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  1. The next paragraph in the above article re 'Magna Carta for the web' I found interesting.   Always layers upon layers...

    Sir Tim, who developed the Web as a "side project" while working at the Cern research laboratory in Switzerland in the Eighties, has become increasingly vocal about what he sees as a perversion of his original vision.

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  2. Duncan on a recent Barry Eaton interview.  Of particular interest (to me) is the last 20 min when he's discussing the End Times interview he had with Aboriginal man Trent Lynwood, also to be found in the Sept Nexus Mag.  This ties in with recent Allison Coe (QHHT), Dolores Cannon and Lisa M Harrison information about coming events of 2 worlds.


    In June, Duncan presented the Secret History of Australia conference and has another, day-long one planned 20th Oct this year.

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  3. Australian firefighters spent hours hiding from US shooters who 'pointed rifles at them', report reveals



    "The incident personnel watched with binoculars as one of the two individuals put a scoped rifle on a bi-pod and looked up the mountain toward them," it reads.

    "They continued to wave until a shot was fired ... they then bailed off the backside of the mountain to take cover as a second shot rang out."

    (story continues...)

    "Two men were located inside the fire area closure ... they were shooting ground squirrels/marmots and reportedly bear hunting," the Forest Service said in a statement.

    "They were issued Violation Notices by USDA Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers for violation of the closure order."

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  4. Thanks EagleWings, I was just about to reply but you had far more info than I recalled.  It's been years since I'd heard about it, maybe 30?  I did have what was diagnosed as Q Fever 21 years ago that knocked me back for about 6 mon.  At the time I was hospitalised and nothing was absolutely confirmed, I got more info from the vet.  This was before internet for me, and I've since found it's an old disease, cattle related, and had many of the symptoms of Brucellosis.  In Q Fever cattle aren't particularly affected.  

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  5. I haven't remembered dreams in ages but last night's I did.

    I'm always on my own and was travelling with my car or bike, some sort of vehicle.  At a junction to a sort of mountain, on the descending side, a lot of traffic was stopped, including big trucks.  I found out there was a long wait for getting down the mountain or through a point so I got out of my car and wandered into a drab looking building.  It was almost like a black and white movie at this point.  I found some stairs and used them - they went down for 20 or so steps, then up again, and down, and up - such a waste of energy I thought.  I was the only one using them.  The word 'Illuminati' was inscribed at the base of them!  Finally I got to a floor, all very b & w and grey, office-like.  I decided to lay low and try to get out of there.  I was directed and lead to another set of stairs, more like a huge wooden pallet at a very sharp angle.  It was suspended over another floor, a more colourful shopping centre.  I hate heights and there was no railing, so I climbed down by hanging on by my fingernails to reach the bottom of these 'stairs', still a few metres off the ground.  My guide suggested I drop to the floor but I thought I'd hurt myself, so I took off flying/gliding right out the building!  Very exhilarating feeling! 

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  6. Thanks EagleWings, I've been following this too and as much as I'd like to attend, I might instead purchase DVDs of it later - then I can rewatch, unlike real life!

    Nex was interviewed by Barry Eaton last week - 1st half is on magnesium and iodine, 2nd about this upcoming conference.


    May 5th, 2018 by Barry Eaton


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  7. I like and trust Rachel's video above and she has been sick lately, coughing.  She usually appears weekly on Scarabperformance's Mandela Effect channel (Monday pm - US time).  Certainly a lot of unnecessary negative comments.

    Last winter just after I noticed many heavy chemtrailed days, I developed a cough that lasted 3 months - a record for me.  Eventually it went, but it was draining.

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