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  1. Hey folks,

     Greetings from Canada! I am a Gramma now!! My daughters firstborn came on Oct 31- his actual due date. His name is Hania. Baby is healthy and I am so excited!

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    2. breezy


      Congratulations, Suuzz!! Now the fun begins! 

    3. deekin


      Good news!  Congratulations to all!  :emoticon-cute-002:

    4. Suuzzaannee144


      Thanks so much you guys!- His name means spirit warrior- a chip off the old block eh? Lol...I hope so.

  2. Hi Kdog..

    Jeez its been a while. I remember chatting with you the first day I was ever on Chani..that was you right- stationed at the HAARP facility?

    I heard it got moved from near Anchorage, I believe. Not sure to where. Do you know? And how are you anyhow?

    1. kdog2891


      I am good. HAARP?? Um. no I'm in Kentucky.

    2. Suuzzaannee144


      K thanks. It was someone with a similar handle then.

  3. You guys all recall the sentient goo thread...I have been watching a TV show called Helix which seems to be dealing with it , the story line is similar to some things that were reported. It puts perspective onto why these things are happening...and potential solutions...


    1. breezy


      I haven't heard of it.  On a major channel?  Tx for telling us about it.

  4. We have been being attacked for a long time. The truth is -that is their modus operandi...to attack and steal our light so it can be manipulated to control others and us- it is called divude and conquer. Alone and separated from our family of light, we are easier to control. The real problem is fear. We need to act and be together in order to overcome these attacks. Working alone is VERY HARD to make any real progress. Its like two steps forward and one back all the way along and people are too scared to help us because they get attacked when they do. But this is the very reason why we need to work together. It is of great importance for us now to gather our courage and skills together so we can push them back with truth , love, Light and awareness. As one of my sons says: Teamwork makes the dream work...shall we get past this protectionism of the single family unit and see that only by opening up to our greater family of light will be able to overcome the dark.

  5. https://www.inkitt.com/stories/other/187534?started_reading=true

    This is my book regarding The Cathars, Knights Templar and our family lineages... for those who wished to understand the origins of the Family of Light and their journey.

  6. Hey folks, Just a big Hello! Miss you guys. I am just about completed my short novel pertaining to the Mandala effect and some theories and actual events that happened to me when I was on my trip to UK and Malta last spring. I want to send it out to folks for proof reading if you are up to it. Ya Triton one of the Characters is Trithon whose name I slightly changed and it has info about the Atlanteans. How bout send me an email to: suuzzaannee144@hotmail.com to proof the next three chapters...please and thanks...here's the first:



    1. Suuzzaannee144


      yes the entire first book is finished and uploaded at the same site page...has the truth of some things that happened to me, and some great visionary stuff and some speculation on future events...Time Mandala is my third  book - actually a novella. I am already well into my fourth which is more of a true historical and then speculative work on the Knights Templar and Cathars...7 chapters in , will let you all know when it's done..A tidbit from The Knights :


      Excerpt from Knights doc



      Louis The X1V


      It appears as though the Kings of Old had some reason to think their blood made them of divine right- whether it was some Odinic or Cathar ( catholic) lineage is of some debate-yet clearly it is acted upon and Loius the X1V gave himself the right to be seen as a sun god. This is very similar to the adorations which were given to Monarchs in ancient Maya , Inca, Aztek, Chinese, Hindu, Japanese and many other cultures world wide- why?...because they knew they had powers to convene with the higher beings- or at least that was what they were told. In some cases , this was true. In others it was not, however hubris gave them the effort to push forward. I always say the proof is in the pudding, but let’s move on shall we?


      ...We begin with the early Rosicrucian’s which according to H. Spencer Lewis F.R.C., First Imperiator of the Rosicrucian Order ( in the U.S.) . The book shows documents of the European Order bestowing their affiliation with the U.S. group among other relic photos.

