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  1. New and final updates Urgent! Echo Lima Echo. Blue Dragon and eggs outside the wire: T-19. Ceres bases with Marvelous Beings confirmed. Terp silent. Pi. Be good, see you over the horizon. -- Tango Mike. Sad to hear it. Got your message with ears. Explains composition of asteroid belt. Be safe, it's going to be a ride. See you on the other side. They lied to us. Pi. God speed. --- TIC. Pi. God speed --- Confirmed Blue Dragon and eggs outside the wire, T-19. ELE. Central America, Middle East, island nations, population along coasts. Pi, God Speed, see you over horizon. It's been a pleasure. ---- I wish acolyte were alive. WE are in for a rough ride!
  2. I am trying to find out quotes where the entity warned again aliens coming and taking them under the excuse of saving them. Can anyone quote them. Also will you go or stay?
  3. Another insider has started posting Pi. The event approaches. God speed. The OP message was decrypted by our team. Marvelous beings are indeed marvelous. Event horizon is near, even at the doors. Food, water, medicine, self protection, get the hell away from the coasts when it is as foretold. Our team is familiar with the Marvelous Beings via research associated with their ability to create gravity wells. They use these wells to propel objects of significant mass through string tunnels in space. One of our researchers found mention of the Marvelous Beings on this site by Google search. We were startled that their existence was so out in the open. We were not aware of their contemporary dialogue with other scientists, and thought this series of posts was intended to merely inform the public of their existence. That is, until something happened. We discovered a code embedded in the messages. When decrypted it layed bare an equation only known by few and a timetable that is in play. Very clever way to sneak a message past the NSA censors. Prepare and watch, for the messenger is approaching. The key is the great EQ in California. It is the start of terrible events that will shake and shape the earth. The Moon is not ours. It is theirs, and it is a pendelum that balances life in our solar system. We cannot share the equation. It is the single universal equation by which all things may be described and quantified. We have not met the Marvelous Beings who are apparently very alive and very present on our planet. We only examined the clothing and cadaver of one that crashed in Austria just prior to WWI. Our understanding is there were two others now held in Russia and France. The Moon is a vehicle, a lifeboat if you will. It is what is on the inside that is amazing. Prepare every needful thing. The spiral has began. Don't be cheeky and find yourself all sorted out. Hogwash of an arse. Barry fellow. This is not for you, but for those who are serious and need to prepare. We studied the Marvelous Being clothing. Infinite energy. Tesla and Einstein are united within its chambers of platinum. It harnesses the vibrations of strings and unites them into power waves that produce gravity, magnetic, and electrical fields. From this behavior we unified relativity with quantum. The universe is alive. Where is life? It is all around us. Everything is life and has intelligence. Prepare whilst you can access food and watet You are correct. 2015 is the year of JASON. The Encypted team was one of 12 teams of researchers studying the MB technology. ASICS, fiber optics, nanotechnology, are technologies developed from studying our ancestors and creators, the Marvelous Beings. Pluto and Mars are key players in our life cycles, and the moon will soon be used to move the human family back to mars. Mini solar system inbound. The pyramids in Egypt, India, and South America were built by the MBS and map the path. The feather serpent returns according to the message embedded in E1024's stream. Prepare as have all governments. You will need food and water, and get the hell away from the coasts when the great EQ hits the West Coast. E1024 message stated Pluto was teaming with life, mostly on the inside. The clock is ticking, E1024's message contents list different areas that have different amounts of time left to prepare. Martial law to be declared region by region. Once your region is isolated: no internet, cell phone, food, water, medicine will ingress or egress. Gaogle and other search engines and internet service providers are filtering pictures, videos, Websites, emails, text messages from areas that are already, or soon to be locked down in order to provide a path for the elite to escape. The final sign that cannot be hidden is the massive earthquake in California. If you are not prepared when you feel the earth stop rotating, when the Sun or night stands still, you will not make it past the next 7-10 days. Pi.
