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  1. hans


    Could it possibly be Muzzies with pressure cookers?...
  2. hans


    Yes, it is well known among pilots that the North pole is moving toward Siberia.
  3. What if you don't have one of those PC things? Another reason to luv my MAC
  4. Many Germans think that Merkle will work to bail out Greece so Germans can continue to have cheap vacations.
  5. Putin will get his man. No wimping out there.
  6. I recognise that fall. In Germany we call it "No more beer for you" :P
  7. Investigative Project on Terrorism http://www.investigativeproject.org/ I just found this site tonight. Looks like it will be worth monitoring.
  8. It's not a three sided pyramid is it?
  9. hans

    Foul mouths turn me off

    And they ban for Any reason or No reason.....
  10. I play a Martin. Uses the same wood from the same place. They are selectively enforcing a vague foreign law because somebody did not make the proper political payoffs contributions.
  11. I am type O neg. I needed a transfusion about a year and a half ago. It was touch and go for a while to find a donor with that relatively rare blood type. Finally they found one. I ended up needing 3 pints of blood. In January I met the lady who donated the blood. We found a lot of similarities in personalities. She can trace her ancestry back 10,000 years in what is now Nevada,USA. I can trace mine back quite a ways in Germany/Netherlands. Ancestors were on separate continents. How did same blood type show up? For the last 7-8 months every morning I say to her "Good Morning Rhianna, I'm making the coffee"
  12. hans

    The BEZERK Continuation thread on TCP

    Well I'll be Fuch'd ... from wikipedia: "In late 1943, Fuchs transferred along with Peierls to Columbia University, in New York City, to work on the Manhattan Project. Although Fuchs was "an asset" of GRU in Britain, his "control" was transferred to the NKGB when he moved to New York. From August 1944 Fuchs worked in the Theoretical Physics Division at Los Alamos, New Mexico, under Hans Bethe. His chief area of expertise was the problem of imploding the fissionable core of the plutonium bomb. At one point, Fuchs did calculation work that Edward Teller had refused to do because of lack of interest. He was the author of techniques (such as the still-used Fuchs-Nordheim method) for calculating the energy of a fissile assembly which goes highly prompt critical. Later, he also filed a patent with John von Neumann, describing a method to initiate fusion in a thermonuclear weapon with an implosion trigger. Fuchs was one of the many Los Alamos scientists present at the Trinity test." On a side note, I also learned that it was Fuch's 'evidence' that lead to the Rosenbergs being hung as traitors for passing US nuclear secrets to the Soviets. I happen to have a lot of intel from that time, which proves that the USA GAVE those secrets AND materials to Stalin during the WWII Lend Lease program. And every shipment was signed off by a "HH" - which later turned out to be - Harry Hopkins. There is also a hard-to-find book on this subject, called "From Major Jordan's Diaries" - which documents the extent of what happened. I found a free pdf of the book online - if you are an American over 30 - read this and weep. http://arcticbeacon.com/books/Maj_Geo_Racey_Jordan-FROM_MAJOR_JORDANS_DIARIES.pdf In University I studied Nuclear Physics among other subjects. I saw the 'plans' the Rosenbergs allegedly passed on to the Soviets. What the Rosenbergs were supposed to have and was so top secret it was hidden in a watermelon, simply would not work! Somebody drew a few circles on a piece of paper and said "this is the great secret" The Rosenbergs were put to death protesting their innocence for something that was a decoy at best. Actual nuclear devices are really very simple.
  13. hans

    My perspective on Libya

    This one will be very interesting to watch. Thanks to Duncan for posting this.
  14. There is a lot that is not reported by main news. Civilians and/or rebels are slaughtered and the bodies are just bulldozed into a trench and covered over. Nothing is reported anywhere.