      The story comes down as such that on the night a successor would be picked, young Thutmose 111 was attending the feast . It was expected that his elder brother would be the chosen successor, however after the high priest looked deeply with the eyes of all the candidates, the High Priest laid the image of Amen at the feet of Thutmose, meaning he had been chosen to lead. It is said that he rose up ,however he spoke to those around as though he had been “elevated or carried” to his feet, as though his feet hardly touched the ground and tells of how he ascended into Heaven and was duly appointed by God to serve his people- divinely ordained.


      Egyptian hieroglyphs among other religious symbols


      Here placing the scrolls within the Sphinx-




      So let it be written, so let it be done.

      The book states very clearly that they call themselves “ I, of the Illuminati” in most correspondences and they claim to have “rare knowledge”, which obviously means documents. It is well known that certain emerald tablets were found beneath the Sphinx an Giza, which is known as “ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth”. These have been translated and I read them aloud in one of my Blogtalk Radio shows ( see archives for link)

      This being said, Thutmose became the first Pharaoh to break down the existing religious sects and follow the religion of a single solar God they call Atum, whom is symbolized by the sun. His cartouche signet is said to be a part of the Rosicrucian’s’ relics. Thus an order was established which got passed down from father to son, however it was Amenhotep 1V, Thutmoses’ great grandson- whose mother Tia was an Aryan ( !?), who upon being crowned in 1367 B.C. strove to uphold his forefathers’ principals of the One God , He wrote hymns such as :

      “How Manifold are Thy works!

      They are hidden before men

      O Sole God, beside whom there is no other.

      Thou didst create the earth according to thy heart.”

      One important precept here is the concept not only of monotheism but also the idea that the True God was in everything but not within something they could touch or of the earth itself- the solar sun was therefore not only an object of worship but as a sole ruling deity.

      So even though the young man died early, he had taken the name of Akhnaton ,Meaning “ Ammon is satisfied, or Glory to Aton”, built a Temple in the form of a cross at El Amarna, at which many Fraters of the Order lived ( some 296 of which swore never to leave the confines of the Temple), the tops of their heads shaved bald in a circle (!) Akhnaton dies at 1350 B.C. leaving a legacy of the order which migrated to other places thereafter and Egypt went back to the old Gods under Seti1 and Ramses 11-for some time after that.

      The tomb of Akhnaton has just been uncovered for the first time this year 2017 and his treasure now has been added to the museums of artifacts .

      “Benedictus Figulus ,a Brother f the Order who made a very exhaustive study of the growth of the Order wrote:’ About the year1680 A.M.*, the Greeks went to Chaldea and Egypt to learn this philosophy, but after learning a little they became so puffed up and proud depending more than was meet on their own understanding…”

      Ok so let’s recap …a young son of Egypt becomes the Pharaoh and starts a religion based on either visons or a direct trip to some heaven where he is instructed to “Serve the People”, which he does and engages his children and grandchildren, in this order ,which worships the light in both heart and warmth and sustenance giving being.

      Now that sounds very much like the God of Isreal Yod He Vau He, The God of Muslims

      Allah, the God of Christians Jevovah or Christ the First Luminary, The Annointed One of the First Order of the Light

      * ( Pg.62 ;footnote of note- A.M. The year of the world- supposedly beginning at 4004 B.C….!Rosicrucian Questions and Answers- The Complete History of the Rosicrucian Order- First Edition 1929- Kingsport Press Inc.,Tennessee U.S.A.)

      ( excerpt from Knights Doc- Suzzannee144)




  7. The day is young and my heart is old...let the wisdom of the ancients seep in...

  8. ..."As per Seekers comment on Trump's father....I saw a vidéo made in Russia that was about Russian/UK scientists that were working with Proff Schauberger ( alien tech of flying saucers) some years ago on Chani forum- in which it showed the men...one of them was the spitting image of Trump- clearly a relative. Same haïr same facial bone structure...there is something in that. I will try to find link."
  9. This is for you. Pay attention Krima

    1. KMRIA


      thank you suuuz. I'll download it now.

    2. KMRIA


      thank you suuuz. I'll download it now

    3. Suuzzaannee144


      It was a subtle thing and message from spirit when I saw the rose petals were in a container with your name on it...lol I liked that!

