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  1. What Jessica said about the thousands of migrants being disappeared in Germany really resonated with me because it just doesn't make sense that Merkel wouldn't know of the chaotic events she was creating and the sheer numbers involved. This whole thing reminds me of my feelings when Pres. O allowed thousands of unaccompanied children to enter the US, we still don't know the exact amount but it was a lot. What happened to them? Something felt really 'off' about the whole thing. Are they still coming over the border? News has dried up on that mass exodus of children.
  2. I found this photo of the drowned boy being moved and positioned at the waters edge and photographed to evoke the necessary emotions in those being brainwashed. I find these images very disturbing and it shows the manipulation involved to allow this invasion to play out as designed. This photo has got the ball rolling so stage one is well on track!
  3. Asmara

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Very interesting reading Blue, about Pine Gap. Maybe that explains the bizarre invasion of Europe without resistance right now. Who knows? Maybe it's time to spend our savings and have fun before TSHTF......
  4. I am very curious about the ultimate agenda here. Why on earth would Angela Merkel send out the call to make a bad situation even worse? The MSM is showing only welcoming Germans handing out gifts but in fact the anti immigration protestors are growing larger by the day and were very vocal even before this invasion. When Sky News were asked if there were any protests they said no the Germans were very happy about helping all these 'refugees'. This is total bullshit! We have been drip fed terrible stuff about IS and homegrown terrorists. Charlie Hebdo, 9/11, London bombings, Sydney cafe siege so people have gradually been turned against Muslims and now fear them. It's safe to say that now a lot of westerners have become islamaphobic. Why then are they all waving flags and welcoming millions of those they have been taught to fear? I don't get it!! Mulva, I think the reaction of this brainwashed welcoming is not a positive thing. I don't know what's going on but I feel as though I have slipped dimensions. I watch the goings on in Europe with a mixture of disbelief and heartache and want to shake the zombie-like people awake. The feelings I have right now are something I haven't experienced before, to this extent. Even friends I've known for years are posting on Facebook 'welcome refugees' signs and I can't believe they are falling for all this, it's really weird. There have been many theories and dates when the end is coming but I feel we are really now in the 'end times'. I've always dismissed the dates and prophecies before but found them interesting. That's all changed now! Just to explain. I have been a practicing clairvoyant for some 40 years and as a child used to scare my mum by telling her things I shouldn't have known. I am normally level headed and well grounded, always taking any information with caution until it fits right with my mind, common sense and feelings. I found this forum when visiting Nexus conference a few years ago and was fascinated to hear Nexus Ed speak about the Chani entity. I did visit GLP but the energies there can be very dense with some light amongst the dross. This forum has lovely energies and members. I feel as though the Europe thing is the start of something and it's not good. It's as though 'something' is awakening and the people are being drugged into apathy, their reactions becoming 'Stepford' like. If anyone can shed further light on what's happening please do, so I know I'm not going bonkers!
  5. I've only posted on this forum a couple of times but do visit several times a week and have learned a lot from the wonderful people who contribute, I was also very sad to hear of the passing of Acolyte. This whole mass migration into Europe has a very bad feeling to it. There have been some awful things occurring in the world which haven't disturbed me quite like this. The energies involved are very dark and powerful. I don't really know what I mean by this but I certainly feel it. Someone is purposely and successfully destabilising Europe. Things are accelerating rapidly towards something, and I don't know what. My best guess is that there will be enormous tension and possibly civil war in Europe thereby creating lots and lots of loosh. The MSM are feverishly showing pictures of drowned babies on the beach and people in wheelchairs instead of questioning the fact that the majority of these migrants are young males. The father of the baby had been housed and safe in Turkey for 3 years but still put his family at risk on the sea, but you have to search hard to find the truth of that sad tale. The dead child has been used in the propaganda war successfully to allow the flow of people to continue. People are now falling over themselves to prove how spiritual and compassionate they are by displaying signs saying 'welcome refugees'. I can't quite believe how everyone is buying into this huge lie. There are millions of them and to integrate that many is impossible. Like I said before, this whole thing feels catastrophic to me and not many people can see it. It's too late now anyway as the events are in motion but it fills me with very deep and profound sadness at the stupidity and inevitability of what will come to pass.
  6. THANK YOU for the heads up. Never would have even considered that. It's such a no brainer now. I just have to comment here that my son, who is 40 and high functioning autistic, told me a couple of years ago that he regularly has many astral adventures but he couldn't get into the pentagon because it had 'astral guards' who repelled him. He wasn't frightened but just turned away and went elsewhere. He also said that he is not 'allowed' to spy on others or invade their privacy or his ability to travel would be taken away. As a little boy he often told me of 'angels' coming to fetch him and he would fly through his bedroom window in his pyjamas. He's not often in the mood to talk of his many experiences but when he is I am riveted. The earth is a very harsh place for him as he is so gentle and violence confuses and frightens him. He says he left a planet with a large group before it blew up, and I was with him!
  7. Asmara

    Something very strange almost unbelievable

    Thanks KMRIA for finding the video. They seem to have cut the pics of the woman short (I wonder why?) the one I watched on Sky news had much more footage of her weird flicking tongue. Like StarBird I've never been overly into the whole reptilian thing despite reading a couple of David Icke books, which I found interesting, but never formed an opinion either way. I'm starting to think there might just be some truth to it.
  8. Asmara

    Something very strange almost unbelievable

    I'm not sure if this belongs here but here goes: I have heard a lot about the reptilians & seen the YouTube videos like many must have but never been convinced either way of their existence. The last couple of weeks I've been noticing Tony Abbott's peculiar way of using his tongue and how it flicks out constantly and his wide open mouth reminds me of a lizard. Now this is something I don't particularly want to be aware of as I'm anti-ALP and I wonder if this is why many don't like him as they are picking up on his true nature. Now strangely enough I was watching the royal baby, umpteenth, media footage and was very startled when watching the man & woman from the palace put the birth announcement on the easel in the grounds of the palace. The woman's tongue darted out of her mouth many times in that short film sequence. It was so noticeable I could hardly believe my eyes and rewound it several times as it was so odd. I'm sorry that I'm not technically savvy enough to get the clip & add it here but do urge those who are curious to have a look at it. Shouldn't be hard to find from a couple of days ago. I really don't know why I am suddenly so aware of this after all these years but I am really creeped out by the royals after being quite neutral about them before. For some reason the whole royal birth hysteria repelled me!! I do now, though, believe that reptilians do live amongst us and that my senses are telling me who they are. What they are up to is a mystery to me but I can't be the only one who is waking up to their presence.
  9. Asmara

    2013 – THE FUSE YEAR (Part Three)

    I have been lurking around this site (and enjoying it) since finding my way here after the last Nexus conference. I feel this is worth sharing & seems to belong to this thread. On Friday, 17th May I woke up feeling very strange & was convinced that the day before had been Sunday 12th May. I know absolutely that I had experienced the week as Sat, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun, Fri. Of course no one else shared this experience with me. When I woke up I felt dizzy, stunned, confused & generally out of sync. I do know that I skip timelines on a regular basis, but nothing like this. I resonate with the whole entity story & remain open to whatever happens but am not attached to any outcomes. Things are definitely changing. I am seeing things regularly in my peripheral vision and often turn to see who is standing next to me to see nothing! For quite some time now I am aware of living my other lives in my dream state & carrying on relationships, careers etc and not always on this planet. This stuff now is bleeding through in to my present life. It's not a problem to me and I find it very interesting. I do wish to say that I love this site and the people on it. The energies are good. Tried GLP but find the energies very coarse.