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  1. Thankyou for the birthday wishes I've missed you all. I've got a new position that makes it trickier to keep CHANI on in the background the way I used to but I shall find a way Love to all
  2. Lialilith


    Wow, as someone who was inundated by the 11:11 numbers at one point in my life (to the point that I had it tattooed on my body!) this is the best explanation I have ever heard about what it might be. Excellent. Thankyou
  3. Agreed Foop! I've no idea what's being discussed most of the time but also get the feeling it's too important not to read. I just hope I'm taking it in on another level
  4. Lialilith


    Hoax though Im sure there are giants in Australia, but this particular report is made up http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2755104/We-good-laugh-Archaeologists-expose-hoax-lost-ancient-civilisation-near-Uluru.html
  5. Lialilith

    Acolyte Information

    I read your article in the Nexus Mag and was instantly intrigued. When I came to the chani project forum, I was so Impressed with the way it was run and the energy that was being attracted to it. Aco you were the reason why. May the goddess hold you close and help your family and loved ones with their grief.
  6. Lialilith

    What MIGHT happen in 2015?

    Wishing you peace and healing during your transition Jessica, interestingly I was just invited to a kundalini workshop here locally by Robert Bruce in October. Not sure if Ill go to be honest but I liked reading your thoughts this morning after that invite. I have Included this song on my playlist now as it is stuck in my head. It's a good one
  7. Both father's were RH+ They are 23, 22 and 15 now but will always be my babies
  8. Im Rh Neg, it's a real pain when you are pregnant, they are endlessly taking blood. Despite 2 different fathers, all my kids have my blood as well
  9. Lialilith

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Great posts, love the bougainvillea at Kas and the dolphins. Can't wait to hear and see more of your adventure Blue and glad you are home safe
  10. I find chocolate and this song by the great, great Van Morrison always helps on days like these Aco - HUGS Van Morrison – Days Like This Lyrics When it's not always raining there'll be days like this When there's no one complaining there'll be days like this When everything falls into place like the flick of a switch Well my mama told me there'll be days like this When you don't need to worry there'll be days like this When no one's in a hurry there'll be days like this When all the parts of the puzzle start to look like they fit Then I must remember there'll be days like this When you don't need an answer there'll be days like this When you don't meet a chancer there'll be days like this When you don't get betrayed by that old Judas kiss Oh my mama told me there'll be days like this When everyone is up front and they're not playing tricks When you don't have no freeloaders out to get their kicks When it's nobody's business the way that you want to live I just have to remember there'll be days like this When no one steps on my dreams there'll be days like this When people understand what I mean there'll be days like this When you ring out the changes of how everything is Well my mama told me there'll be days like this Oh my mama told me There'll be days like this Oh my mama told me There'll be days like this Oh my mama told me There'll be days like this Oh my mama told me There'll be days like this Songwriters: V. MORRISON
  11. Lialilith

    X-Files Returns

    Yayayayayayayayay!!!! I will even watch TV again for this
  12. The Fey are elusive but curious creatures, leave treats of honey and cupcakes for them with the intent of love, this will draw them out and they will visit you. They also see all kindness done to animals. I talk to the Fey all the time, they are real KMRIA
  13. Hi Angel I walk the hounds barefoot every day through the bush and the simplest way to describe it is I 'wake up' each morning this way. Prior to this walk, even though it's early (I take my son to work every morning very early) Im walking around in a bit of a fog, but I dont realise Im in a fog until I start to wake up during my walk, your senses get switched on and suddenly everything becomes a bit clearer and i plug in to the energy that serves me. It also helps my back, I have less back pain after walking. The quiet solitude, happiness of the hounds, early morning bird calls and morning ritual of the different parts of nature is very, very addictive. My early morning walk is bliss. I know what you are feeling and it doesn't matter if it's earthing/grounding. meditation or whatever. Just keep doing it
  14. Lialilith


    Posted on Graham Hancock's site yesterday Sorry I don't know why this is showing weird and my computer at work won't allow me to fix it, if one of the mod's could help?! Exclusive: Lost City Discovered in Honduran Rain Forest An expedition to Honduras has emerged from the jungle with dramatic news of the discovery of a mysterious culture's lost city, never before explored. The team was led to the remote, uninhabited region by long-standing rumors that it was the site of a storied "White City," also referred to in legend as the "City of the Monkey God." Archaeologists surveyed and mapped extensive plazas, earthworks, mounds, and an earthen pyramid belonging to a culture that thrived a thousand years ago, and then vanished. The team, which returned from the site last Wednesday, also discovered a remarkable cache of stone sculptures that had lain untouched since the city was abandoned. http://news-beta.nationalgeographic.com/2015/03/150302-honduras-lost-city-monkey-god-maya-ancient-archaeology/
  15. Lialilith

    The PARANORMAL Thread

    Cross posted to ANP so apologies if you are on both but this is a great spooky story - (Aco we need a ghost emoticon ) Humpty Doo poltergeist a ’malicious and mischievous’ spirit that could not be exorcised A POLTERGEIST that reportedly terrorised a Humpty Doo home for four months in 1998 is considered one of the most significant supernatural occupations of its kind, according to a new book by men who spent time in the house. Australian Poltergeist: The Stone-throwing Spook of Humpty Doo and Many Other Cases was written by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper, the authors of Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia and The Yowie. Mr Healy said he tended to believe in poltergeists before he began investigating them, but Humpty Doo educated him. http://www.ntnews.com.au/lifestyle/humpty-doo-poltergeist-a-malicious-and-mischievous-spirit-that-could-not-be-exorcised/story-fnk0b1ks-1227243629101