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  1. Happy New Year to all you guys- been super busy- but have to check in once in awhile to see what everybody is doing.
  2. Thank you Unity for the goldfish story- that is the coolest, one of the most heartwarming things I have seen in awhile- I love it and I love animals.
  3. So sorry Jess- well maybe you'll get waited on this Christmas instead of you taking care of everyone else... Merry Christmas Chani- love you all
  4. Cheetah9

    2016 US Presidential Election

    Maybe he wanted to expose his art talent on a subject that was relevant?
  5. How are you guys getting your avatars working? I have been through every aspect of the profile and not found a way?
  6. I don't like it- I can't find anything-but I hate change. I figure once you work hard getting something perfect, why change it? I don't think the upgrade was an upgrade. But, I know you did your best Breezy and thank you. You are the reason we still have a forum. You rock.
  7. Cheetah9

    2016 US Presidential Election

    I think the whole thing about the riots and poor behavior over the election is just a way to bring globalism to the US. We have never had masses of people riot in the streets over an election, at least for the last 100 years. This is not what Americans do. But, with all the illegal immigrants, they are bringing their underdeveloped, backwards way of disagreeing here. This is how most of the countries on the planet deal with unrest- they all just get violent, go out destroy, rob, kill and rape. This is not how America works folks, nor how we as American's think, feel or respond to negative stimuli.. And may I add, anyone I see crying over HRC losing, I want to just punch, but I won't, because I am a true American.
  8. Cheetah9


    Thanks for all your hard work Breezy, you rock!
  9. Glenn Frey's and his classic hits
  10. that's because the dark will not tolerate the light..
  11. Cheetah9

    User Interfaces That Look Like Jewelry

    Very cool Kande- thank you...
  12. Cheetah9

    User Interfaces That Look Like Jewelry

    I find this interesting for a number of reasons. But I haven't figured out how they designate what runs what. Like at the end, where she is rubbing her hand across it and her phone screen advances to show the credits- how is the tattoo connected to her phone? She showed us how they are made somewhat, but I see no mention of how the components work- why does that advance the phone screen rather than say turn it on/off and how are they even connected? So many questions....
  13. Cheetah9

    Leaking, Leaking, Leaking

    At 7:18 those penguins look awfully tall and I noticed in another pic that the seagulls flying appeared very large...must be the clean air...lol- very beautiful, pristine and the water is so clear-