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  1. trinitymaster

    A Work in Progress

    I was in Vail Co. last Aug. attending a retreat by Her Holiness Sai Maa. She says that dolphins are from the constellation of Sirius, which has a water world. They are "volunteers" here on Terra to help humanity from being too erratic with our frequency modulation. They help to "squish" so to speak, the spikes that are caused by our behavior. Sort of Lithium is to bi-polar psychosis. BTW she says that they love us unconditionally. http://www.humanityinunity.org/Humanity/Home/index.cfm.
  2. trinitymaster

    A Work in Progress

    Welcome trinitymaster and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'd love to hear more. Please feel free to start a thread on your insights. many blessings aco Thanks Acolyte, I need to get more familiar with the data @ CHANI before I have a go at starting a thread!
  3. trinitymaster

    A Work in Progress

    Hi Everyone, this is my second post on CHANI. Pertaining to "channeled readings": I have been involved with information (Channeled) from what I'd call a gestalt of consciousness for over 20 years. The information was personal, national and universal in nature. For instance the pyramids being the true representation of a 3D geometric model of mankind. This "being" although not a true singularity, also pointed out the difficulty of predicting time lines due to the nature of their orientation ( mainly them being in non time or eternity). So, their ability to see outcomes in terms of probabilities are through emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual maturation and progressive event formation . And not necessarily in chronological order. They used the term associative time. This collective whom I'll refer to as Joiba, pointed out that specific prediction is virtually impossible due to the nature of synchronous time. Eg: all events being continuous have the propensity to change depending on the influence of adjacent probabilities acting on that particular event. Putting it simply is that the so called past, present and future is very pliable, hence outcomes are viewed as fields of probability with high specificity applied to the most probable ones. Blah blah However what impressed me the most about the CHANI entity's information was its simplicity and this reduced the variables for interpretation. I'm totally fascinated by this type of phenomena and grateful to be able to participate in this community.
  4. trinitymaster

    Japan finds radiation hot spots in areas that seemed safe

    When watching the videos of the recent tsunami, considering the alleged 9.0 earthquake, I found it strange that there were no damaged buildings prior to the tsunami. A tsunami takes longer to develop than the earthquake's vibratory effects. How come with such a high reading that buildings were still standing and people were driving vehicles as if there was no trace of a huge earthquake? Japan is one of the most monitored and aware countries in the world for earthquakes. They have very sophisticated network of alarm systems as well. It occurred to me as being a little odd. Alternate suggestion is an undersea nuclear explosion would generate such a tsunami. Now that would be a deliberate act and would indicate an agenda 21 initiative for depopulation. JMO