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  1. Psychosisss

    It's an awesome world

    Waterspouts are banding together in a stormy sky...Absolutely fabulous picture. Alanya, Turkey. Photo credit and copyrights: Mehmet Gokyigit.
  2. Psychosisss

    It's an awesome world

    Ive got a phobia with spiders but I almost like this one…..
  3. lol, yes Deekin, tell me how it's done please…..
  4. Psychosisss

    It's an awesome world

  5. yeah i heard about this via ABC just now.
  6. Psychosisss

    It's an awesome world

    Aw, some of our baby orphans...
  7. ok so the madman was not on the watch list according to Scabbot, I'm thinking this is the governments attempt at censorship/ownership via the net, the crazy guy had his own website with pics of dead kids, his wife was murdered?, his extreme radical views, his long list of prior's and he's not on the watch list, give me a break, do they all think we are moron's?
  8. Psychosisss

    Richard The Third

    just luv history, not boring at all
  9. Thanks Capitan, I been here, still keeping an eye on you all, just not as often, isn't this whole Martin Place just so much shit? Fuck Murdoch and his ilk, did you see what he tweeted?
  10. December 15, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci - LD) As predicted, the suspect amid the "Sydney Siege," has long been on the radar of Australian law enforcement, as well as a frequent visitor to Australia's court system. Before that, however, he came to Australia as a political refugee, an opponent of what he called the "Iranian regime," and was even interviewed by Australia's ABC network in 2001 as part of an ongoing anti-Iranian propaganda campaign. It has been revealed that long-time agitator, alias "Man Haron Monis," also known as "Manteghi Boroujerdi," was the suspect amid the so-called "Sydney Siege" hostage crisis. Monis/Boroujerdi claims to be a Shia'a religious leader and is often seen in press photos dressed as one. much more at link http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/who-created-cartoon-character-man-haron.html