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  1. angelsamongus

    Spores - Chemtrails - Zombie Invasion

    Talk about a mind-bender lol. Freaky indeed!!
  2. angelsamongus

    Gadhafi Captured and the Libya war is over ?

    I find this disturbing for two reasons. 1. It wasn't a party so it can't just be 'over'. Too many questions follow this line of thinking. 2. Not sure which is more upsetting, the fact that someone now has a prisoner of war on their hands, or the facts that soldiers have been freed up for other action. Something is amiss.
  3. angelsamongus


    Excellent post Jessica!
  4. I had an experience once when I was younger, around 18 or so. Life then was chaotic to say the least. I was staying in a place that I had my own room, bathroom type of set up. The furthest wall of the room had a built in wall closet with sliding doors that ran the length of the room. From the corner of the room I kept getting this bad vibe. Over time it got so bad that I just about refused to go into the closet and started keeping my clothes elsewhere. One day I layed down for a mid afternoon nap, may have fallen asleep but don't recall doing so. Next thing I know I felt something on me heavy like, on my chest and I felt as if I couldn't breath. I went to get out of bed and couldn't move. Tried to scream several times...no luck, nothing would come out even though my mouth was open. Then I hear this faint kissing sound in my left ear.....and then it released me. Whatever it was...sleep paralysis, whatever. I never went back in that room, had someone else gather my things and I left that day. I had to hitch a ride ( not a safe thing to do even then) and because my dad had always said that truckers were someone I could count on, I waved one down. The oddest thing was that not only did he give me a ride, he talked to me about Jesus....almost as if he sensed that I had come into contact with something I shouldn't have. I have not had this type of thing happen since then but I have often thought about it and have come to my own conclusion that it was something evil... Since you hear other things going on, have you cleansed your home? Try burning sage...but please, if you do ...open a window or two so that whatever it is can actually leave ( mistake made on my part once lol).
  5. When the first post on GLP came out against OWS, I intuitivly had a thought that there must be something very important at stake to take such a strong stance against something of which the outcome could very well change things as we know them to be. I haven't changed my mind on this yet and have read and believe I understand both sides. Humans are opportunistic by nature. There will always be 'infiltrators' to any movement that appears to be gaining ground, even if by accident....or just to simply join the bandwagon. This is interesting to watch unfold to say the least. \
  6. angelsamongus

    Reality Collisions?

    " our 'shared reality signature frequency' is soon going to be in resonance with one or more other 'shared reality signature frequencies' - and at that point we will perceive those other 'realities', maybe even be able to interact with occupants therein " The above was from Nexus first post.. Interesting tidbit when paired with the information BC just dumped into his thread about resonance. Things that make you go hmmmm...
  7. angelsamongus

    Spirit Guides and Protectors - Have you met yours?

    Yes, I have guides, or protectors. I call them angels, and part of the reason I chose my sn. I believe I met one once...although to tell the story would be long. He came to my door personally and saved me and my son's life. I can tell they are always there, although I do not know if the one I met was an angel of my own or just one doing what they do best. I am very careful about trying to 'meet' anything not of this world. I know that I attract all kinds of energy and not all of it is good....careful because I have been decieved before. They do exist. That I know for certain and I am grateful.
  8. angelsamongus


    We can only pray that somehow this 'feeling' is wrong. It's feeling like a big black void. It has not gone away but feels further away now than it did two days ago. As I am still learning about whatever this ability is to feel or aquire information from the universe, I realize that I am an empath. I've often wondered about the way I can somehow detect when there is an underlying feeling or emotion from a person. Also as I look back I can see where I was actually feeling someone elses emotions for no apparent reason. I feel like Im wired for sound lol....what an odd odd life!! A light in the darkness, I shine.
  9. angelsamongus


    Just a quick update. First I had a very heavy feeling the last two days that I have been unable to shake. It feels as though I am picking up on grief, lots of it. I get a feeling of many people and that it is very, very near. No specifics at all but then I am trying hard not to think about it as the feeling has been overwhelming to the point it is almost debilitating. Sending out much love to the Universe, and hope it's all just a really prolonged case of indigestion or something!!
  10. This was an interesting find this morning as it actually crossed my mind yesterday, wondering the same thing. Would the Japan earthquake qualify as both a geological and geophysical event? Earth axis tilt anyone? Falling satellite(s) astronomical event? South Africa volcano previously extinct?
  11. angelsamongus


