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  1. PathOSages

    Please Introduce Your Self :)

    I'm saying Hello again I took a 15 months leave from the internet. Talk about withdraw Have to say upon my return it seems everyone is right where they were when I left. So, did time stand still on the internet? For a couple of days I felt Anyways~ I'm glad to be back Look forward to reading here and sharing (again) information. Love and Light Peace~ P
  2. PathOSages

    Merry christmas

    Wishing all of you a Peaceful Holiday Season~
  3. Thanks for the comments~ This was put out by Shelia concerning the man handcuffed in the woods. Appears he was a Father showing up to help make gingerbread houses~ Of course, I haven't heard MSM clear this up. The day it happened, they spent a good bit of the news coverage in the woods. Peace~
  4. So, we now see that during the Batman Movie the name Sandy Hook (and what are the chanes of that?) is shown on a map. Soon after the Aurora shootings news came out about the father of the shooter: http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/forum/4052/aurora-shooters-father-supposed-testify-libor Now~Information about the father of the Newtown shooter: http://deadlinelive.info/2012/12/15/father-of-alleged-connecticut-shooter-is-vp-of-ge-capital-according-to-reports/ Also, it's interesting that both men (the shooters) are described has having some sort of mental disorder. I will add that the website : WHAT DOES IT MEAN has put out a story saying that the Mother (Lanza) from Newtown CT was a CIA operative !! I admit, the main stream media had me very confused about the Mother. Saying she was a kindergarden teacher at Sandy Hook. Plus, on one MSM news network, they were doing interviews about the Mother saying she stayed at home to educate her son and then went right into interviews with people he went to school with !!!! I thought which was it, home school or public school. The MSM is doing a bang up job of confusing information. Of course this is exactly what I would expect. As for the Fathers of these men and what possible connection there is............We'll never hear if from MSM. Look forward to seeing what Chani Group finds and compiles as the days roll on and more information is found on the interent (the REAL news) Love and Light Peace Always~ ~P~
  5. PathOSages

    Batman Movie Shootings

    Is this a smoking gun in the BATMAN movie letting us know a disaster was waiting to happen in Sandy Hook CT? You decide Sandy Hook IN BATMAN movie!!!! Another reference to a MASS SHOOTING!!! Peace~
  6. PathOSages

    Two Suns?

    The video above (clip from radio show) (Revolution Radio/ Freedomslips) is an interview with Arizona. I heard him many times on 32 Degrees of Insanity. I personally viewed his thinking as the "glass half empty" (doom and gloom, bible prophecy). The chatroom would be full of people in fear and I don't agree with hyping people up to that state. I mean really, if you are saying all this is in the bible and you have given yourself up to "god" then what are you fearing? (LOL, that is a whole topic right there ! ). Just wanted to share (if anyone was intereted) who the person was and where you could search if you wanted to hear him discuss... Doom and Gloom and Bible Prophecy Love and Light Peace Always~ ~P~
  7. PathOSages

    Looks like we are going to get hit again!

    Question: I hear at GLP they are saying there is a large earth directed CME. That the farside of Sun images are incorrect. I know I'm with many in not believing much of anything anymore. Even today there are videos out questioning the images coming from Mars Appreciate any imput on this CME. Sorry, I quit going to GLP years ago. I'll check back later to see if someone has posted what is being said over there. Thanks~ Peace Always~ ~PathOSages~
  8. PathOSages


    I hope this is okay to post this video here with the articles about Pryamids~ I think this helps to show what the purpose of many of these sites were. A gathering spot for a group to commune or chant. I think it explains many of the spiral designs on walls. Imagine a group chanting in the right acoustics, they would have felt the vibration, perhaps seen the dirt moving on the floor and creating patterns and I'm sure they would end up feeling euphoric~ I had the opportunity to be in the audience of chanting Monks and I could not express the power that was going on within me Only to say "there are no words to describe it, it was simply a state of BEING in Awe". I learned when becoming a Reiki Practitioner : via our 7 Chakras if we sing out the Do, Re, Me scale, we can raise our vibration. The truth has always been right in front of us, we just didn't know. Today, many are beginning to understand about frequencies and vibrations. The fact that we resonate with earth and cosmic frequencies has been manipulated by those that choose to take control to keep us from Evolving to our Higher Levels. This video shows you how easily the All Seeing Eye could have come to be such a symbolic image~ Sacred Chant recorded Inside the Great Pyramid (LANGUAGE OF LIGHT EXPOSED) (HD) As ALWAYS ~ PEACE ~ ~P~
  9. PathOSages


    This man from Suffolk has amazing videos of chemtrailing. What is your thoughts on the shadows?? As for me, I'm beginning to believe the sky is just a hologram !!! Chemtrailing started in Sw Pa. back in the mid 90s. Since then, I've seen many changes and it is my opinion that most of the clouds in the sky anymore are FAKE. Who knows with all the different theories. Terra-forming, project blue beam, ect. BUT, the gig is up.... at least for those that take the time to do it...... LOOK UP that is!!! Peace Always~ ~P~
  10. I was out of touch with internet for several days. Coming back, I come across all this information about the middle east. A group I'm with on facebook has been posting some infomation but it's Chani that sheds the LIGHT for me. This was just posted there and I wanted to share it here with you. Glenn Beck's take on what may be going on~ http://www.video.theblaze.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=24851689&topic_id&v=3&tcid=fb_video_24851689 Peace Always~ ~P~
  11. Sorry~ I was just commenting that I didn't notice that It can be removed~ Peace~ PathOSages
  12. This is pretty compelling. But I've become so reserved with just leaping and saying "YES, It's real". I believe teleportation is real so I tend to lean with believing this could have happened. BUT, I know people can do amazing things with cameras. SOoooooooo, what do you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2zI36jf8CQ&feature=player_embedded#! Peace Always~ PathOSages
  13. If this is a repost, Sorry ! I was going through some past interviews and came upon this one. Always nice to revisit the past. This is from April 2012 with Kerry Cassidy. Peace Always~ PathOSages
  14. PathOSages

    Tolec on Disclosure

    This was going around last night~ Not much I want to say about "TOLEC". I remain on the fence and don't form an opinion. I view it as another piece of a puzzle~ Tolec... I'm warning that you face legal action... Peace Always~ PathOSages
  15. PathOSages

    Ocean Introduction

    Greetings Ocean~ I'm new around here too I've been reading at Chani for some time but I just started posting recently. Chani is my 1st stop. I love the group here I'm looking forward to getting back to my internet ways. Research, Radio Shows and Riding this Wave we call Life!! It's been a long summer but finally, the kids are back in School :P Look forward to hearing your opinions, Ocean. Love and Light Peace Always~ ~PathOSages~