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    Blue Et

    Welcome back Blue. Thought you had raced off into the sunset for good. Cheers!
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    T, I think of you often. Most days in fact. I contemplate your riddles and do my best to decipher what my simple mind can manage. Your words have impacted me on a deep level. I see the world from a very different perspective and have begun to accept that I am a sovereign being that is worthy of standing on equal footing with our cosmic family. I no longer wait for salvation by some outside force but rather actively engage in improving life here and now for myself and those dear to me. The current trend in the media is to mock “thoughts and prayers” as trite and pointless. Nevertheless I offer them to you now. Stay strong, and fight to remain here for those you love, battle weary as you may be. They need you in this form a while longer. Sorrounding you and your family with love and healing light. Laugh often, it keeps the parasites away. Bryan
  3. Bryan

    Kilauea - A Conspiracy Maybe?

    This volcano is located almost smack dab on that 19.5 degree energy vortex (RCH). Same as Olympus Mons on Mars (Mount Olympus). Same as Giza. Powerful nodes of hyper-dimensional power (the same power that formed the Hawaiian Islands to begin with). It is very likely a natural event occurring due to the energy shifts Mother Earth is going though. Many have foretold of volcanic activity preceding some major shift of this kind. However, that doesn’t rule out that organizations could be clandestinely tinkering with the exotic energies present for some yet unknown purpose. Perhaps in addition to the geothermal plant, there are additional activities taking place at that interesting and important location. Of course you can never rule out that the parasites may be orchestrating something malevolent that will work to thier advantage and have been the cause of all violent volcanic activity. And then again it could be all of the above.
  4. Awesome, Jess. In the truest sense of the word.
  5. Don’t put down that cup yet, Fet. The health benefits of a cup of coffee daily far outweigh the risks. Do some digging on this and you’ll see they are blowing this way out of proportion.
  6. Been seeing these straight clouds around here a lot lately. It’s like a giant curtain being pulled across the sky. This one (bottom of photo) held the same position from yesterday afternoon until this morning around 9:30am when it started to dissipate. Creepy how it just hangs there and doesn’t move. Edit to add: This is the 666th reply in this thread.
  7. There’s a lot of things I lose sleep over, but nuclear war is not one of em. I feel that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the last we will see of large scale nuclear detonations used in war. I think it scared enough people to push us all collectively into a mindset of “never again” and closed the chapter on nuclear war for humanity for good. I am aware the threat remains. And I believe there are certainly evil souls out there who would do it if they could; and with the push of a button send us all into an oblivion of hellfire. But something tells me that this isn’t the timeline we are on anymore. I feel much the same about the large scale destruction Edgar Cayce (and remote viewer Ed Dames and many others) saw for the future of the US with both coasts being inundated with water among other disasters and calamities. I think the world has a far more positive future ahead of it now. It will be rough for a bit, but ultimately I think we are headed for a really bright tomorrow. Except for A.I. That shit gots ta go. For real.
  8. Just had to post this. Checked my stock app this evening at this exact moment and immediately took a screen shot. Been seeing 11:11 a lot lately but this is uncanny.
  9. Bryan

    Pole Shift-start getting ready!

    Simon Parkes is saying a natural pole shift could be used as cover/false flag for an EMP detonation. I’m not sure if he means that when a natural pole shift happens that a man made EMP will be set off at the same time to cause further destruction or A man made EMP will be detonated and the ensuing destruction will be blamed on a natural pole shift that has not actually taken place.
  10. Bryan


