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  1. I am so glad you said this... thanks T !!! I have been asking people how the score of Space Odyssey was created before the official US moon landing in 1969. How did they know about those sounds?? I get blank stares and rolled eyes back
  2. MEsMErise

    Nexus Magazine February-March 2014 issue

    That was the first article I read too How awesome was it? On par with Ingo Swann's RVing the moon... and I read that McMoneagle might be a speaker at the next Nexus Conference. B) Have a good weekend folks!
  3. Ocean wave image looks like man's face A spooky face is created by the spray from a wave hitting the harbor in Dorset, England. Photo: Simon Emmett In the photo, the spray from a 30-foot wave takes the shape of a bearded man's face, with nose, lips and chin clearly visible. The image was taken by Simon Emmett, who was taking photographs of waves breaking at the Cobb, a man-made harbour in the coastal town Lyme Regis. Link: http://au.news.yahoo.com/qld/a/21312346/amazing-photo-ocean-wave-image-looks-like-mans-face/
  4. The Brits too: Taranis drone: Britain's $336m supersonic unmanned aircraft launched over Woomera 6 February 2014 Factbox: The Taranis UCAV The Taranis drone is a joint project between UK defence and BAE Systems. The test drone cost 185 million pounds ($336.5 million). It is designed to carry a payload of guided bombs and missiles, travel at supersonic speeds, and fly undetected by radar. The UK military says the Taranis will be operable via satellite from anywhere in the world. The first test flight is being hailed as a "major landmark for UK aviation". The first vision of a state-of-the-art drone touted as the future of British warfare has been released, showing it soaring over what is thought to be Woomera in remote South Australia. <snip> Deadly aircraft on the forefront of modern warfare The MoD, which has been developing the Taranis along with BAE Systems, describes the unmanned drone as the "most advanced aircraft ever built by British engineers". The supersonic aircraft is designed to carry a weapons payload of guided missiles and bombs. The British military claims it will be able to operate the Taranis via satellite link from any location in the world, and, like US B-2 stealth bombers, it will be able to fly undetected by radar. <snip> Test flights take place at 'Australia's Area 51' The MoD confirmed in October last year that test flights had begun, but exactly where they were taking place and just how successful they were remained top secret. It is no surprise that the British chose the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) to test the state-of-the-art war machine. Far from prying eyes and measuring 127,000 square kilometres, the Woomera facility, dubbed Australia's Area 51, is - according to the Australian Defence Department - the largest weapons and aircraft testing range in the world. The United Kingdom has a long association with Woomera, having conducted nuclear weapons tests there from 1956-63, along with the development of military rockets and various space projects. In 2009 another MoD-BAE Systems unmanned aircraft - the Mantis - made its first test flight in Woomera. <snip> Link to full article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-06/taranis-drone-uk-mod-bae-systems-woomera-south-australia/5242636
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    After two years without rain, town preparing evacuation 6th Feb 2014 6:25 AM (Australia) RESIDENTS of one small Queensland town gripped by drought are contemplating radical measures should their water supplies run out: a mass evacuation. Cloncurry, population 3,000, has had next to no rain for the past two years. Already restricted to using water only for the bare essentials of bathing and cooking, locals may soon have to resort to the "third world" option - as the local mayor, Andrew Daniels, calls it - of boiling bore water to drink. And after that, depending on the state of the bores, they may have no other choice but to move out en masse. "It's an extreme move. It's the final straw," Mr Daniels said. "But people are really thinking about the dire position we're in. It's a very, very dire time for the bush." This is monsoon season, when the rivers should be surging and the dams overflowing, thanks to heavy rain brought by tropical cyclones. But while some areas have welcomed downpours, the rain has bypassed Cloncurry, situated 500 miles from the north Queensland coast, more or less in the middle of nowhere. Outback Queensland is like a dustbowl at present, with more than two-thirds of the state officially in drought. The big dry is exacting a heavy toll, particularly on those who live off the land. Timmy Maxham, manager of the Gidgee Inn in Cloncurry, told ABC radio: "I know that a lot of farmers are quite desperate - they've had quite a few suicides recently. I heard a story last week of a grazier who had to shoot 100 cattle, and then he shot himself. It's really tough." <snip> http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/after-two-years-without-rain-town-preparing-mass-e/2161925/
  6. MEsMErise