  4. Encrypted2048 "Blue Dragon confirmed with eggs. Countdown initiated. All sounders and howler monkeys notified. Dig in and close doors. Pi. God Speed." encrypted4096 "Calculations confirmed. Blue Dragon with all eggs. Pi. God speed." Encrypted1024 grandson "I made a mistake giving everything to NASA.Everything, so i thought, until I found one last thing.a crystal orb with twelve sides and what looks like opposing infinity loops made out of silver or white gold that are free spinning inside of it. When I hold it in my hands strange characters almost like Egyptian in form appear and the orb glows. Those were no Hollywood movies. They lied to me. Get to safety when the earthquake hits in California." I think the world will change on pi day. The moon will be towed to mars on that day. Worldwide tsunamis will happen. Get away from coasts and cities and pack up food,water,medicines,heat.
  5. Guys sorry for not posting the word quote? I have used the " button though. Yes the Lunar wave confirms in the sambucoll thread . The moon was supposed to be removed by dec 21 2012 but something went wrong. Do read this http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1963958/pg1 http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1963169/pg1 from the above thread abut moon hologram 11/26/2012 02:53 PM I would just like to state that at this current time. The moon in the sky you are seeing, is now an electric holographic representation of the moon. This is just to keep the present order of things. If you could see the real moon by now, it would be totally blood red. And it would be moving in places on the sky that would be enough to cause chaos on earth that at this time would disrupt the flow of things. So it's visibility has been entirely cloaked from view and it's it's place an electrical representation that is not actually the moon. This does not mean the moon is not present still. It just means it's getting into an area now where it's too unstable to function as it use to. It's energies are still being applied to the earth. But it's normal functioning systems have been entirely switched of. It's now running in a sort of emergency mode or state. The extraordinary design of the moon and it's capabilities, which far exceed the imagination of people here on earth, make this difficult for people to understand. There is many things now on the moon that have been changed while it's running on it's last days. Each day now the moon is running out of time. It cannot function in this area of the universe much longer. It's time is nearing an end. For this reason, it's best you start looking at time, from a more holistic perspective. And you will have a better time adjusting to the new energies once the moon is disabled and taken away completely. Each day the moons influence now grows weaker. Although not completely significant at this time. It will start to become so. This is when people will really start to lift their game. Some may wonder why everyone starts to act so different. New spiritual people will come out of no-where. This is where old paradigms radically start to crumble. It's a very interesting, but very vulnerable period. Also there is the violent and resistant group or certain reptilians, that will not want to be letting go. The way they will be phased out however is when the earth starts to raise in frequency radically. This will cause everything to become more colourful. Everything will start to glow in color more. Everything will become to be seen as a pure and clean feeling all around. This is because the massive raising in frequency will be acquiring which the moon has inhibited since it has being here, and due to the new cosmic energies coming in. The bibles prediction about the moon turning red has already happened, but we did not allow it to be viewed. Likewise the varies sightings in the sky of moving stars. Has to do with moving cosmic energies and new stars coming into existence from different dimensional and shifting energies. What you see in the sky, is not always a true projection of what stars are there, the moon has had a lot to do with projecting different stars in place, or making them appear in place, from the adjusting of earths frequencies, to keep certain star alignments in view. --- Remember this is not a robotic control system from the moon, it's a very advanced, organic, consciously aware process that is dealing with containing the conscious frequency of peoples souls. Every word, emotion, feeling, is processed. It's not just left brained computer process like you have with your laptop. The moon is a right left brain organism that deals with the collective consciousness of earth, the emotions, all of it. And it works to contain conscious perception of the larger reality of things. The rabbit hole goes much deeper. But I'm out of time again. ---