    I had the most horrible feeling come over me yesterday. It was as if something had shifted and it was certainly a feeling of overwhelming doom. ( Despise the word doom btw)...It was so strong it literally scared me. Never had a feeling like that at all but I know that it was of something to come. I wish I had more...or do I?
  12. angelsamongus

    General weirdness (share stories)

    Well, perhaps you and Bolly are right. There is so much I want to say and yet feel like perhaps I shouldn't. It all just sounds so damn weird.
  13. angelsamongus

    Foul mouths turn me off

    In response to your above post, I read every one of those posts and tried my best to make an informed decision on what was really going on. I invited my spouse to watch the videos in the pinko/hippy threads to see if we could see what Trin was seeing. I even admit that those threads made me doubt myself a bit. On good days, I like to think that even though I am undereducated on many topics, I am intelligent enough to muddle through the mess for greater understanding. Neither my spouse nor I could find anything wrong with the videos. In fact it was the complete opposite of what was being said about them. ( psychology 101?) Sure, the protests may be unorganized but I can't side with the belief that this is some kind of conspiracy to bring about communism. Real people don't have all the answers. That is how I see the protestors today..as real people. I also happened to follow the thread where you outed yourself I enjoyed that one lol...and happily enjoyed watching the game being turned around on those who play them daily. Good show! As far as the intrigue on the ban email I received, some day I will share, promise!
  14. Haha, that went with my coffee well, thanks!
  15. angelsamongus

    Foul mouths turn me off

    lol Getting back to my previous idea about GLP being run by Bankster-worshippers, I would like to direct people to the titles of just a few of the threads on the main page of that site as of about 5 minutes ago. They are: Let Me Be 100% Clear About This - Promoting "Revolution" In The USA On This Website Will NOT Be Tolerated.. - ^TrInItY^ Want to see just who is behind this "Revolution" Occupy Wall Street Movement? - SHR Communist Shill Tells You Exactly What The End Game Is To These Protests (Second American Revolution) - THE END OF AMERICA! - ^TrInItY^ MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Speaks To The Protestors.... - OldKid LOL. VIRAL mass turnout on wallstreet photos - PHOTOSHOP FAKE. - Anonymous Coward Dear MorAns - The Declaration of Independence IS NOT LAW - The Constitution IS LAW - ^TrInItY^ Confirmed! MSNBC: Wall Street Protests Funded By Unions - CrazyJarhead George Soros' moveon.org support for Occupy Wall St. - Anonymous Coward USA 2011-people that don't work and are unproductive can demand money from those that are productive, if... - Anonymous Coward Warren Buffet, George Soros, Wall Street Elite Support Occupy Wall Street Tax Proposal! Middle Class America Targeted NOT the Rich! - LoVeLiGHT420 Occupy Wall Street protesters are so stupid that instead of creating a third political party they stir useless shit up! - Anonymous Coward Listen to this guy rant! (Occupy Wallstreet Video) - Do you have a dollar??? After around 65% of GLPers polled stated they supported Occupy Wall Street, the site owner has unleashed a massive psyop offensive against the OWS movement. As usual, the main argument is that it is a "pinko/commie plot". They are absolutely desperate to change YOUR way of thinking on this issue. I wonder why it's so important for them to change your mind? On the bright side though, I'm pretty sure that if someone submitted GLP to Anon as a target, it would be toast within hours and if not, by blatantly insulting more than 60% of GLPers, while alienating even those tea Party types who agree with "a little revolution now and then", Trinity can expect a huge upsurge in cancelled subscriptions. I'd personally be happy with either outcome. That place is designed to sow fear and confusion while trying to squeeze money out of its participants in any way they can - pay per click advertising, making the site almost unusable if you don't have an account, selling email addresses of the membership to online marketing companies, etc. Fear, confusion, continual money-grab... sounds a little like how the "elite" operates does it not? Mods, although CHANI has been banned from GLP, it is not my wish to create any further bad blood between the two sites. If I am out of line by discussing either support for OWS or for dissing GLP, please let me know and I will graciously desist. I claim to know nothing but my first gut reaction/thought process to the above when it was happening is that someone has alot to lose if the system we have now changes. Perhaps one day if the right thread comes along I will share a very intriguing email I received in response to be banned.