    The mystery of the North Star

    The Southern Hemisphere has a counterpart star to Polaris called 'Sigma Octantis' or Polaris Australis (the South Pole Star). I wonder if it has changed brightness too (more dim). I'll have to keep my eyes open for that.
  7. MEsMErise

    Who else lives in Tassie

    Has anyone checked out Sanctuary Park in Railton, Tasmania? Monuments with inscriptions are situated there - the work of Ian Sykes - turning words into sound bytes into numerical codes based on the I-Ching and WB444 (a Sumerian artefact). New Dawn article link: http://www.newdawnmagazine.com/articles/sykes-sanctuary I hope I can see it for myself over the next month.
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    Funny thing, I'm going to Tasmania next week for a month or so!! It seems I've got lots to keep my eyes open for!! P.S. I've been scared of jellyfish since I was 4 years old! The only creature I have a problem with
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    Hi lake, The article didn't state what type of fluoride they thought was in green tea. From what I've read, not all fluoride is harmful. More information here (relates to UK): http://www.fluoridationfacts.com/science/papers/aspects_of_toxicity.htm
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    Mysterious giant jellyfish found by family on Tasmanian beach, yet to be named 6 February 2014 CSIRO scientists are working to classify a new species of giant jellyfish after one washed up on a beach in southern Tasmania. The 1.5 metre jellyfish was found by a family walking on a beach at Howden, south of Hobart, last month. There have been several reported in waters off the state and the research body has also captured specimens. CSIRO scientist Lisa-ann Gershwin told ABC Local Radio while the species has been seen before, it is technically unclassified and new to science. "It's a whopper. We do get large jellyfish and this one just happened to be this absolutely enormous specimen," she said. "I do hear from time to time people tell me 'we found this one that was really big', but this one really is, really big. "[We] finally got specimens this year of it, so it's new to science, but it's not a brand new thing completely out of left field. "It's one of these things that really makes us come face-to-face with the fact that there are things we don't know about out there in nature, particularly in the ocean." <snip> http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-06/giant-jellyfish-found-by-schoolboy-on-tasmanian-beach/5241570
  11. I'm hoping this link works: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/6072-dumbing-down-of-america-a-real-truth-conspiracy/?p=57047 If not: Post #19 of "Dumbing Down of America" thread.
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    Courtney Brown's February Announcement

    Hi Imelda, Here's a good place to start: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/5919-discovery-of-mountans-bucegi-romania-a-ancient-technology-inside-the-bucegi/?p=53744
  13. The OP states that the Berlin Wall falls on 11-9-1989. (In Europe that is written 9-11-1989)...i.e. 9th November 1989.
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    Courtney Brown's February Announcement