  6. "I am not sure what all this means. I have been going through my grandfather's papers and settling his affairs. Among his papers was a book containing some type of coded messages that he was decoding and posting to this site as he had the URL before each message.The book was found hidden in the freezer so it suffered some bleeding ink when it thawed. His last recorded post in his book was 11/19/2014. I have read everything that he posted and then saw that someone pretended to be him and continued posting. Those posts after 11/19/2014 are not his, it is impossible to be his. In the back of the book was a sealed envelope that was sealed with an aluminum tape. The last page gave instructions to open the envelope and post its contents here. I have opened the envelope and it contained an USB drive and a small CD. To get to the point I decrypted the USB with the Application on the CD after I was sure the USB was dry. There are two video clips of very tall whit beings with eyes of fire working with two of my grandfather's friends. They were speaking a language that sounded Germanic. I am speechless and I am turning this video over to NASA. There was one document containing a warning of a small inbound Galaxy that is entering into our solar system. I am also turning it over to NASA. I cannot honor my grandfathers request to post it here. But, I will say that you must get water, food, and medicine up to prepare for you to meet an emergency condition." --- "All hope is lost for those not prepared for what is coming. Please, if you have $25, go buy 6 cases of bottled water at Costco. That will give you 204 bottles. That's three bottles of water a day for two people. Your city's water tower only holds 2-3 days of water under normal consumption. What will you do for water on day 6? 8? 14? Take another $25 and buy 25 pound bag of pinto beans and rice. You now have food and water for 2 people for 30 days for $50. Best $50 you will ever spend." ----
  7. Final warning. 12.3 pi dec 3 2014- pi day 3.14.15 9:26:53
  8. The OP has been killed. Gerhard Neukum (1943 - 2014) the day he was murdered, he said that he will release a 1 minute video of the MB's Also the timing of the event is from july-november 2014. last post: "We will be posting a video clip (of approximately 63 seconds) of three Marvelous beings explaining to our team how the magnetic fields of the Earth (created via its torus shape) interact with the Moon and the impact the recapture of the Moon will have on Earth's magnetosphere. We hope to get to a location where we can upload it to several mirror sites and post the links here by Friday. Given our breach of OPSEC last Friday -- we have kept on the move using additional anonymous IP relay stations to get to our posting point for this site. Friday, see for yourselves what we have seen. Move when the great Cali quake occurs. www.rtttt -God speed." "We need to post one additional item to explain something that will appear on the second brief segment of the video we will post on Friday: the Marvelous beings use their flight objects to travel *through* space. They do not need their flight objects to travel *in* space. The natural abode for their physical bodies is the vacuum of space. Truly marvelous are these beings. The Marvelous being that is speaking to us in German is known as Eliphiel. He is over 120,000 years old in Earth years. He has traveled throughout our galaxy among many of the millions of inhabited planets. All of these planets are populated by Marvelous beings -- with each planet and it's lineages being at various points of the cycle processes. We are far from alone. We are so primitive. So arrogant. So blinded by the politics of corrupt men. Yet, we are of this same race of Marvelous beings. -God speed"
  9. It was said by a another person a few posts ago, "You have to realize that if something this significant were going to occur there would be many people in the know warning the population." If I may correct you -- the people "in the know", those who are working with the Marvelous beings, are being warned. You simply do not know what to look for. I will show you and all the readers of this thread. Please understand by doing what I am doing today -- I am compromising OPSEC, and there is no turning back once. As I have mentioned before -- the numbers "3" and "12" appear everywhere among the Marvelous beings technology. Everywhere. They only travel in threes, there are 12 lineages, their flight objects have 12 support structures, etc. Given their height -- we use the number "Pi" to signal to each other that a project is Marvelous being related. You will see it in an oblivious place - yet, where it doesn't belong. And the topic of the research, publication, or communication will generally be about space, time, energy, gravity, magnetism, things that are happening geologically to the earth. When we have urgent messages -- we use the number "12". Today, a warning that the great California quake is approaching was given out for all of those who know of the Marvelous beings to see. Please understand -- there are tens of thousands of us around the world - and more within the moon. Did you see the warning that the quake is approaching? It was here. Where? Right in front of you. The thread entitled: 12 Earthquake? Thread: 12 Earthquake? The 12 Earthquake thread pointed out that the live earthquakes site reported an earthquake with a magnitude of exactly 12.0 near Africa. Not 12.1, or 11.9. Not 10, or 13, and not 14. 12. Was there one? No. It was not a quake -- it was the "Bat-Signal" for the few. Twelve. 