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  1. WellNow

    Organized Child Abuse

    Just found this: Corey Feldman claims he's being targeted for death for trying to expose Hollywood pedophile ring ... revealed on Wednesday he survived a “near-death experience” after two trucks apparently tried to run him over -- all because he's working to expose what he calls a [pedo] ring that's plagued Hollywood for decades. The star posted an ominous video to social media explaining what he plans to do, and described how his physical safety is in danger because of this plan. Previously, the star posted vague tweets promising a big announcement about the [pedophilia] that he’s been reporting happened to him and former child-star Corey Haim for years. In his 2013 memoir, [... he] disclosed that he and Haim were the victims of sexual abuse by people in the industry when they were children just getting started in show business. ... also says that something spooked his bandmates, promoting them to up and quit the band out of fear for their lives. ... claims that he can name six people involved with a Hollywood pedophile ring, one of whom allegedly link the crimes to a major studio. The news comes on the heels of the now infamous scandal surrounding disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. However, if Feldman is able to prove his allegations are true, it could expose a much deeper criminal conspiracy. full story The post at foxnews is index under /entertainment but the header index says CRIME... what up with that? [edit: for essential content and weird typo in original story, I hope it's okay..]
  2. Yeah, me either. The fact it was pulled from ATS is probably a clue it's a scam... Just like the original was! (It sure was a fun ride, though.) Also, the incorporation of 12 monkeys into the narrative could have been a viral marketing attempt by the TV show reboot, or the reason it was taken down at ATS, or both. That's the part that makes me most suspicious. Classic viral marketing ploy. The original JT could have cared less about 'popular culture' entertainment from the timeline he came from; I couldn't possibly believe any 'timeline shift' explanations..
  3. WellNow


    So I taped two pieces of black film negative over the UV filter for my canon g12 and then screwed the telephoto on top of it. LOL - it actually worked out alright! Interesting how yellow it gets when you dial down the exposure... Guess the sun is still yellow, just... Real Bright! Haha! this shot is just one layer of film negative and min exposure settings... brighty bright bright light we got there! I think this is the coolest thing I've attempted with this camera since I bought it 4 years ago.. woohoo!
  4. Whoa... good one Deekin - first I've heard of her passing and resurrection. Hah! Searched around here on chani and the only thing I've found so far is this post from Botanic a few years back, just after she first died:
  5. Haha, that was great. But I seriously don't think so...
  6. omgosh Kii, the dreams are finally subsiding aren't they - mine peaked 6-2 days before the Full Moon, but they weren't stressful, just a bit bizarre. I like the idea of timeline waves. Institute it has always been for me. I wonder what else has changed about the Institution now, maybe not so many secret artifacts in their warehouse anymore? Also drove a Ford Tempo for years but do not remember the distinct cursive e in the flourish - before it was wave partially over the o. I find it *very* curious that only the KJV bible seems to suffer from alteration, and no other translations have been mirrored yet. When they start to remap as well, look out!
  7. WellNow

    Pokemon Go - No, No, No!!

    Aside from the tragedies, this craze makes me snicker. Reminds me of that old texting fad, remember that one? When people walked into open manholes or in front of vehicles at intersections because they be texting?! Glad we got over that one! Now there's laws in most states that prohibit or limit use while operating vehicles. Probably a good idea. New laws a'comin!
  8. The Google Books link above is from English Alive, a periodical collection of english fiction writing from students in South African high schools and colleges. The goog lists 4 editions of the book, all which have different content. Just looking at the brief snippets I was able to view using google books search on the four editions, it all reads like fiction to me. The only real discrepancy I see in the 1990 edition content searching snippets is the date in the story on the 'four realisations' when Mandela was supposedly released from prison as being Feb 2nd 1990, where the wikipedia is saying he was released on the 11th of Feb 1990. The piece apparently fictionalizes his death in July of 1991 without giving a reason for death (that I could find) only that 'chaos ensued.' Considering the date of death post-dates the publication date of the 1990 edition of English Alive, I think we have the answer for that information 'source.' Good find, otherwise! Maybe some news reports read that back 25 years ago as well and misinterpreted and reported it as truth and that is the source of the ME? If so, wouldn't be the first time media reported false deaths and information. Still have yet to meet or hear from someone who truly remembered Mandela dying in the 90's or any substantial media coverage on the event. Has anyone here had that experience and I missed it?
  9. Wow, this catapult shift is really getting me now! My g search https://www.google.com/search?q=define%3Acatapault&oq=define%3Acatapault gets me these wonders .. do they appear the same for you as I describe? http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Catapault/ Clearly OP misspells this in their instrucables post twice, both in title and brief description, yet check the collected titles - how many others share the same spelling? I only saw one - are there more, or has it changed now as well? could not find OP create date from listing , but OP was only member since Jun 2013. This guy misspells it twice, both in title and description, for whatever reason, posted last year. http://joewindsurfer.blogspot.com/2013/09/catapault-or-catapult.html I love this one - title only reflection and quite significant in words. Who cares, really? I got cata-fu%ing pølted and broke my nodes! posted also in late 2013 by someone who appears to been born in the 70's or prior. To top it all off, I CANNOT find my Weapons reference guide I bought almost 20 years go! We JUST moved into a new house, and I JUST went through and resorted what I thought was my entire book collection (in boxes still, of course =P ) but CANNOT find the damn thing, and I just saw it before we moved. This is now bugging me most ESPECIALLY since this is now the 2nd attempt I've made to verify the shift with a physical item I've known/thought to have in my possession.. but no longer? damn. wtf!
  10. Ooh, catapult vs catapault is a new one for me, thanks Jammer! definitely a timeshift glitch, because it was always catapault before - spent quite a bit of time years ago researching and reading about medieval weaponry from many sources, and that was how it was always spelled. NOW when I search for that spelling online, I get a variety of hits but mostly from other bloggers or youtubers spelling it the 'old' way, with no hints as to why. My guess is these folks have shifted with us but still have memories of the other timeline, which makes sense giving the phenomenon. catapults vs catapaults gets a definite two bonana score!! And a vote from me and my youngest son for the next timeshift: bananas shall be called BOnanas! It's way more fun to say!
  11. The weirdest thing about the M.E. has been verifying it! We had several B.bears books given as gifts or procured otherwise used over the past 4 years for my boys but when I recently went to verify the timeslip, I found out the wife had given them away as she generally disliked them. I refrained from telling her why I wanted to see them again, to verify the time slip. (she doesn't much care for these chani topics... can I blame her?) I am still a bit amused my own source of reference to confirm the ME anomaly has been surreptitiously removed from my midst. yeah.. Aside from that, the Ford squiggle is totally new! I drove more than one for years in america and that surely was never there, embossed on the steering wheel... Now I have to visit both a junkyard and library to confirm the shift... nahhhhhhh!
  12. WellNow

