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  1. This is probably the experiment that is going on, yes, I think so. The other options could be to test various theories about Jupiter's interior or to prove whether the "fusion in stars" theory is actually correct. The flashes at this point really cannot be explained any other way. To call all of them impacts of 10-meters objects is absurd. The flashes are simply to amazingly large. They are locked into the 10-meter size class (which can go up to 19 meters) because they know anything larger would certainly have left a debris mark if it had left such a large flash. BTW, my book will always be free of charge now to download (or read online) on my website at: http://jabbingjupiter.com/ Look for the link on the right that says "Free book download." and spread the word that the book is free to read now. Thanks. JEC
  2. Quick summary of theory: The Jupiter Flashes don’t make sense as “impacts”, here’s why. They are creating very large light effects yet they are leaving no trace of debris of heat. Of course, no incoming objects have been spotted either. This leaves astronomers in a hard place. The effects are very large. Yet they have to call the supposed impactors very small else they would leave evidence. The evidence has not appeared following any of the four seen flashes since 2010 (many more than this are occurring unseen). The bottom line is that the “flash events” are acting like LIGHTNING and not impactors at all. This is why there is a huge disconnect concerning varying theories. Electrical voltage discharge on a very large scale is occurring from Jupiter. This is what the visual evidence points to. How could this be happening? Past insertions of fissile material in the form of fuel pellets aboard NASA’s Galileo mission were made in which the said material was much protected inside various heat shields. This plutonium material did not burn up on entry and managed to drift ever farther down into Jupiter. The equation of state of the clads protecting this fissile material show an increase in melting point when pressure is applied. This is a typical reaction for most elements, by the way. Iridium and platinum-based clads were used to protect the plutonium and the evidence shows that these elements start with extremely high melting points then increase them as more pressure is applied. This allows a very deep penetration into Jupiter with the fissile/fissionable plutonium mix to the point of about 90% depth. At this depth one of the larger of the fuel pellets known as a GPHS-RTG fuel pellet (there were 144 in all on GSC) was able to reach supercritical using the “fractional crit” method. In other words, the density increase of plutonium at this level makes up for the lack in total amount of material to bring the pellet to a state of supercritical. This is a standard practice used to conserve plutonium in weapons and could be used here in the extreme to get a x78 increase in super-criticality from original. Since the Pu-238 oxide mix material is capable of a fissionable nuclear reaction it created a fission to fusion nuclear reaction under immense pressure and inside the correct medium, that is dense hydrogen (much like the Sun’s situation). This is likely now ongoing and sustained at a modest level inside Jupiter. The pieces of evidence for this incredible event are the thermal convection vent mark known as the “Wesley mark” of 2009 (heat and material vented off from central Jupiter), and subsequent flashes (astronomers are saying 6-7 flashes PER YEAR are now occurring). The flashes are the result of massive electron flows from the hydrogen plasma changing Jupiter from the inside. This Jovian Transformation theory saves decades of other Jupiter theories regarding the very high unlikelihood of an asteroid hitting Jupiter as well as the other very bad odds of bodies large enough to cause the massive flashes we have been seeing. All of these unlikely “impacts” can now go away. No impacts are occurring.
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    fake expiration dates?

    That is gross. The FDA announced several months ago that many items could be okay to eat 18 months after expiration date. fyi
  4. If you have questions about this book or this topic I will check in from time to time to answer the best I can. I will also let you all know when the book can be accessed for free. Thanks, JEC
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Jovian-Transformation-Telltale-Planetary-Events-ebook/dp/B004Y6515A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467856693&sr=8-1&keywords=j+carper#navbar At the link above is the updated 5th edition of what used to be "Project Lucifer". There are many updates since the 4th edition and this book will be FREE on Kindle starting at midnight tonight for four days. fyi for those interested. New updated website also: http://jabbingjupiter.com/ Thanks, Author J Edward Carper
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAJI4gqX3Zg In short here is my latest premise regarding the flashes: Only about 1/8 of actual flash events on Jupiter get reported because of the following factors: --Jupiter's rotation puts one side away from us of course so there's half of the flashes not seen right there. --Jupiter is in conjunction w/ the Sun for about 20% of the time so it very hard or impossible to get images. There goes another 10% (50% x 20%) --Jupiter is not being imaged at the correct time to catch all flashes. --Flash events only get reported if at least TWO astronomers catch the same flash event so that is can be verified (backup verifier). All of these factors combine to mean that only 1/8 of the flashes on Jupiter are being seen or verified/reported. Since we've verified 4 flash events since 2010, this means likely there have been 32 flash events in that time period. Knowing this, it is unlikely that these are IMPACTS because the odds no longer would favor that many impacts of this size that could be seen from Earth. Therefore, ELECTRICAL ACTIVITY/DISCHARGE is what we are seeing. More on this here: http://jabbingjupiter.com/ http://www.amazon.com/Philosophers-Stone-Transformation-Jupiter-ebook/dp/B004Y6515A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315058728&sr=8-1
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    Hello, friends at Chani forum. I've acquired several "comps" of the paperback version of my book. I'm supposed to get them out to interested parties. The first 5 people that send me a personal message (or send a message to: jabbing-jupiter@cox.net ) requesting a copy will get one free of charge and free of shipping costs. Preferably, you have a P.O. Box that I can send to, but an address is fine only if you are comfortable with that. I will not use that info. for anything else. Here is the book link, btw: http://www.amazon.com/The-Philosophers-Stone-Transformation-Jupiter/dp/1511634979/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1433957551&sr=8-2 JEC
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    JABBING JUPITER - The 'Lucifer Project' Monitor

    Thanks for that encouragement, Jessica. Authors do count on balanced reviews that are constructive. I don't mind a less than good review if the reviewer has at least put in the time to read the book and respond constructively. But, for instance, the one reviewer in the United Kingdom on Amazon.uk site simply responded with one word, and one star. That's not constructive and bothers authors. Thanks again for your kind words!
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    JABBING JUPITER - The 'Lucifer Project' Monitor

    Sorry forgot to sign in on above post...
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    Expedition to the North Pole Inner Earth entrance

    http://x2-radio.com/phoenixsciencefoundation/npiee/index.html New info on this
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    JABBING JUPITER - The 'Lucifer Project' Monitor

    You are very welcome! Hope you had a good reading of it!
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    JABBING JUPITER - The 'Lucifer Project' Monitor

    FYI to all here since you have shown interest in the past I thought I'd let you know that the 4th edition of "Project Lucifer" is available for FREE on Kindle for a couple of days: http://www.amazon.com/Philosophers-Stone-Transformation-Jupiter-Project-ebook/dp/B004Y6515A/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=8-1&qid=1432412471 There is also a paperback available through Amazon now at the same link above as the free Kindle version. Thanks! JEC