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    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Nice drive Blue.Good save and nice pass on the orange (Corolla?).
  2. Mungamine Boy, The Spooky2 website will allow you to download the software free and peripheral attachments only costing around $165 can be sourced through the links provided. These peripheral devices have been matched to the software and allow several different modes of treatment including remote (which is right up my alley). No need to construct the frequency holding/sending device but you could make a wave generator etc. You'd be flat out doing it cheaper than how they do. Brace for a Spooky2 conjoining with radionics coming up.I'm salivating. qnl ps M.B. gotta hide that cat 5 cable in the poly pipe some day soon. Will give you a ring.
  3. qnl

    The Dirty Truth About Clean Energy

    I'm going down to Darlington Point to see the green decorticator work in the paddock later this year. It has to go quicker than one stem at a time or you'd be there all year.
  4. qnl

    The Dirty Truth About Clean Energy

    This is Australia in one of the bigger Cotton Valleys in Central West NSW. We are seeking Govt funding to get a plant built and attract some local investment. We have forward sales for our fibre product and will be seeking further relationships with Euro car makers for internal panelling and carpets. Hempcrete is indeed an intended use for our hurd. I saw last month a youtube of 3d printing using concrete to construct a 10 dwellings in a day in China. Its coming. Mungamine Boy- this doesnt involve the guys we saw last month. I hold grave doubts on the viability of green decortification, as their method doesnt appear to have the throughput capability necessary to pay off a $500,000 machine that may or may not work.
  5. qnl

    The Dirty Truth About Clean Energy

    The hurd (inside) of the hemp plant is used to make hempcrete in either a brick or form cast product. My understanding is that the bricks continue to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, actually hardening as they age. Hemp has to be mowed then paddock retted (biological process which commences the separation of the hurd from the fibre) then machine decorticated to produce the two final products. We are currently looking into hemp production on our farm.It will be nice to finally do it, not just talk about it. Just need 15 million for a plant and about 100 growers to make it work year round. Then we could 3d print houses from hempcrete.etc
  6. qnl

    UFO Research NSW presentation in Dubbo

    Bugger! That would have been an easy trip. Did you go Mungamine Boy?? qnl