      Also wondering if you still have those drawings of the wrapping of the coils you did  in a file? Could you send them to me if you do?



  10. Hi Chani folks, this is a bit long but I need you all to see this. What happened on the way back from my journey:
    Dear Sirs and Madames,
    I would have included the Air Canada customer relations and the Delta Airport hotel, however, they have no email available and I must either call them or have them contact me - clearly they do not make themselves available to customers very well.
    I start my letter brining good tidings of my trip overseas to the UK and Malta.
    I visited many places of beauty and as a Metis medicine woman I did ceremony in every sacred site I had opportunity to go to. The people and spirits welcomed me well.
    I was gone for one month visiting London, England, Scotland and Gozo, Malta.
    During my trip, I had a few experiences which have changed my life. I found out the use of microwaves through cell towers and radio towers life threatening to myself.
    At London Heathrow, flight 815 two dats ago now to Calgary was delayed. I had been using my developed cy- coils which uses cymatic or sound waves through a sacred geometric torroid coil to mitigate the effects of the microwaves coming through the towers and regular wifi, but found the increase of the decibles terrible and dangerous. I had to resort to using two such coils with an amplified frequency generator in my phone and computer just to keep myself from feeling symptoms of the condition which is an electro- sensitive condition. Normally using one coil overnight mitigates all symptoms- but no longer. 
    My experience at Delta Airport Hotel in Calgary last night was one I shall not forget and consider this to be of national and local concern. I shall be calling bith Air Canada and Delta asap as well.
    As I said , my flight was delayed at Heathrow amid terrorist concerns and evacuation in Manchester. I had only my phone and single coil with me. By the time we landed in Calgary, my connecting flight was missed. Aftet 2 gruelling hours through customs Air Canada gave me vouchers for food( $22) and a hotel room at Delta Airport hotel. By that time I was feeling very ill due to my condition and the massive waves coming through the airport radio tower. I got to the hotel and ordered a burger and tea which came to $27- the vouchers not covering the cost( there was one for dinner $15 and one for breakfast $7- neither of which covered anything on the menu-even put together). I ate while a massive headache came on due to proximity to radio tower. I took 2 asprin and put on one coil. I woke 2 hours later with spontaneous diaherea just making it to bathroom and my stomache hurting so badly I though I might have to be hospitalized. Then I realized that the only thing that would actually help was having my computer generator and secondary coil. The airport was supposed to bring over my baggage which had been delayed, but had not been. I called front desk asking about it explaining I have a medical condition and needed it but they could not help( aroud 11pm Calgary time).
     That night was the worst of my whole life. I was in excruciating pain, massive headache, and unprodictable bowels. I sent message to my doctor should I perish. No hospital would have been able to help me as they have no training or devices to assit people with my sensitivity. I used the one coil I made, amplifying it by putting it into salt water and took no less than 6 tablets of  aspirin/ tylenol / caffine mix over the course of the night. Symptoms were still terrible and I was unable to rest the entire night.
    Needless to say, I was extremely upset and ill.( I prayed most of the night and did my best to mediate).
    I can only assume it was due to the idea of using salt water to amplify the cy- coil wave which saved my life.
    This is simply not acceptable. Yes, I am sensitive but that does not excuse the governments responsibility for caring for its' people! Microwaves cook human and biological tissue- they are dangerous and are a class 3 carcinogen as stated by the UN several years ago! Why are we still using microwaves as a power source!! It is wholly irresponsible and potentially genocidal to continue to use them - they are lethal to people like me and dangerous for the general population!
    Please please we MUST stop this. My coils saved my life I am sure-but no one else has this technology because I have just invented it and have no means at this time to bring it to the attention of the medical community for immediate use.
     Many people will get ill and die from the decible increases of microwaves which has just recently ( Jan 2017 ) for use of data exchange for 5G and up cell phones. The special anntena used for this penetrates into body tissue and many people are going to die from this.
    I am the canary in the mine. I can see what is going to happen. The increase of microwaves through the system cannot be allowed and other power sources must be implemented!
    It will be the sensitives and targetted individuals who will die first, the the elderly, the the sick children...
    This is no joking matter and must be taken seriously.
    And yes, when I finally got my baggage back( they had to deliver it)- my computer is broken.
    I will complain but it is not likely to be replaced by the airline and so my extreme health condition will be a priority.
    As they say- neccessity is the mother of invention 
    Ms Suzzanne Chappell C.S.T.