12. And so it is our readers -- the time is closing in on us. Jason. One last bit of information of what happened in the past to explain the future: when the Marvelous beings created this Solar System -- they did so with the purpose of three life bearing planets: Earth, Mars, and Nephila. Nephila was destroyed when an accident involving their gravitational harness occurred -- breaking the planet into the remains that are now our asteroid belt. The Moon is from the Orion Constellation. It was used to bring the original humans to both Mars and Earth. It is an artificial satellite they can hold millions. Mars was pulled away from the Sun by the entry of a mini solar system long ago. A few of our brothers and sisters survived for a while underground - but eventually ran out of an energy source to protect them from the temperature. Earth was colder -- and was pushed towards the Sun at the same time. Only our Moon saved the life upon the earth. Now, when the earth gets pulled back away from the Sun and Mars gets pushed towards it -- Mars will need the Sun. Both planets will have sustainable life. However, the seasons we are used to and the variations of life are going to change dramatically -- just as they did on Mars. Now, for my last bit of information: This is the twenty something time I have posted this. It has never lasted more than a few minutes. I will try again. Please look as fast as you can before it is deleted by those who do not want you to see what it shows. Let me point out what you are looking at. As you can see - this is a high definition, very clear, very coherent picture of a Marvelous being in his energy containment chamber at White Sands Missile Range. As you can clearly see - their hair is light white gold, their eyes are like a fire, their clothing is pure white and looks like white gold is woven into it -- though there are no seams. As the status panel shows -- the Marvelous being is at a constant temperature of 335.4K, the ambient room temperature is 295.4K, and the pressure of the containment chamber is 72nPa. [link to farm5.staticflickr.co (secure)] Water, food, medicine, away from the coasts and away from the cities when the great quake hits. The Bag-signal has been given -- I do not know the day or hour -- I only know the code word, "Jason" for the timing. -God speed
  10. omfg you must read the updates. THe moon is going to be towed away to mars and earths orbit will increase due to incoming mini solar system. earth will enter a new ice age. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2347366/pg80 When the moon is removed, there would be world wide floods. 1\3 of humanity will die initially. You will not have much time -- less than a few hours -- to make it to safety once the great earthquake of California occurs. Be fueled, stocked, packed, and good to go if you live along the coasts -- any coasts. Question: What happens when the earth stops rotating? Answer: The equatorial bulge releases its water. Question: What make the earth stop rotating? Answer: The same event that causes the great California earthquake Question: What is the event? Answer: The Marvelous beings recapture the Moon and begin to return it to Mars. Question: How does Ebola play into the events? Answer: Those going to Mars have already migrated to their homes inside of the Moon. Jason did not return from his mission. Location unknown. Status unknown. God speed. --- Warning: This is the beginning of a disinformation campaign to deflect your attention away from the true nature of the event that is to come. Food, water, medicine, away from the coasts, and as chaos breaks out -- away from the cities. "Megaquake could hit West Coast" [link to www.cnn.com] The moon is being repositioned around Mars as this is how the Marvelous beings compensate for the entry into our solar system of a giant planet and mini solar system. This entry will push Mars closer to the Sun and pull the Earth away from the Sun. Mars will begin to team with the life that is dormant beneath the surface in vast underground oceans and the Earth will enter another ice age. Life will continue on Earth as it has in previous ice ages until the final event. The final event will transform Earth and it's inhabitants into a new and eternal realm. This includes those who have previously lived on Earth. Marvelous beings will be among us and assist the human family in meeting the coming event. -God speed --- Important post tomorrow or in a few days. It will explain something that is key to the event. Yes, we have used codes in our postings. Jason does represent July-November. From the very first post -- keywords and numbers have been used to get past the censors. In our first attempts on other websites where we posted the information directly -- it disappeared as soon as we posted it. We were blackballed to the media. We had to find a way to get the message out, Now, it is out there everywhere -- it can be put together to reveal what is about to happen. The Marvelous beings are real. Pi.12.3.1024 They, we, us - our origin is Orion. We are eternal beings who have been clothed in this earthly matter in order to progress to a new and permanent state. We knew each other, we knew the Marvelous beings, before we entered into this mortal dimension. Our memories before our mortal births have been enveloped to hide them from us. Every Orion, every Adam and Eve, born on this earth has never left. They simply are not in our mortal dimension. This is to change as we enter into the final phase. Deja vu? Something different with this thread? Buckle-up, be ready when the message falls out of the code. Food, water, medicine. Away from the coasts and the cities when the great Cali quake happens. God speed. -- OMFG!