    For those who don't have Facebook (like me!), would you (or someone) be able to post the announcements here please?? Thank you!
  15. Australians are the guinea pigs for this digital surveillance research, hence why I posted it in this thread. Is this another excuse to track and trace? ...and who is sponsoring this? Queensland researchers begin development of system to detect disease outbreaks online Updated Mon 3 Feb 2014, 7:21pm AEDT Queensland scientists are developing technology to use flu-stricken Australians' internet search queries to quickly alert authorities to outbreaks of disease. In a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Brisbane researchers argue surveillance and mapping of internet searches and social media topics could help detect epidemics quicker than traditional methods can. Current surveillance methods rely on patients seeking treatment from a physician who in turn alert authorities of infectious disease cases. University of Queensland (UQ) researcher Dr Gabriel Milinovich, who co-authored the report, says outbreaks of the avian influenza A (H7N9) virus - which first surfaced in eastern China last year - may have been detected sooner using digital surveillance to complement traditional methods. "There in an understanding that these systems would have been useful in this event," Dr Milinovich told ABC News Online. "It is not a replacement for traditional surveillance but may help authorities make decisions about how and where they should be directing resources and investigating. "This is a big area of research at the moment but what needs to be researched more is how to integrate this more into current surveillance systems." An estimated 18,000 people are hospitalised in Australia each year. Dr Milinovich says the review of the international scientific community's findings suggest the use of search engine algorithms concludes the 2005-06 avian influenza outbreak would have been identified up to two weeks earlier. Australian scientists to develop digital surveillance system Search engine Google publishes "indicators" of flu and dengue from search data on its Google Flu/Dengue Trends portal but Dr Milinovich says the company refuses to reveal the search terms included in its data. However, he said the university is working towards developing its own system which could be used by authorities to monitor internet enquiries regarding influenza, dengue fever and the symptoms of other communicable diseases. "We would like to look beyond influenza and extend it to all communicable diseases in Australia, about 65 in total," he said. While the emergence of digital surveillance has received attention from scientists around the world, Dr Milinovich says Australians' use of technology makes it an ideal place to trial the effectiveness of the technology. "The reason Australia is perfect is because we have high internet penetration, with 80 per cent access, and 90 per cent [of people] use Google," he said. "We need to get to the point where we can start trialling it and putting it into practice to make it attractive at a government level, because it can be a quick and cheap method of surveillance." Dr Milinovich says it is anticipated data would also be collected from social media updates. He says the effectiveness of the results are linked to the search terms collected, after one study cited in the report detected an outbreak of "Bieber fever" - an infatuation with teenage Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. The study was prepared by Gail Williams and Archie Clements, also from UQ, and Queensland University of Technology's Dr Wenbiao Hu. Link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-02-03/qld-scientists-to-develop-system-to-track-disease-outbreaks-onli/5235266
  16. MEsMErise

    Alternative Cancer Cures

    I've heard that dolphins pick up on cancer regions too. There are stories where people swimming amongst them would get a strong unprecedented whack from the dolphin's tail. Upon medical examination of the bruised area, they would find cancerous growth! As for the fruit flies.. I wonder if it's because the cancer cells are using fermentation instead of glycolysis to break down glucose and they can smell/taste it! Hmmmm....interesting news, thanks breezy.
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    Why are the Danes so angry with Goldman Sachs?By Stephen Gandel, senior editor January 31, 2014: 3:09 PM ET An awful lot of people in Denmark think Goldman Sachs is rotten. Here's the story: Back in October, the Danish government agreed to sell 26% of the state-owned utility DONG Energy to a group of investors, including two Danish pension funds. Initially, the deal was greeted as good news. DONG needed money to go forward with an ambitious wind project and the deal would give provide the capital to do it without having to go to the government for help. More clean energy. Victory. Then someone got wind of the fact that the largest investor in the deal was going to be Goldman Sachs, that Goldman Sachs. Since then, all heck has broken loose in Copenhagen. There has been a public outcry against the deal, mostly because of Goldman's (GS) involvement. One protestor called the investment bank "completely criminal." And Danes seemed to have found all types of evidence to back that up. Articles in the Danish press have accused Goldman of causing the financial crisis and "profiting from cluster bombs," which a MarketWatch article says are unpopular in Denmark, but I guess popular somewhere else. About 200,000 people signed a petition to stop the deal. And a national poll found that 68% of Danes were against it. <snip> http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2014/01/31/goldman-sachs-denmark/?iid=HP_River
  18. MEsMErise