    Nothing makes me more sick to my stomach and furiously angry than that Biden video. If you watch the entire video the touching and caressing happens over and over again for nearly half an hour. Some of the parents don’t seem to notice it, but others certainly do. And everyone behind the cameras has a front row seat to this horror show. Parents, would you let this parasite fondle your child right in front of your face like that? Protect your children for fuck sakes. For every person in that room who actually witnessed this and did nothing, you are cowards and sheep.
  11. I understand the dismay many of us feel in regards to the proliferation of nukes. We all understand nothing good can come from this. MAD is the only reason (and perhaps some off-world/inter-dimensional intervention) that this world hasn’t been barbecued so far. But it’s only a matter of time before some psychopath pushes the button and it’s lights out for everyone. Nukes are just a symptom of a much larger problem in the human psyche. I believe if we hadn’t discovered atomic energy it would have been some other power source we would have weaponized (perhaps torsion energy). I cling to the belief that our individual thoughts and intent play a role in our future and in our past. If we collectively hold the intent that we want to live in a world of peace, harmony, and tolerance then perhaps Mother Earth and the Divine Creational Force will have mercy on us and bring us along for the ride into higher realms. Let the warmongers and parasites destroy their own souls and the planet if they must; for they will create their own prison. I believe we’ve seen enough evidence of alternate timelines at this point to know it’s possible to experience a more positive existence. Through all these trials and tribulations we all experience, hold fast to the vision of this planet becoming a paradise once again. Tell yourself these are just the birthing pains of a new and wonderful existence. While we may not hold the keys to the nukes, we hold the keys to our own consciousness, which is far more powerful. Remained focused. Tune out the doom and gloom. Elevate yourself.
  12. Yeah, seriously, what the hell IS going on in that photo?!
  13. Bryan

    The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

    I do agree telepathy is a forgotten but natural ability. Seth said that it operates constantly and without our conscious awareness of it. Then perhaps where we are is a necessary step in the evolution of communication. These are the training wheels for direct mind to mind connection. But we’d better learn how to origanize, select, and filter our thoughts though. Because if what I’m seeing on social media is a sign of things to come - when people just text-barf every stupid thought that comes through their head to anyone who will listen - no other race will want to communicate with us. And we probably won’t want to communicate with each other either. I know if people could read my thoughts I would probably be ostracized and ridiculed. I would also get slapped a lot.
  14. Bryan

    The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

    We’re half way there already. Texting, Twitter, social media in general are destroying people’s communication skills. Person to person communication in real life is rapidly degrading. People are forgetting how to talk to each other from lack of necessity. Social media encourages users to pour every thought they have that runs through their head into the digital universe. It’s worse with the younger generation that has grown up with auto-correct and cell phones from an early age but I notice it with everyone. Verbal communication is significantly more ‘clunky’ than it used to be. People don’t use words correctly, they’re lacking social graces, they say too much and can’t self edit. 20 more years of this and we’ll all be bumbling, incoherent morons.
  15. Bryan


    Very interesting. What if this thing actually made it to space and the failed mission was a cover story? Interesting synchronicity with this. I had never heard of Polyus Skif until you mentioned it here. Just yesterday I was listening to some podcasts I’ve been saving for a while and this dude, Olav Phillips, speaking with Heather Wade in the topic of the Nazi Bell mentioned Polyus Skif. Got my attention now.
  16. Bryan

    America under President Trump

    Well at least we can agree to disagree. There is far too much animosity between strangers, friends, and even family over politics these days. I get up and leave the room whenever my family starts talking politics. It always dissolves into this ugly close-minded stubborn anger on both sides. We ALL need to remember we are NOT our governments. We are individuals and we need to stop carrying these asshole's flags for them. The world would be a far better place without bankers and politicians, but alas, we don't live in that reality (YET!). They give us two options and make us take sides. But you don't have to play that game. TURN OFF THE NEWS and live your life the way YOU think is right. Don't give a shit what happens in Washington. Pay attention to what is right in front of you. Your family, your work, your passions. Don't wait for a president/prime minister/king/queen to fix or make problems for you. Focus on what you can do to make this world a better place, and how you can live a happier and more peaceful life within the confines of this system we've been thrust into. I understand that political decisions have an impact on our lives, but there is rarely anything we can do about it. Even when it comes to war. If war is going to happen, there is little we can do as an individual to stop it. We can choose to not fight these bastard's wars for them, and that's about it. So try and remember to focus on the things you can change, and forget about the things you can't. We need to prove to the universe/god/cosmos whatever - that we no longer need these authority figures to run our lives for us. But that means taking personal responsibility for your life and all that you've been dealt. Always strive to move onward and upward while keeping your dignity and humanity intact. It can be challenging at times, but that is when we need to remain steadfast in our respect for each other and recognize that we are individuals but we also need each other if we are going to evolve as real humans. I appreciate everyone's point of view here. It allows me to glimpse the world from other people's eyes and perhaps open my mind to concepts and ideas that I may not have found on my own. And thank you to all the members of Chani who have kept this place remarkably open, hospitable, and tolerant in this age of hostile divisiveness. B
  17. Suz, would you be so kind as to share your water blessing ritual?
  18. Bryan


