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    Censorship of the internet

    YouTube Will Now Decide FOR YOU What Is And What Isn’t AUTHORITATIVE NEWS Google plans to promote and fund "authoritative news" - CBS, Fox News & CNN- to basically bring the old TV-viewing back, by using the internet platform.
  2. NASA’s Fermi Traces Source of Cosmic Neutrino to Monster Black Hole July 13, 2018 RELEASE 18-062 For the first time ever, scientists using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have found the source of a high-energy neutrino from outside our galaxy. This neutrino traveled 3.7 billion years at almost the speed of light before being detected on Earth. This is farther than any other neutrino whose origin scientists can identify. <snip> The neutrino was discovered by an international team of scientists using the National Science Foundation’s IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. Fermi found the source of the neutrino by tracing its path back to a blast of gamma-ray light from a distant supermassive black hole in the constellation Orion. “Again, Fermi has helped make another giant leap in a growing field we call multimessenger astronomy,” said Paul Hertz, director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Neutrinos and gravitational waves deliver new kinds of information about the most extreme environments in the universe. But to best understand what they’re telling us, we need to connect them to the ‘messenger’ astronomers know best—light.” <snip> On Sept. 22, 2017, scientists using IceCube detected signs of a neutrino striking the Antarctic ice with energy of about 300 trillion electron volts—more than 45 times the energy achievable in the most powerful particle accelerator on Earth. This high energy strongly suggested that the neutrino had to be from beyond our solar system. Backtracking the path through IceCube indicated where in the sky the neutrino came from, and automated alerts notified astronomers around the globe to search this region for flares or outbursts that could be associated with the event. <snip> Source: https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-s-fermi-traces-source-of-cosmic-neutrino-to-monster-black-hole
  3. MEsMErise

    Oceanic Anomaly off New Zealand Coast

    Hmm, I can't help but think about the well known singer, Chris Cornell from the band, Soundgarden, who committed suicide by hanging on 18-May-2017 (according to the official narrative). Could all these be connected in some way - sacrificial victims for the wannabes of power?
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    >>1836621 TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING Q One of the members (@Sedona) on the social-media platform OnStellar, emphasised on the picture above. Their article points out (pun-intended!) that... President Trump points to a man in a Q shirt at Trump rally in Deluth, MN and Q acknowledges in posts At Trumps rally in Deluth, MN Wednesday night the President pointed to a man wearing a "Q" shirt while he was walking onto the stage. A post was made referencing this by one of the "Anons". Later a few Q posts followed: "TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING Q" <snip> the rest of the post is here: https://onstellar.com/blogs/58648/President-Trump-points-to-a-man-in-a-Q-shirt
  5. LOL, unity! When I was a youngster, I used to always wonder why the Emergency number was "000", because with the old-school dial telephone it would take aaages for zero to return back to its place before you could dial the next zero. I always thought "111" would have been more appropriate in an emergency situation!
  6. Hi breezy, and thanks for the welcome back! It's been a very long time since I was last here, indeed! Strange how things occur, though; I was filing away some unrelated documents yesterday and saw I had a folder called "Chani". I opened it up and found my old notes about the Chinese Briefcases, which I would have jotted down as it was all happening back in 2010. That date, 28th of February 2016, was one of the notes. In looking for a reference, I found it difficult to read the whole thread on this website, so I went back to the GLP source. You can find Acolyte's post on pg15, dated: 12/08/2010 12:29 AM URL: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1219578/pg15#20940360 Since I was on GLP, I did a general search for 28th February 2016 and there were a few threads about a planetary alignment occurring on that date. Was that the astronomical event? If so, did it have an effect on anything? I wonder if we'll ever know!!!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has researched the 9th and final event that was scheduled for 28th February this year??
  8. Thanks to many years of continual advertising and message bombardment, most people believe that bleach kills mould (I will use Aussie spelling here). For the last 5 years (and after studying some microbiology at uni), I have been trying to inform my closest friends and family that this is not the case, but I get nothing but blank stares or a "yeah yeah" in response. Out of frustration, I'm going to post a little snippet here so that more people are aware of this and what to use for mould removal. As you probably know, mould is just another invader that causes havoc within the body when the immune system is run down. It is best to minimise mould contamination within your everyday dwelling; just don't use bleach! AND DON'T BELIEVE THE ADVERTISING! Taken from this site: http://mycologia.com.au/mythsaboutmould/ (I am so grateful for this website). MYTH # 1 BLEACH KILLS MOULD We all know how to get rid of mould in our house, right? Just pour some bleach on it and it goes away, until the next time that you need to pour bleach on it again. Most chemicals have been proven to be ineffective against mould in the long run. The widespread use of chemicals fails to correct the original reason why the mould grew there in the first place. It also introduces additional air pollution into the indoor air. Specifically, bleach has a high pH which makes it ineffective to kill mould. The mould detects the bleach as a chemical attack and defends itself with exo-enzymes and a good defending membrane. (My note: Basically, the mould creates an extra layer of protective 'skin' around itself). The exo-enzymes makes the chlorine compounds in the bleach inert which then the fungi uses it as a food source. So when we put bleach on mould we are actually feeding it. Visually it looks like the mould is disappearing because bleach “bleaches” which means it strips the melanin compounds out of the hyphal membrane (just like the melanin in our skin when we get a sun tan). Three weeks later the fungi hyphae recovers the melanin content and the mould becomes visible again so it was actually never gone. See our new Scientific research into why Bleach should be avoided and why it doesn't kill mould <snip> Mould Cleaning solutions only work in the right dilutions. The most effective cleaning solution that we have against mould so far is our favourite salad dressing - vinegar. This is claimed to be the most effective because it actually kills mould, but doesn't introduce a new chemical pollutant into the indoor air. Vinegar is even used by some European hospitals as one of their main disinfectants. A point of note is that only white fermented vinegar seems to work, as synthetic acetic acid does not appear to be effective. Diluted alcohol or methylated spirits is another effective mould killer, but there are a number of issues concerning its storage, handling, OHS, PPE, duty of care and its effects on some surfaces that make it difficult to recommend as a widespread mould killer. (My note: Once again, we see that natural substances out-win synthetically made. Can we ever beat nature?). <snip> Please visit the website for more good info: http://mycologia.com.au/mythsaboutmould/ and http://mycologia.com.au/dont-use-bleach/
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    The Alternative News Project (ANP)