    When is snow, NOT snow?? Take a look

    Are we trying to figure out if the snow will melt? A Norwegian suggested to me to use a hairdryer instead of a flame.
  19. From the 'Institute of Noetic Sciences' newsletter: Some 90 scientists and academics, including IONS researchers, have co-signed a letter that calls for more mainstream support of open and honest investigation of parapsychological topics and related mysteries of human consciousness. The letter—a demonstration of interest in psi among many mainstream academics—is written by Etzel Cardeña of Lund University and published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Front. Hum. Neurosci., 27 January 2014 | doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00017 A call for an open, informed study of all aspects of consciousness Etzel Cardeña* Department of Psychology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden Science thrives when there is an open, informed discussion of all evidence, and recognition that scientific knowledge is provisional and subject to revision. This attitude is in stark contrast with reaching conclusions based solely on a previous set of beliefs or on the assertions of authority figures. Indeed, the search for knowledge wherever it may lead inspired a group of notable scientists and philosophers to found in 1882 the Society for Psychical Research in London. Its purpose was “to investigate that large body of debatable phenomena… without prejudice or prepossession of any kind, and in the same spirit of exact and unimpassioned inquiry which has enabled Science to solve so many problems.” Some of the areas in consciousness they investigated such as psychological dissociation, hypnosis, and preconscious cognition are now well integrated into mainstream science. That has not been the case with research on phenomena such as purported telepathy or precognition, which some scientists (a clear minority according to the surveys conducted http://en.wikademia.org/Surveys_of_academic_opinion_regarding_parapsychology) dis-miss a priori as pseudoscience or illegitimate. Contrary to the negative impression given by some critics, we would like to stress the following: <snip>: http://www.frontiersin.org/Journal/10.3389/fnhum.2014.00017/full
  20. Regarding the old Zener cards used in psi research, here's a quote: ".... one might well wonder if someone would telepathically pick up someone else's mindless thoughts - such as utilizing rather mindless and dull cards of symbols and color shapes to test for telepathy." - Ingo Swann Another great quote regarding our scientific methods of research: "Consciousness cannot be quantifiable by matter." - Ingo Swann
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    Thought Controlled Car Drives The Future

    Oh no, I love driving a manual car - it keeps me alert and focussed! Autos are so boring to drive so this sort of thing would definitely aggravate me to tears!
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    Hmmm, NexusEd has clarified this point earlier in the thread http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/4885-ormus/?p=44567 But you've strengthened my scepticism... I mean no disrespect to anyone though. If Ormus works for you, then I say, keep going!
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    Could someone please tell me what 'Ormus' actually is? I can find no definitive answers - only testimonial-type advertising campaigns, which tells me nothing. I would love to know what its composition is, or how it's basically made. That would be awesome if someone here knows! I have a friend who swears by it - makes the organic garden vegetables turn into monster-sized veges! But I'm still sceptical
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    Cancer Act of 1939

    Important information you provided as well... and you explain it so eloquently. Good stuff!
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    Cancer Act of 1939

    Link to the following : http://migenetics.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/the-prime-cause-and-prevention-of-cancer/ The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer For a variety of reasons, sufficient oxygen sometimes cannot get into normal cells. This may be because a microbe gets into the cells or something is preventing the oxygen from getting into the cells (such as trans-fatty acids sticking to the sides of normal cells). Whatever the cause, cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they ferment oxygen rather than burn oxygen. When the level of oxygen that gets into a normal cell becomes too low, or the ATP molecule count gets too low, a normal cell will convert into becoming anaerobic. A Nobel Prize was awarded for proving that cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they do not burn glucose, but rather they ferment glucose in order to get their energy. “Over seventy-five years ago Dr. Otto Warburg published a Nobel Prize winning paper describing the environment of the cancer cell. A normal cell undergoes an adverse change when it can no longer take up oxygen to convert glucose into energy by oxidation. In the absence of oxygen the cell reverts to a primitive nutritional program to sustain itself, converting glucose, by fermentation. The lactic acid produced by fermentation lowers the cell pH (acid/alkaline balance) and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division… the cancer cells begin to multiply unchecked. The lactic acid simultaneously causes intense local pain and destroys cell enzymes. Therefore, cancer appears as a rapidly growing outer cell mass with a core of dead cells.” In the absence of oxygen, glucose undergoes fermentation to create lactic acid. This causes the cell pH to drop from between 7.3 to 7.2 down to 7 and later to 6.5; in more advanced stages of cancer and in metastases the pH drops to 6.0 and even 5.7. <snip>