    Pokemon Go - No, No, No!!

    When I read the first part of the OP quoting the entity: putin missing after 15 may, many worry, poeple do crazy things (my commas) I thought, whoa all the crazy violence over the past 3 weeks, you are on to something! But the 'crazy' is focused on video game frenzy.. huh. maybe not the crazy events entity is referring to .. ? Hard to say these days.
  13. Thanks for posting this, Mulva. I know it's almost a year and a half later, yet I found this searching for a post mentioning 'Jupiter Ascending' as I just saw the movie recently and was rather impressed by the overall message and had some thoughts. Interesting to see you mention it here under the topic of Blue Book details being released and even announced on MSM so prominently! Yet 1.5 years later so far the world seems unfazed, yet not surprising. As I understand it, blue - both the human realized 'color' and encoded understanding, is a symbol of open-ness, mind-less-ness, and forgetfulness. An all purpose word often used by media to encourage most to nod their heads and obey the underlying message: "nothing to see here, move along" projected at humans. Often used by hypnotists to relax and induce peaceful feelings of letting go and release. Isn't blue the color most often used in backgrounds for the on-screen news lettering? Chris Carter exposes this further with an XFiles character that his vocal ability along with the phrase 'cerulean blue' to entrance a victim. Taking the core story of modern revealings (revelations?) along with timing, January is a very blue month, the god Janus oft depicted on a blue background. People in the northern hemi are naturally tired and sleepy and that blue blue sky over head, ahh! Just get me to spring and let me forget all this! What a nice time to release such momentous information publicly, as they must do. Reminds me of my years in NA broadcast radio - to retain your broadcast license you must provide 2 hours of ad-free valuable community programming a week, because..the good of the people, or something. However, no restriction on *when* you must broadcast this awesome helpful info, so many radio stations would schedule in the early Sunday AM when they knew hardly anyone was listening. And Jupiter Ascending was delayed from primetime August 2014 release to February 2015, categorically the worst month to ever release a 'blockbuster' movie. All because Sundance gave it a thumbs down.. really? Movie companies are supposedly in the business to make big dollars. Common sense says, modest advertising campaign and summer release and will make back at least what they put down and possibly start a franchise for a few more films. In fact, that is exactly what they were trying to from the outset, but... hamstrung by their own studio and production company ?! Well, if anyone here's seen the movie, I am sure you know why Jupiter Ascending got the back seat, and it wasn't any of the common complaints. But they must release, they are under contract, in oh so many ways.. they must release. We are on the doorstep, and the door has been opened -
  14. WellNow

    Earth Energies and TimeLine shifts

    Over the past year, me and my family have experienced a major shift in our own reality. Of course most of it is a result of our own doing and initiative, but to me it seemed very much like the universe was definitely cooperating with our actions as it never had before. Strange thing is it all started happening en force in January and has culminated in some real fantastic things for us. To boot, we both are seeing the synchronous numbers on clocks, odometers and other places several times every day and night. At times they happen in such rapid succession for me I just have to sniggle. Universe playin with me!
  15. WellNow


    It seems pretty clear to me this has all been designed to create a lot of confusion for the masses and subsequent discussion in the media and government halls for months to come. Makes me wonder what is really going on behind the scenes or what is being hidden by these events. What is it masking. I bet it has nothing to do with the Britain or the EU, maybe not even money...