." Link: http://au.news.yahoo.com/technology/a/20841125/cyberattack-traced-to-hacked-refrigerator/
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    are the fries organic, and cooked in coconut oil?
  14. Thank you for sharing mojorisin! I am travelling to Tassie in February and I will be keeping my eyes to the skies!! to Chani!
  15. MEsMErise

    The Other Side.

    Thank you Arc!!! You made my search for such things so much easier
  16. Oh, good grief... targeting Pharmacies? Cyber attacks: pharmacies, patient records targeted 'ransomware' attacks16 January 2014 Pharmacists have become the latest targets of sophisticated computer hacks known as ransomware attacks, which lock up PCs until victims pay up. Once the hackers plant the virus, the files on a computer become encrypted and unable to be accessed. Victims have a set amount of time to pay up before the files are wiped. As pharmacists go digital with health records they are becoming bigger targets and the Pharmacy Board of Australia has issued a warning about the threat. At least 10 pharmacists have been targeted in the last 18 months. Board chairman Stephen Marty says pharmacists need to be aware of the dangers if patient records are compromised. "If that happened they can't ensure the safety of patients in terms of previous medications et cetera," he said. "Indeed they might not be able to access anything about this patient who might have been coming to them for years because the records have now been encrypted." <schnip> Link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-16/australian-pharmacies-targeted-in-ransomware-attacks/5203970?section=australianetworknews (--> I know I keep using the same source, but that is what I monitor.. I hope that's ok).
  17. So true! I see lots of errors these days, but this one was good -- mental channelling :D I was thinking either Freudian Slip, or the article was written after visiting a forum such as this Speaking about Freud, someone tried to steal his ashes In London on NYE: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-16/sigmund-freuds-ashes-targeted-by-thieves-in-london/5202460?section=australianetworknews People are getting crazier...
  18. MEsMErise

    NDEs, OBEs and 'out there'

    That's ok rabej72993! I really meant any sort of compressed file really... but thanks to your comment, I will start checking out some other vids to see if they have any effect on me. Your comment that I quoted from, was a memory-trigger of something I had read. I just wanted to provide some general info and add to the topic. Maybe I should have used this emoticon ---> heh heh.
  19. If you're reading this now, the above article was updated 1hr 57 mins ago. The spelling mistake has now been corrected.
  20. MEsMErise


    The above post reminded me of a case that's happening in Australia this year against an organic farmer by Monsanto (makes me cry): Here's the short video: More info here: http://safefoodfoundation.org/what-we-do/help-this-farmer/
  21. MEsMErise

    NDEs, OBEs and 'out there'

    I read somewhere that binaural beats / hemisync tend to lose their effectiveness when converted to an mp3 format. I'm guessing that's because there are several sound layers in the audio that lose quality when compressed. If you find that any that don't have an effect on you, this could possibly be the reason why. Someone had uploaded to youtube, high quality versions of the whole series of the Hemisync Gateway Voyager Program, which I was testing out myself. The day after I posted on Chani the link to that youtube channel - it was shut down. I shouldn't have shared it! I was actually testing before buying... and now I'm not buying because I don't know if it will suit my needs
  22. I haven't heard much about the Kins Domains that were set up, probably because they're not on the internet!! As for your project, please keep us updated with this vision of yours. I wish you every success with its implementation !! Totally off-grid too, awesome!
  23. I wasn't going to post the following, until I spotted the spelling mistake... (last sentence before the snip): Sydney train derailment: Services resume as investigators hunt for answers 16 January 2014 Crews have worked through the night to get trains running on Sydney's eastern suburbs line after yesterday's derailment. The third carriage of the train came off the tracks near Edgecliff just before 6.00pm AEDT yesterday after a piece of metal track shot up through the floor. Nobody was injured but 700 passengers had to be transferred off the train. The incident caused disruptions to the line between Bondi Junction and Martin Place. Trains began running on the line about 4.30am. Sydney Trains chief executive Howard Collins says it appears a piece of metal channelling came off the tracks. But he says it is too early to know if it was faulty track or an issue with the train. "We believe it's a piece of mental channelling which sits on the track, as to why that went through the floor and what caused it, it is too early to say," he said. <snippety snip> link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-16/investigators-probe-sydney-train-derailment-services-resume/5202350?section=australianetworknews edited for formatting
  24. Thank you, thank you for your post! I was actually thinking about the Kin's domains (written in the Anastasia: Ringing Cedar series) while drifting off to sleep last night... and now I see you've posted this.. Will check it out and think some more. That is why I'm here. Another thing I was dreaming about, is growing houses, like in Co-Evolution. Now that would be something!
  25. Hey LoneStarr, Rant away!! This is the place for it after all. I know you're not firing at me. Well, it was Fresco's vision, not mine. I respect what he's done. He's obviously put a lot of work (decades) into his visions and designs. There are some nice ideas to ponder and he believes in human potential. I sometimes wonder if we are so blind by our current ways that we can't see beyond that what we are living now. We've never lived in a moneyless society, so how do we really know what that would be like? We can't. There's nothing wrong with dreaming about what it's like. Anyway, I thought the ebook, 'Designing The Future' was pretty good food for thought. I haven't come across any other visionary ideas since (I'm sure they're out there). This thread was to prompt other ideas to come forward. I should have thought about the title a bit more and called it "Solutions for a new way of living", but alas, was very tired when I started this last night (sorry). Bring on more ideas...solutions... please... they will be interesting, or have I just gone into a territory I should not tread??