    Hi guys, I have just made a successful payment for the $50 perk. The Launch Specials site seems to be working now: http://www.alternativenewsproject.org/?layout=specials
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    The Alternative News Project (ANP)

    Hi Bolly! Thanks for letting me know I think both Aco and Nex are super busy right now, so I will hang back for a while. Cheers, MES.
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    The Alternative News Project (ANP)

    Also be careful of 'phishing' emails. There's many emails going around that claim to be from PayPal when they're not. I've had a number of them show up in my inbox, and they are getting trickier to spot. Usually you can tell when they're phishing by them asking for personal details or to log-in to a website via a link they've provided. More about PayPal phishing here: https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/phishing [botanic, not saying that yours was phishing, it could well have been a marketing tactic.]
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    The Alternative News Project (ANP)

    Hi NexusEd, I'm sorry to hear about the problems with PayPal I sent you a message on FB regarding one of the perks, but if you have a preferred email address, please let us know where to send our contributions. Also, you mentioned the 'ANP Volunteers' thread. I have had trouble finding this thread on Chani. Is it a restricted thread? Wishing you a good weekend. MES.
  13. No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! You know Vegan BM Chef? That guy totally rocks! And for that other show - ha, more metal craziness! Day-to-day blah is becoming metalised - everything is metal.
  14. heh heh heh, unity!!!! \m/ \m/ We gotta jam one day!
  15. This one for the trolls... P.S. I would gladly be a guinea pig for some love-tinted glasses
  16. Ha ha, thanks for the advice triton I'll take a swig when I feel the need Oh, and I'm not going to ask how you rocked the van
  17. MEsMErise

    Harry Oldfield

    Thanks so much, Botanic! I was there for that Nexus presentation too. What a wonderful being, Dr Oldfield is. I was thinking of purchasing some of those camera filters, but I usually hang back and wait for others' feedback first Let someone else try before I buy. Looking at the pics, looks like you've got a black hole embedded in your lower back, where no light can escape I don't know what that would mean... Jest aside, I want to wish you all the best with the treatment plan.... Please keep us posted on how it goes.
  18. Talking about silver particles, I surprisingly found a packet of band-aids/plaster at the supermarket the other day, where the antibacterial component was none other than.... silver ions!! I nearly fell over. On the packet it says: Optimal infection protection... Silver is a natural antiseptic. The woundpad contains auxiliary silver ions that are continuously released during the healing process. Clinical studies show that silver kills harmful germs and reduces the risk of infection. Any wound additional wound treatment may reduce the antiseptic effect of silver and interfere with it. So there you go! Silver ions on band-aids... ...and Bryan, thank you for the recipe Someone gave me a bottle of home-made colloidal silver, but I never knew how much to take. What dosage do you take and do you know if the liquid will oxidise or go off within a certain time-frame?
  19. MEsMErise

    Harry Oldfield

    Hi Botanic, You mentioned in the shoutbox that you bought Harry's filter, but the images turned out crappy. Would you be happy to tell us a bit more about your experiences with the filter that you bought? I am very interested to hear about them. Thank you, Mes.
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    EBOLA: A record

    Ebola virus victim to be treated in Norway Published: 06 Oct 2014 22:09 GMT+02:00 Updated: 06 Oct 2014 22:09 GMT+02:00 A Norwegian woman, diagnosed with the Ebola virus while working for a charity organisation out in Sierra Leone, will be treated in Oslo, it was confirmed on Monday. The woman, who was working for Médecins Sans Frontières, fell ill at the weekend and was placed in isolation on Sunday. On Monday she was confirmed as having contracted Ebola. <snip> The woman will be flown back to Norway where Norwegian health authorities will take over her treatment. Kaltenborn said: “We are sure that our colleague will receive the best treatment available. We have kept in touch with our colleague and her family. We will continue to give them all the support we can give.” Prime Minister Erna Solberg was quick to react and dispel public fears about a possible Ebola outbreak in Norway. "The reason this disease spreads so quickly throughout West Africa is because these are countries without infrastructure and without good health services. Here in Norway we can handle this quickly," assured Solberg. <snip> Link to full article: http://www.thelocal.no/20141006/ebola-victim-to-be-treated-in-norway
  21. MEsMErise

