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    Greenland melting at alarming rate.

    This is in connection with the 'Wild Fires' thread: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/3524-wild-fires/page-3?hl=+forest%20+fires American forest fires are melting the ice on Greenland October 3, 2014 - 06:23 By: Kristian Sjøgren Forest fires are covering the ice sheets with black particles that make the ice melt faster. This year there were more forest fires in the northern hemisphere than any other year for the past decade and that’s spelling problems for the ice sheet on Greenland. That’s the conclusion of a new study by Professor Jason Box from the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. The fires mostly take place in uninhabited areas of North America, but they have become a global problem because carbon particles from the fires are spread across the globe by the wind. A large part of these particles end up on the ice sheet on Greenland. This darkens the top layer of the ice which means the heat from the sun is absorbed instead of being reflected, causing the ice to melt even faster. "The dark ice has a major influence on how quickly the ice sheet melts," says Box. He used satellite data to determine the amount and extent of forest fires in 2014 and measured how much the ice sheet has lost its ability to reflect the sun's light. The ice is darker than ever The graph shows the intensity of forest fires over the past 14 years. 2014 is at the top of the list with the highst energi-output since 2000. The consequence may well be that more carbon particles will rain on the ice sheet than in the previous years. (Illustration: Jason Box) <snip> more here: http://sciencenordic.com/american-forest-fires-are-melting-ice-greenland?utm_source=ScienceNordic.com+Newsletter&utm_campaign=da10391e35-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3bb7f89ffc-da10391e35-239696057
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    Firstly, I want to thank 'Mid America Land Restoration' for posting the following article on their FB page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mid-America-Land-Restoration-Microbes-Probiotics/227068760671186 You might know these guys from their radiation warnings all across the US. They are trying to warn US residents that their country is slowly cooking from the west coast to the east coast, sadly, from Fukushima radiation. Back to the article - Monsanto seem to have their hand in everything now, from environmental poisons to genetically modified crops to organic seeds and now to soil-restoring microbes. Whenever I think I'm one step ahead of Monsanto, they seem to catch up mighty quickly. Soon it will be difficult to know whether your money is going to Monsanto or one of its subsidiary companies. That's a really annoying prospect... but alas, I will continue to try and find those who are doing the right thing before Agribusiness caught on to the idea. Article link: http://hdnews.net/news/fungus092914 Fungus could be the help agriculture needs to adapt to climate change 9/29/2014 By MATT CAMPBELL McClatchy-Tribune KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Imagine a world, just a few decades away, where once-fertile cropland is baked and starved of rain by ongoing climate change. Just add fungus. Scientists are discovering microscopic fungi can help make food crops more abundant, less thirsty and more tolerant of rising temperatures. Now, fungi-boosted seeds from a startup company are coming to market in Kansas and soon will be elsewhere. And one of the world's leading agribusinesses is deeply invested in fungi and other microbial advances. "It's a bit of a paradigm shift," said Brad Griffith, vice president of microbials for the St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. The technology could make a crucial difference, considering the United Nations forecasts a need to increase food production by at least 60 percent to feed a projected 9 billion people by 2050. Griffith said soybean farmers have been using microbials for several years to increase yields, but interest is rapidly growing in ways to help crops better withstand heat and salinity. Applied globally, that could make more land arable and help counter the effects of encroaching saltwater. "Climate change has been a major motivator for us in moving forward with commercialization," said Rusty Rodriguez, a