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  1. Happy Independence Day to all my American friends south of the 49th. Enjoy your celebration!


    1. breezy


      Thank you very much Bryan!  Where I am fireworks start a couple days ahead, and the last big display was just last night.

  2. A birthday wish for my 33rd: May my mother be healed of her cancer, or if that is not in her souls best interest, to make her transition peacefully and painlessly. I love you forever ma!

    1. 12:12


      I pray and send your Mother healing energy Bryan. I have experienced cancer myself as has my own Mother. If you need to vent, talk or have someone listen; I'm here for you brother. Please enjoy your birthday.

    2. luk3


      I hope everything works out well for you and your family Bryan! Just keep your head up and enjoy your 33rd! Much love to you and yours!

    3. Acolyte


      Sorry to hear about your mother, you are in my thoughts HUG

  3. People here are so kind and helpful. What a wonderful place to hang out.

  4. Damn solar flare headaches. Ouch!

    1. Imelda


      Im beginning to recognise this in myself as well, I should keep a closer eye on it

    2. Bryan


      So far drinking a lot of water on days when flares hit us, along with gatorade or equivalent electrolyte supplementation, seems to have a positive effect for me.

  5. GD it! I hate these bloody useless 2 stroke weed-eaters! Start damn you!!!

  6. Trying to expand my musical tastes more into the classical arena, but feeling like fish out of water. So far I find Tchaikovsky's ballet suites to be very beautiful. Any recommendations would be helpful. Something to listen to in the evening with a glass of wine and a spliff.

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    2. LoneStarr Apophenius

      LoneStarr Apophenius

      Chopin's Nocturnes go very well with wine and weed.

    3. Bryan


      Oh another great suggestion! Thank you LoneStarr, I do love Chopin. And loving Vivaldi, Trition. Thanks again all.

    4. Acolyte
  7. Diggin' n Plantin'

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    2. luk3


      Planting food here as well bryan! Trying to be as self sufficient as possible before the grand event occurs..

    3. Bryan


      Just got done planting my strawberry patch, along with two rose bushes, and a french lavender plant. Next is lots of vegetables (potatoes, peas, beans, cucumber, beet root, carrots, zuccini), with an especially wide assortment of hot peppers and tomatoes for my wife's salsa. I also grow a variety of teas and medicinal herbs

    4. MEsMErise


      Amazing! I'd love to see that someday. :)

  8. Honey bees have returned to my garden in record numbers this year, woo-hoo!!

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    2. Shawn 1272

      Shawn 1272

      Happy to hear as well ,where are you located Bryan

    3. Bryan


      north of 49, western canada

    4. luk3


      Glad to hear it Bryan have also noticed many pollinators around my garden!

  9. Life is retuning to the land. My greenish thumb is starting to itch.

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    2. triton


      Planted 3 avocado seeds-waiting waiting waiting LOL

    3. Bryan


      Me too Luk3. Spent all weekend in the yard getting the compost into the garden and getting my soils ready for spring planting. I run out of shelf window-sill space this time of year with all my sprouts waiting for the warmer weather. So happy this winter is done, major cabin fever this year.

    4. Bryan


      Triton, did you sprout the avocado seeds over water and then plant?

  10. Crohn's is fighting me tonight, but Marry is in my corner.

  11. Owls, Owls, Everywhere!

    1. Acolyte
    2. MEsMErise


      Bohemian Grove. *worried*

    3. Bryan


      No hidden meaning here, just been seeing lots of owls around the area lately. The pic in the Avatar is from a recent encounter with one sitting on my fence. They present themselves to me a lot, even in broad daylight, and I can usually walk right up next to them and take pictures from a few feet away.