    EBOLA: A record

    If that's the case, BlueET, then I'm all for it. I've always believed that plants are the biggest solution in evolving human health to another level way beyond what was ever capable in the past. Unfortunately, my human self looks at the diminishing quality of the soils and thinks, oh boy, we have a long way to go yet... I sure hope those guys can speed up the process! I really want to see iodine and mineral rich soils! Thanks Botanic. I wasn't sure whether the Nicotiana plants were now used in full-scale production of novel compounds. Very interesting what you wrote about bioprospecting too. These pharmas have massive databases on all the compounds they collect and try to find a perfect match for whatever treatment they're looking for. Once found, they'll then alter the compound so it becomes 'novel' and patent it... That's probably why it doesn't work as efficiently as it could have, like you say....making more money from lifetime applications *sigh*. No worries Salustra Perhaps Nicotiana benthamiana has other qualities, that haven't been reported, which can help with the treatment of viral infections. Who knows? I hope that's the case. Plants are our saviours. I just didn't want you to think that by smoking tobacco, that you would get the benefits of the antibodies that the article mentions. Let's just say that hypothetically, the plant produces these antibodies naturally (which they don't). Antibodies are protein structures. As soon as a flame hits it, it would cook and denature the protein, thus rendering it useless. A bit like throwing a piece of steak onto the BBQ.
  22. MEsMErise

    EBOLA: A record

    Hi guys, I wasn't going to say anything about this, but this has been nagging me for a couple of days Also, I had to do some quick revision first about vaccine production, before I posted anything... The quote above does not mean that Nicotiana plants have naturally occurring monoclonal antibodies. As far as science knows, plants do not have antibodies as part of their immune system. Antibodies are very specific to vertebrates. What the quote is referring to, is that Nicotiana plants are utilised to produce human monoclonal antibodies. These are transgenic plants - (genetically engineered and designed for this specific purpose) - for the large-scale production of antibodies for vaccines. As far as I know, the use of plants is still in experimental phase. Normally they use transgenic mice for this purpose (poor mice!). In my very quick research, the Nicotiana plant has also been utilised to produce a treatment for the West Nice virus: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20133644 I also downloaded a PDF entitled: 'Production of antibodies in plants and their use for global health'. If anyone is interested, I will post it here for reference material (it's a bit heavy going). Fischer_2003_Vaccine.pdf
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    Greenland melting at alarming rate.

    Hi guys, Since I resurrected this 2011 thread, I feel the need to justify why I posted the article I did. The comments afterwards have totally thrown me, as I can't seem to relate them to the subject matter. I mean, I really enjoy reading comments here on Chani (that's why I'm here!), but this has left me scratching my head, with a "huh?" First of all, the article posted was purely an observation between the North American forest fires (there is a thread on Chani) and its effect on some of the ice sheets in Greenland. Not once did the author mention global climate change or global warming. I made sure of that. Secondly, the way I see it, this thread is no different to other threads where we maintain a record of observations: Wild Fires: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/3524-wild-fires/page-3?hl=+forest%20+fires Earthquakes and Earthshakes: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/7000-earthquakes-and-earthshakes/ Ebola: A Record: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/7414-ebola-a-record/page-11#entry81656 Tornados, Tropical Storms, Typhoons, Hurricanes: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/2872-tornados-tropical-storms-typhoons-hurricanes/ Record Rainfall and Floods: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/2870-record-rainfall-and-floods/page-6#entry81523 Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Cruise Liner Difficulties: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/5872-planes-trains-automobiles-cruise-liner-difficulties/ As far as I can see, all these threads are a record of changes, and sometimes death is part of that equation too. T, I hope you didn't think that I posted this to increase the fear. That was not my intention. I just want to increase knowledge-base, just like everyone else here (I hope). Whether one chooses to attach emotion to observations, is purely the individuals choice. - Mes.
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    Simon Parkes Interview

    Hi P's, I haven't listened to the presentation that you posted (yet), but I was watching a different Simon Parkes vid last night where he talked briefly about 2016 during question time. (Video was posted by kerbie here: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/6676-simon-parkes-interview/?p=69197) I will transcribe his very brief statement below for our records. When he mentions "they", I think he's referring to tptb. At 1:56:57 : "2016 is the last point that they have to make a decision. 2016 ....they have a portal. They’re not receiving any reinforcements, for want of a better word at the moment. People will say the Reptilians have all gone. No they haven’t.....because if they’ve all gone.... you’d actually be a lot more freer than you are. ...But the time scale is 2016. Big changes by then."
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    Greenland melting at alarming rate.

    Hi Nex, Were you referring to anything in particular, or were you just making a statement? - Mes.