microbiologist and chief executive officer of Seattle-based Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies, or AST. "We're pursuing as aggressive an approach as we can. We see this as mitigating the impact of climate change on agriculture -- until it gets too bad where it's not going to matter." Rodriguez and his colleagues found certain fungi found naturally in the soil allow plants to flourish under harsh conditions. They discovered this by looking at plants that thrive in Yellowstone National Park's punishing thermal conditions. Treating seeds allows microscopic fungi to colonize the root systems, conferring those adaptive abilities on food crops. AST said field test results showed corn yields with the seed treatment increased 25 percent to 85 percent under drought conditions using 25 percent to 50 percent less water. It was the third year of field trials, covering 14 states. "We're concluding these products will perform irrespective of soil type and climate zone," Rodriguez said. "There is nothing yet telling us not to move forward." Because the seed treatment is an inoculant as opposed to a pesticide, it does not require regulatory approval in Kansas or Missouri. AST has proprietary treatments so far for corn and rice and is working on soybean, wheat, barley, sugarcane, sorghum, leafy greens, tomatoes and citrus. There are some skeptics, but the approach has caught the eye of the U.S. Agency for International Development. Last month, the agency, along with the governments of Sweden and the Netherlands, named AST among 17 initiatives out of a field of 520 "with high potential for transformative impact" for producing food with less water. That designation will come with a prize of between $100,000 and $3 million. Zachery Gray, AST's vice president for business development, said the young company has a letter of intent with a multinational distributor to sell its products. Word of the microbial approach appears not yet to have penetrated mainstream agriculture. The Missouri Farm Bureau Federation, the Kansas Farm Bureau and the sustainability-preaching Land Institute, based in Salina, were not familiar with the technique. "We always support the availability of new, innovative products that would help our growers produce their crops in a better way," said Sue Schulte, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Corn Growers Association. "Until they get out into the real world -- that's when people really start to pay attention to how they work." Travis Harper, an agronomy specialist with the University of Missouri Extension office in Clinton, Mo., said farmers might have heard of the microbial approach but probably know little about it. "We hear this type of thing from different companies, and they're excited about it and the farmers get excited about it," Harper said. "Once these products are available to researchers, they sometimes confirm what the company is claiming and a lot of times they don't." Fungi that colonize the root structure do not get into the food crops produced by the plants that host them, although they can be carried by way of the seed coating to the next generation. The fungi also can help plants draw nitrogen from the atmosphere, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. And the technique avoids the issue of genetic modification, which is a turnoff for many consumers. "For 20 years or more, the multinationals like Monsanto have been talking about producing plants that are resistant to temperature, drought and salt by genetic modification," Rodriguez said. "They have had limited success." But Monsanto late last year announced a $300 million "BioAg Alliance" with Novozymes of Denmark to focus on microbial products, including fungi and bacteria, for increasing crop yields. Griffith said Monsanto will test microbial strains in more than a half-million plots next year and that number will expand exponentially. "These things have been around for millennia," Griffith said. "Our science is finally catching up. There are billions of microbes in a teaspoon of soil. But how do you know which ones are beneficial and serve a specific purpose? With our BioAg Alliance, we're trying to make good decisions based on DNA in the lab to identify which product candidates we can get out in the field." Just say no to Monsanto.
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    October and The CHANI Entity