  11. Hey I found out what "bulla" means! A bulla is a connected book of cuneiform statements held together by strings of leather! Go figure....

  12. Hi folks...just a heads up about the news that something is going on with either the feed or the Schuuman resonance itself...any word you guys?

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    2. JammerAAP


      Well, the resonance is based on the  'gap' if you like between solid and upper atmosphere/magnetosphere, and the potential difference, which creates all the arcs and lightening strikes to equalise things.

      The melting of the ice in both Ant/Arctic is sending water out into the oceans and deep aquifers of the planet.

      The rotation of the planet is sucking that water, via centrifugal force to the equator, where it makes a bulge.

      The greater mass at the centre belt slows the planet' rotation down, which also effects the orbit.

      The balance between slower rotation, and altered orbit, has a net effect of pretty much the same time/day/year cycle we are currently used to.

      But... our SCN, which links to the Earth's resonance is picking up the differences, and throwing many off.

      To compensate, the planet needs to change the resonance, so everything is in equilibrium again.

      Higher atmosphere and magnetosphere = change in resonance.

      One of the proposed mission parameters of the X-37b is to lift satellites into higher orbits on the quiet.

      They must have known about this a while back then?

      Also, it has been proposed that this new status has been engineered to take our planet out of a known orbit that would have resulted in a collision with a NEO that we were unable to change the orbit of. Or that an entire planet (X) was going to materialise very near our world allowing transfers with ease. Changing our orbit makes the transfers a bit more difficult.



    3. JammerAAP


      BTW, the SCN, or suprachiasmatic nucleus in our brain is one of my absolute favourite things!

      Otto Schumann 'discovered' the resonant frequency of our world. (supposedly in a dream)

      The SCN in our brain is responsible for controlling circadian rhythms amongst other thing i our bodies and is our direct link to the planet, as it hums along at the same frequency. SCN and Schumann resonance are one and the same.


      This is the cool bit - scHUMANn


      The relationship is hidden in his very name!


    4. JammerAAP


      The Russian site is down, but the Itallian one is up, and IMHO is filled with more useful info.

  13. Wow the shit is really hitting the fan today! Guess " they" don't like people doing things to escape!

  14. A sign has been shown to me in a spiritual ceremony this past weekend...and the sign said to share my knowledge...and so I shall.

  15. I lead a sweatloadge yesterday, my first public one, and we prayed. Among other things we prayed about Standing Rock. I know this is not a political forum, but, people are being harassed, bombed with water in subzero weather, tear gassed and shot with bean bags. It was on a live feed last night on facebook. I am concerned....this is the kind of thing that leads to wars or Tienaman Square like events....should we not start a thread?

  16. Feeling really fracking weird today...spirit guides say do not go outside...internet shut off on computer but fine on the phone...energy heavy but not terrible...sewing to keep my mind and hands busy...will soak in epsom salt bath later...thinking of you guys and family.

  17. I guess this is our shoutbox...but seems less interactive somehow....bettet than none at all i suppose...

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    2. Reddwolf


      We are working on it Suuzzz   Its a bit harder then it looks...LOL  

    3. Suuzzaannee144


      My goodness...I see...ok then...

    4. breezy


      Hang in there Suuz, this is only a personal status update box. Whatever you post here can be seen by everyone.

  18. please pay attention to comments

    1. unity


      Errh...mmmmm...where are those comments, Suz???(0_0)

    2. luk3


      Lol unity, I am looking forward to those comments as you always provide very enlightening pieces of information!

  19. Just a big hug to you good folks on Chani...I will be in that no internet no cell phone zone pretty quick here so I may not be on again for a while

    1. Cheetah9


      Hurry back- will miss your posts- take care

    2. T


      enjoy, come back to tell us