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  1. ScottishGnostic

    Acolyte Information

    Goodbye Aco It's been a blessing being able to follow your work and create such a fantastic community on Chani. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Peace be with you brother
  2. ScottishGnostic

    Babylonian Money Magick

    Peter aka the Stone... The idiot.... The fundamentalist. War waged on with Gnostics and Literalists for years. Sadly, the Literalists won and history became rewritten. Bottom line, Jesus became " real " and the Gnostic view he was a mythical allegory got violently stamped out. Propaganda in full flow along with complete dominance and monopoly of literal Christianity began. Aka the dark ages I apologise to anyone reading this if my views of Christ being a mythical being offends you. This is my choice and I'm not going to berate you for whatever beliefs you may hold. This was entirely a personal choice after many incidents, soul searching and critical analysis of myself and information surrounding me. Peace out guys
  3. Dar, Many thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've now over the past week been following the progress with great interest. Cheers
  4. ScottishGnostic

    Babylonian Money Magick

    May I point out a historical inaccuracy in the new testament ( bare in mind it's been heavily edited and mistranslated ). They say Jesus aka Joshua was crucified on the cross for the Act of heresay. However, the punishment for heresay in that particular time was been stoned to death. Then a blind Roman centurian pierces the body of Christ and in doing so has his sight restored due the blood From Jesus / Joshua being splattered over his face. Now, if you were blind there would be no way in the world would you still be allowed to serve.... Never mind retain the position of Centurian. Paul was originally a Gnostic, but was rewritten to an Anti Gnostic. Suuzzaannee, I love your posts but I'd like to give you friendly advice and mention to use caution when using the known Bible stories as a foundation. I'm not wanting to come across as lecturing you, but explore the space... Us Gnostics have a principal to turn things on their heads ) If you really want to hide something..... Hide it in plain sight. jesus ( Greek) Joshua ( Hebrew) Look at the Old Testament.... Joshua bin Nun translates Jesus of the Fish. Moses right hand man. Interesting eh? Much peace and love
  5. ScottishGnostic

    Return of the GODS: RANTS on Topics HERE

    T, Ancient stories mention that Apollon chose a time of year to spend with the Hyperboreans ( apologies if spelling is incorrect) Weren't these people viewed as an advanced group ie Ancient Alliance?
  6. Nice to see a fellow Scot arrive back. Sounds like you've driven off the road and into the rough. Happens to us all my friend. Time to pick up your bike, dust yourself off, and pull yourself back on to the track. On our journey we all become aware that the map we thought we had in our mind isn't the actual territory. It's scary at first, but that's just changes that we have to adapt to in life. Honour our gifts and give gratitude for every good thing we have in our mortal lives daily All the best, bro
  7. ScottishGnostic

    Time lapsed video of Earth captured from space

    Great share At the end I just made out the " long boot " of Italy
  8. ScottishGnostic

    what if...

    Realsh - you sounds like your referring to our " Ladies of Fire " Ps welcome To Chani
  9. ScottishGnostic

    "MARS... What They Have Been Keeping From You"

    Over to the left of the pic? I saw it
  10. ScottishGnostic

    Chinese connection and pyramids?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if your aware of the Filberto Cardenas abduction back in the late 70s In the link below is the story,but what caught my attention was when China is mentioned working with extra terrestrials and another take on pyramids in Pacific and Atlantic Ocean http://www.ufoevidence.org/Cases/CaseSubarticle.asp?ID=1113
  11. ScottishGnostic

    Flying man spotted at 3,500ft by Airline pilots

    I think a stunt man by the name of Gary Connarty is responsible for this - he's the owner of a wing suit
  12. ScottishGnostic

    Born on planet Earth, born in 1900

    QB, The 2 scandanavian ladies you speak about suffered from Excited Delirium through drink and drugs if you've watched the video. Cheers
  13. ScottishGnostic


    She's entitled to take some time out here and there. Possibly she's mastered the portal that's positioned over the Loch and chose Oz as a destination )
  14. ScottishGnostic


    I've noticed in the media recently there's been talk of Bigfoot. However, they'll be talking about Nessie sightings too since its the build up to " tourist season " ))