    It's October again. Should we be on the lookout?
  4. I'm working on it P's! I look at food so differently now than say, a year ago. My consciousness in this area is forever evolving. These days I'm asking myself: "When you ingest living food from plants, are you also absorbing plant consciousness?" So if the plant was in a high vibrational state to begin with (because it has been growing in the most optimal state; i.e. good soil, good water, good sunlight, good vibrations, good bacteria, and free of synthetic substances), wouldn't that high vibrational state also transfer to your own body in some way? These thoughts make me scout for food with "life force". It's not exactly easy to find though. I wonder if the plants are telling me where to go
  5. unity, it could well be from a web bot or a random word generator. I wonder if the original email was kept? On the first page it looks like 4 images are missing, as denoted by the image placement 'X's. Those images would have been a big clue as to whether this was spam email or something else. Obviously this email has this blogger concerned enough to ask for answers. Can you blame her? I hope someone can help her to ease her mind.
  6. We need to hear it with a South African accent
  7. Great articles! They reflect what I've been thinking for a long time. Thanks P's and Reddwolf.
  8. I'm going to hijack this thread to see if anyone is interested in having a look at this more closely. I've been reading GI0ria*Cav4lera's blog as there were a couple of things that drew me in. One of them relates to 9-11 and an anonymous phonecall this woman received two hours before the attack on the WTC. She went to the authorities many times over the years looking for help, but to no avail. This blog wasn't written in detail, but it was enough to pique my curiosity: 9-11 blog: http://www.gloriacavalera.com/2014/08/its-911-and-terrorist-just-called.html A couple of blogs later, she writes about the sudden death of one of her grandchildren, Moses. The month after Moses died, she was reading through a pile of printed emails and found an odd one. This one looked like it might have contained a cryptic message and she has had no luck in getting it deciphered. In the blog, she states that she learned that 'wet duty' (located in the first line of the message) meant to assassinate. If that's true, then no wonder she kept the message all these years. Personally, I have no idea about codes so I wanted to see if anyone here can recognise the sequence of words or 'solve the riddle', so to speak. It could well be that it's just a bunch of random text that you see on the bottom of spam emails, but this email was from 2004. Did they use such techniques back then? Anyway, I thought I'd post the email message here if anyone is interested. Here's the link to the Moses blog, for a better insight into the scenario: http://www.gloriacavalera.com/2014/09/is-there-cryptologist-in-housemoses.html
  9. Yep, ignore them... online and offline. Nice pic of a troll too, I must say! Thanks unity!
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    I'm reading more about holograms in the news - perhaps they're being used more than we realise: Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/odd/a/25139386/julian-assange-appears-in-the-united-states-live-onstage-as-a-hologram/ Julian Assange appears in the United States live onstage — as a hologram September 30, 2014, 8:21 am WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has left the Ecuadorean Embassy in London — sort of. Assange, who has been living in asylum for more than two years, appeared onstage in Nantucket, Massachusetts, as a hologram, participating in a live interview at the Nantucket Project's Art + Commerce summit. Assange was interviewed by filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, who was present in Nantucket. “I’m getting very good at secret communication," Assange, seated on a stool and beamed from inside the the embassy, said of living as a fugitive in plain sight. His appearance as a 3D, life-size, high-definition projection was produced by Hologram USA, the same company behind the holograms of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. "Google is not 'a playroom of ideas' as it wants to portray itself, and it’s not a 'different kind of company,'" Assange said. "It’s a normal company. Unlike normal companies it is engaged in a very ambitious project that is not normal ... to gather as much info as possible on people, store it, index it and use it to sell advertising. And it's very easy for the NSA to get its fangs into that. "Google should be broken up," Assange added. "If it were the 1970s it would be broken up. It's far more powerful than AT&T was.” Assange was granted asylum by Ecuador's foreign minister in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning in cases of alleged rape and sexual molestation. Assange claims the charges are part of an international smear campaign stemming from WikiLeaks' publication of diplomatic cables. Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/odd/a/25139386/julian-assange-appears-in-the-united-states-live-onstage-as-a-hologram/
  11. This is truly beautiful..
  12. This picture is in appreciation of my best friend, who created this masterpiece over several agonising weeks and wouldn't stop until it was as complete as it could be. The title of this piece is 'Intentionality: Dimensions of Manifestation' and in the artist's own words: "This one goes out to just being here. To have been given the rare gift that allows us to celebrate, to love, to laugh, to act, to sing, to dance, to wonder, to pray, to hope and most of all simply to be." - Beau Deeley I think this will resonate with many of you here. Please view the full image interactively for the multi-layers of intentionality : http://www.beaudeeley.net/art/intentionality/intentionality.html (Believe me, the more you look, the more you'll find!):
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    UMA/Cryptozoology thread