  11. In the original GLP post, there is a comment that the OP posted about some navy ships going rouge. here is the quote "Where is the latest thread where this guy started posting again? He was talking about an imminent display of a squadron of antigravitic craft from the navy that went rogue from their NWO officers." It was posted on 11th august. I tried to search the keywords but looks like GLP has deleted the thread.
  12. Do read the updates . I have not posted it here. Goto the main link to see the updates.
  13. warthog


    read this http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1963169/pg1 http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1963958/pg1 It is a big ass frequency generator brought here by our creators aka anunnaki 10,000-12,000 years ago
  14. MOre updates!!! We hope that you prepared. Get away from the coasts when the time is near. Central America will not make it. You will know when California has the EQ. Soon. Too soon. The life of the earth is a cycle. Reset. God speed. --- The Earth's life is cyclical - it's lower and upper bounds are some 6,000 years apart. Since being placed in orbit around the Sun and being seeded with life -- it has reached its pinnacle and has been reset 5 times (reached its upper bounds of gravity). Only twice in these six cycles has the human family reached the nuclear age. What is about to happen cannot be altered. It is a natural cycle as necessary as the polar shifts and cycles of the Sun. We are a branch of the Orion family. These beings, these Marvelous beings, refer to one -- and to all of us -- as "Adam" (to use the Hebrew word as translated into English). As they are -- we will become. I have had the privilege of communicating with three of them these past 8 months. They have a plate on their breast that seems to translate our thoughts between each other. The brightness of their personages defies description. Their eyes are as fire, and their hair is as white gold. They tower over us. They are male and female and their society is made up of families. No governments, no organizations -- just one family, generation to generation, one millennia to the next. They refer to the oldest family as "el el yon" according to one of my fellow scientists from Israel. They literally populate millions of planets like Earth. Billions upon billions of beings. We are in their physical image -- but much shorter. They are perfectly the same size -- 3.14 meters. Many of these planets have societies made up of families that are millions of years old. Among these planets are Earth humans from previous Earth cycles. There is a civil war among them that impacted the Earth during its last cycle. It continues into this cycle in a way I cannot reveal. What is coming is both terrible and marvelous. All governments are fully aware and engaged. The "ghost" cities are located where they are for a purpose. They will be filled before the end. The Central Americans are being brought to North America to be saved. Be prepared. The start will be a great earthquake in California. Move in and away from the seas when it happens. I must go. God speed.
  15. He came back and updated with this. I smell BS http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2347366/pg76#45162003 You do not understand what happened in November and what is happening now. Central America is being depopulated in preparation for what is coming. The Marvelous Beings are here. Our lead scientists are working with various agencies by necessity of survival. Be ready. It is a different world -- and such will become more apparent. The US government is acting humanely given what they now understand is going to occur. God speed. Gott Geschwindigkeit. A marvelous dawn it is.