    Not intending to step on your toes, Albatross. It’s actually called “The Event” I thought it was pretty good myself, although it was swiftly cancelled. I think they were hitting too close to home on many of the themes. Worth watching IMO.
  19. Interesting unity. I hadn’t considered the piezo effect of the quartz. I wonder if perhaps the perturbations of the moon have a similar effect on the pyramids like it does on the tides. This alone could generate a constant electrical charge. Thanks for that bit of info! I read somewhere that many of the pyramids in Mexico were used to store grains and seeds, and that prior to harvest they were placed between two pyramids to “charge” them before planting. I have a number of small crystal pyramids and I’ve found that placeing seeds on a plate suspended above the apex of the pyramid does indeed germinate them faster. Just yesterday I put some lettuce seeds in a small glass of water and put them above my blue agate pyramid and they were germinating in less than 12 hours! This usually takes a week. Also 100% of the seeds germinated compared to about 75-80% which is my usual success rate.
  20. There it is again. 33. What the hell is it with this number in the media?! It’s always 33 dead, 33 missing, 33 homes destroyed in such and such disaster, 33 this, 33 that. Yes we all know it’s a Masonic number, but what is the significance here? I swear I see the number 33 used in a headline at least once a week.
  21. Bryan

    America under President Trump

    I like the deliberate use of the word conscience. Con-science
  22. I often wonder about this topic, Unity. Since we know how corrupted the church is, especially the Catholic Church and it’s ties to Satanism; does that mean that what the church considers demonic is actually angelic and what they consider angelic is, in truth, demonic? Or maybe I’m being far too binary in my thinking. Perhaps they are neither good nor bad and the intent for which they are summoned is the key to what power is manifested.
  23. What happened in Hawaii has me greatly concerned. The Hawaiian Islands are a critical energy node of the planet, and I believe, one of the points on the earth where the life sustaining energy currents of mother earth fountain up to the surface and spread across the globe. She's right at that 19.5 degrees that Richard C talks about all the time. Giza is another spot at 19.5. Having been to the islands many times and being a sensitive I can tell you the energy there is very different, and very strong. I always need a day or two to adapt (dizziness and spacey feeling) then I feel incredible afterwards. I am calm, peaceful, happy, and healthy. As soon as I leave I feel crappy and all my usual symptoms return along with this heavy feeling of constant anxiety that is only noticeable once you've been away from it for a while. If the parasites wanted to do some real harm to mother earth and her healing energies, Hawaii would be an obvious target. Not only is it of significant military importance due to it's strategic location, it is also very important to ground based space observation. For all the reasons, plus the historical anniversary Breezy mentioned, as well as the obvious connection to World War II, I think it is important that we pay close attention to this. If you can spare a moment and are so inclined, ground yourself for a moment and send some peaceful and healing thoughts to Mother Earth and the Hawaiian Islands.
  24. That would have been a terrifying 13 minutes. Any Chanites here from Hawaii? Curious if everyone got these text messages or just certain carriers. The timing is curious. Maybe a telecommunications hack and not a missle threat?