    Imelda, you should really look into this. You're in the right area
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    UMA/Cryptozoology thread

    In the local newspaper: http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/gympie-man-tells-of-yowie-encounter-queensland/2393323/ Yowies: 'they're out there I've spoken with them' 20th Sep 2014 6:00 AM TONY Duffy's claim to have met yowies puts him in surprisingly good company. Former Queensland senator Bill O'Chee was one of more than a dozen people, including fellow high school students and teachers, who claimed to have seen such a creature at a Springbrook camp site in 1977. It was, Mr O'Chee said "an immensely powerful creature" and he later told a documentary interviewer: "Basically we saw a yowie, but we didn't know what they were at the time. "We saw a sort of hairy, ape-like thing that probably would have stood about eight feet tall," he said. Mr Duffy says he was camped in the bush, north-east of Gympie late one night, when "a very large male approached me". "I got a fright and so did he," he said. The creature seemed human but larger and spoke in a language he thinks might be Latin. "He was quickly able to learn a few words in English and we spoke for about two hours," the Kybong resident said. "They're very intelligent." But he says they are in danger. "They build meagre shelters in the forest which are often destroyed by humans," he said. "The EPA won't respond to my calls." The next night, Mr Duffy's campsite visitor returned, this time "with his wife and daughter". "My whole mission is to protect them and to convince people to leave them alone and not hurt them. "In the last 12 months I have had close contact with yowies on at least seven occasions. "These creatures must be protected and respected. "Yowies are clearly 'the missing link' that scientists have looked for decades. I believe they are the greatest discovery in the history of natural science. "They are very peaceful creatures and love their partners and their children dearly." Wolvi and Tin Can Bay also claim Yowies THE Gympie region's most recent documented Yowie sighting is from an anonymous Wolvi resident. He is described as a male, 40, who lived on a small rural block who reports being woken at 2.30am on September 19, 2012, by his dogs "going ballistic". Letting his dogs out, he was confronted by "a man-like figure," heavy set and smelling "like rotten eggs." The creature reportedly ran away and the Yowie Research website reports the witness wanted to remain anonymous. Less shy though was a woman identified as "Mrs Roy Locke" who said she and her husband saw "a four-foot hairy animal standing by the road near Kilkivan, 20km out of Murgon, just before dusk". "It had broad shoulders and it was looking at us when we drove past. "We didn't go back for another look and we wouldn't have told anyone about it if other recent sightings weren't reported." She said a then councillor, a Mr Roberts, said footprints had been found in the past of the creature and there would be several corridors of bushland where a Yowie could survive." "I'm a scientist," said the anonymous reporter of a Yowie sighting during a military training operation in 2003 at Tin Can Bay's Camp Kerr. He reported "some sort of encounter" in the dark. The simulated enemy they thought they were stalking in the bush turned out to be elsewhere.
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    Hidden Agenda to Share Earth with ETs - AFRICA

    Does anyone think there's a connection between this 'hidden agenda' and the 2014 Ebola outbreak?
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    3 Min. News.

    Published on 13 Sep 2014 www.Suspicious0bservers.org www.ObservatoryProject.com
  17. If any of those ISS workers have watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, this sort of occurrence would have to make your hair stand on end, wouldn't it? HAL is awakening What's next?
  18. That. Sounds. Amazing. I'm holding you to this, because I know I'm the first stop on this trip.
  19. Rego payment? Hell no! More like spending that money on 2-hour massages and pampering! How goooooooooooooood would that feel, Imelda?
  20. Heeeeeey unity! Thanks for the info (I'm taking notes!). I also checked out that video but wasn't totally convinced about their correlations either. One thing did strike out at me though. Upon looking at some aerial views of Parliament House, I couldn't help but notice this symbol --> )-|-( which has shown up in various threads on Chani over the years, most notably - "The Announcement". Am I seeing things, or do you guys see it too? I won't have access to a car while I'm there, but I am writing down places to check out anyway. I'm sure there are people on Chani who know some deep, dark secrets about this city, which are not published elsewhere. If Canberra really means 'City of the Dead', then what better way than to spend Halloween on a ghost tour! I've found "Tim the Yowie Man", while searching for interesting things to do: http://www.yowieman.com.au/canberratour.cfm. If I can get to that, this might be a pretty cool trip after all.
  21. Hello Chani family, I'm going to Canberra around the end of October for a couple of days. I'm looking for recommendations for interesting things to check out while I'm there. Otherwise, it will be a very boring trip. Thank you
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    If You Could Only Give Words!

