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  1. Can you define what's serious and what isn't? Oh, well, so much for my conscious flowing freely. Would you like your mind to be in restraints too Aco? With all due respect try toning it down a bit. You're all over the forum with inconsequential comments like this one. Can you define serious? Aliens? Bomb making books? Me tel U? Which discussion is serious and which isn't? Are they all serious and real in your mind? You don't think my question is serious and you dismiss it as inconsequential?
  2. Can you define what's serious and what isn't? Oh, well, so much for my conscious flowing freely. Would you like your mind to be in restraints too Aco?
  3. nah

    What is the Soul?

    Everything is contaminated in America, it's not my choice. I don't believe in free will. And your question about the people that are behind this, politics are not any of my interest. It creates a bias. Yea, that's how I am too, I don't give a shit about people that are meaners at heart. I don't think evil is natural.
  4. nah

    Elvis is alive!!!

    1. Conspiracy theorists 2. It's a discussion forum Oh, it's ok to talk about aliens and chemtrails but it's not OK to talk about a man that has died and people want to believe has come back to life? Come on, get real, as if aliens are more likely to exist.
  5. nah

    Elvis is alive!!!

    Do you remember where you were when his death was announced? I was in the back seat of my aunts car watching my cousin get smacked up by her while she was driving and trying to listen to the radio and he was being loud and obnoxious. All I heard was SHUT UP *slap.
  6. I'm hoping all my gypsy friends can reside in the Vatican. I was once paid in Francs in the 1990's. It was weird, this guy just wanted to give it to me. He was all paranoid smoking like crazy looking out the cheap motel window. All he wanted to do was talk and that was the last I ever saw him. I exchanged the money at the airport, I had no idea how much he had given me but it was above the call of duty.
  7. nah

    What is the Soul?

    It's not the kind of judgement that people expect such as accusations against someone. It comes from a clear conscious, there cannot be bias with this. For example, I eat contaminated food, my body knows that it is not good for me even if I am unaware of it (it is not natural in my system). It will cause an environmental effect consciously or effect the person associated with contaminating the food I eat to begin with. It's very powerful and effective way to serve justice without having to do anything. But you have to be 1 with nature to do this and that doesn't mean being all free love hippie shit. It even effects people that think negatively against you.
  8. B-12 is awesome but the best kind is the doping kind that athletes use. Not the little crappy shot from the doctors office. There is a special formula that primary MD's don't use.
  9. When you are 1 with the earth, and consume what is fed to us by the worldly people, with a clear conscious the effects are bodily. The earth being the body being 1 with yours. Eat what ever your heart desires. Even if the water isn't as pure as it can be, drink it, straight from the tap. The only thing I get is inflammation and I just suffer through it without meds now.
  10. nah

    What is the Soul?

    Hold up, you'll believe in karma but you don't believe in justice? I prefer to be on the serving end instead of the receiving end.
  11. nah

    What is the Soul?

    Hmm, no offence but I'm not sure I agree with all you said. That's Ok Alex, you aren't expected to. Who's Alex? You silly, Aco is short for Ace which is short for Alexander. Shirley you can't be serious nah........
  12. nah


    Oh my goodness! They are going to steal money from the mafia gangster guys! There are some humiliating punishments for that!
  13. That just made me laugh so harrrrd! Ahaha, my iq is 70! lol! I went to the website, it is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!
  14. nah


    ahaha! IDK, their tattoos are pretty much top secret, and why and how they get them. Enjoy your drink! I'll be sipping on my pivo before I go to bed tonight.
  15. nah

    March 21 ascension...

    Me too, same old boring routine everyday. Maybe I'll take a nap after I send my little boy off to school. Shoot, I have to go to the supermarket. No napping for me today.