    I have the same title, 'The Secret History of the World' but it was authored by Jonathan Black and not Michael Booth. If they're the same, then it was definitely a fascinating read.
  23. MEsMErise

    If You Could Only Give Words!

    Anastasia from The Ringing Cedars Series, by Vladimir Megré. (9 books in the series).
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    Genetically engineered time bombs

    Ahhh, the diet pill. Food choice doesn't even come into play here. From one aspect, people continue to feel hungry because their bodies aren't receiving the nutrients required for normal functioning, so it stays hungry until it gets what it needs... This is a definite GE time-bomb, if it's ever released commercially. Making fat people slim with modified DNA August 30, 2014 - 06:30 Genetically designed cells, which release hormones telling the humane body that it is full, could be a solution to worldwide obesity. By: Bo Christensen Obesity is a growing problem worldwide -- and it's often caused by something as basic as overeating; people are simply not feeling full after they stuff themselves. New research hints at a possible solution through genetically modified cells that release a ‘fullness’ hormone when the person has too much fat in his or her blood. "This could motivate people to eat less," argued the Swiss professor Martin Fussenegger from University of Basel during his talk at ESOF, Europe's largest scientific conference held in Copenhagen in July. "The cells release a hormone that tells the brain 'I am full', so the person stops eating," he explained. "The modified cells basically help control the person's calorie intake so it is kept at a healthy level". <snip> The diet pill of tomorrow 

Although the study was conducted on mice it will probably be possible to apply the same study on humans but Fussenegger is optimistic. 

It is not unrealistic, because scientists have already successfully made similar modified cells work in humans, said Hans Bräuner-Osborne, who is a professor at University of Copenhagen, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology.

"I have no doubts that this could help many fat people feel more full by a suitable number of calories -- and by this maintain a healthy weight," said Fussenegger. "Similar modified cells in capsules have been developed in Denmark to treat patients with Alzheimer's disease," he explained. This medication releases a 'nerve growth factor' hormone in the brain, which starts the process of new cells replacing dead cells. 

"There are still many challenges to overcome, before it can become standard therapy," says Bräuner-Osborne. Growth needs to be controlled, so it does not lead to the development of tumours. <snip> 

A path to a more healthy living? 

Bräuner-Osborne said that modified cells might make people eat less and by this lead them down a path to a more healthy living. However, only more research and time will tell.

 "Even a partial impact may be enough to get people on to the right path and loose some weight. And the less you weigh, the easier it is to start exercising regularly," he said. Source: http://sciencenordic.com/making-fat-people-slim-modified-dna?utm_source=ScienceNordic.com+Newsletter&utm_campaign=907c8c3d0c-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3bb7f89ffc-907c8c3d0c-239696057
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    This is not quite a jelllyfish but it washed up on Mudjimba Beach (Queensland, Australia), which is next to Coolum Beach (see Reddwolf's post above). It is suspected to be a Spanish Dancer sea slug, which normally live in the Indian Ocean. This creature was found on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. Interesting...: * Mysterious, unidentified red blob washes up on the beach…so local woman wraps the creature in a towel and takes it home ​* Mysterious 'blob' has washed up on Mudjimba Beach on Sunshine Coast * Red blob appears to have no limbs, no eyes or mouth but has ribbing * The creature was spotted by a local woman on her morning walk * Debbie Higgs wrapped it in a tea towel, took it home and put it in salty water By ALEX LAZCANO FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA PUBLISHED: 14:25 AEST, 25 August 2014 | UPDATED: 17:15 AEST, 26 August 2014 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2733489/Mysterious-unidentified-red-blob-washes-beach-local-woman-wraps-creature-towel-takes-home.html#ixzz3CImq5D6C