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    OK so I take this opportunity to post and out line who I think are the most dangerous scientific fringe elements that I see can cause us and this Earth the most damage, and that what they are doing is going unabated and uncontrolled right now Further more this is not the first time I have drawn attention to this lunatic scientific fringe element that seems to operate covertly within the Scientific fraternity and its monopoly structure of the Geo scientific climate engineering, that is going on right now with out having any basis or scientific premiss for doing so, nor our approval To this I see the activities of this insane and totaly mad arm of the scientific fraternity as the most dangerous of all the scientific practices going on, and is a 1000 times more serious than the collider at Cern or any Neutrino generator, the above having a limited time based affect upon us, that is of at least of short duration and not something that cannot be "switched off"when the repercussions are singled to all, that fuck look out, this thing is dangerous ! the reason the Hadron has not been run since ? But unlike being able to switch it off, when its discovered by the idiots running it, that are on some hero, ego, or Kudos trip of there academic carrier that's going to make them famous, which will, as I read it make them [infamous] But to get to the point I speak about a couple of universities and some lunatics in full flight that if they are aloud to continue will damage the atmosphere beyond repair and block what interactivity is going on between us and the generation of the Van Allen belt which is critical above all else to our ongoing existance on earth, as with out it we are all dead Now to this I list a link and tell you that all involved in the said link are my deadliest enemies, and that they Ether knowingly or unknowingly are involved in damaging out planet and our atmosphere and are gong to, if they get there way damage this planets primordial magnetics beyond repair, being our specific gravity, and I say with out the slightest compunction they and there elk should be stopped, "right now", and I name names and institutions, and I full frontal challenge them, as to the reason behind what they are doing and where and who the directives are coming from to do such a dangerous irreversible lunatic process http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/jul/17/us-geoengineers-spray-sun-balloon And a further message,,,, Bill Gates,you should have more fucking brains and further more having money dose not automatically make you intelligent Bulla and your on notice
  2. Funny about the launch date August 2012 when in another Iowa University/NASA statement release 4 weeks ago, they said that these two launches wouldn't take place until 2014 I have a little chuckle when I hear the guy in the vid say they dont know where the energy comes from to drive the van Allen belt, doesn't that guy know it all comes from the big molted steel ball that is in the middle of earth Bulla joiner of dots
  3. choochoo wont quote post bagga
  4. Great picture ARC my conclusion precisely ARC the joiner of dots bulla
  5. Thanks Neo for the great data, but mate does this really change anything , as isn't NASA one big Warner Brothers, further still are not the entire scientific fraternity surrogate members of actors equity, and are they not along with academia and religion all frustrated actors, who spend there lives trying to hunt the kudos, for the fame,glory, and fortune that they all believe is there's Bulla the joiner of dots and seer of train wrecks
  6. bulla


    Bullarainbowwars Chani project 13/8/2012 In response to Dr Salvatore- Conta NASA [GAC] Weapons Science Department Code name (Seareia) or disinformation department for internal and external purposes NASA. Dear Dr Sal Thank you for conformation of data already in our possession per 2007 schedule bulla labs data received 27th January 2007 code Name [bedford]. We appreciate you coming out with the data from within your organization and understand that there are indeed many Scientists that are becoming frustrated with the deceit and misinformation that is having a destabilizing affect upon the entire world, and you have, to a point emulated my precise prediction as to the the pole shift and the collapse of the Van Allen belt and or fields. However we see that given your work and position held and via your own admission you yourself have also fallen victim to your own misinformation directorates, to this we see you were on track nicely up until [14.34] minutes into the video, where you ran right of the rails as to earths magnetosphere field generation systems and finished up in a full on scientific train wreck. Please dont feel bad about making this monumental error, as along with you is basically, at this time, the entire scientific fraternity has its head up its own ass so to speak on this issue.It's a left over from the biblical and religious scientific mumbo jumbo brainwashing that has been put in place within all institutions to keep you all dumbed down and in your proper place, which is under control that then prevents you from being able to think out side the academic square that seems to have a strangle hold on not just the scientific fraternity but also academia and religion. Further more there dose seem to be some confusion, and we take great delight in informing your good self and all the unenlightened folk within your fraternity that your perception and your alien transmissions and your interpretation is somewhat misguided. To this we have the scientific knowledge and wisdom and the ability to keep the Van Allan belt right where it is.This requires you and your total fraternity including NASA, to extract your heads out of your asses and make your selves aware that there is new technological advancements that exceed your primitive understanding that some magical molten steel ball inside earth somehow makes earth's gravity.This understanding comes out of a Batman comic. I am happy to explain how it is possible to hold Earth's magnetic equilibrium intact, over and above your belief that this is impossible and cannot be done. To understand this, you will have to let go of the stupid brainwashing you have subjected upon your good selves. You will have to adopt a new set of laws governing physics, which I might add, are the old or original laws of physics from ancient times, that has been brainwashed out of your capacity to comprehend. Further still, if the scientific fraternity continues to go in this ridiculous direction of non compliance with the real laws of physics and refuse to capitulate that they"you" are misinformed, then the world at large who want answers, and fast, will I fear, begin to see you as part of the problem or if you like, the ENEMY, that is a choice you all must make. bulla ready to join the dots.
  7. bulla


    Just so my readers understand what they are looking at, if you have followed my Giza Pyramid data pile on bullarainbowman then you may be somewhat shocked to discover that the mirror farm, just one of the three, is 10 times more powerful than Giza when it comes to generating Neutrinos To this it may be claimed its all just a power station, and all the mirrors are aimed at the power tower, will here is a little bit of data from a little bird that tells me that each and every mirror is in fact remotely driven and controlled and all fully computerized and can fire the mirror refraction anywhere they chose Now that's a handy little option to have if you needed to make a little extra weather or some extra gravity to liven up the grids ,and puts the Hadron the neutrino generator and all the HAARP Antenna into the back seat as far as what this thing is capable of doing by light years ! (pun intended) You could if you wanted to, light up the dark side of the moon with this big boys toy or even repair the damage to the ionosphere You heard it first on Chani Project the leader in high tech design and development information on bullarinbowwars (war of the rainbows) is escalating and continues Bulla is up to speed joining the dots for you
  8. bulla


    STAND BY FOR THE POST OF POSTS If you thought bullas data on the Hadron collider and the Neutrino generator was a bit scary stand by for the scariest project on planet Earth Remembering I have posted the data a litmus test involving two mirror wardrobe door panels and the magnetic plume and or hot spot that can be detected from it Then take a look at this wardrobe, and remember I also indicated that in my opinion that this was a cause for breast cancer, and If that's not scary enough then I can see that this thing is big enough to not only alter Americas weather and climate, if not the entire Northern hemispheres weather patterns and alter the magnetic grids This makes the Hadron and neutrino generator look like a singer sowing machine compared to this thing Here is a link this is scary mates http://www.reuters.com/video/2012/08/10/behind-the-scenes-of-the-massive-solar-f?videoId=236986114&videoChannel=3400 bullas insiders run with Albert
  9. Thanks Sisss It dose look like Photoshop has been around in differing formats for some time perhaps its out of Doctor Who However One thing is for sure that the portals and or vortexes do exist and are very real, and can be opened and or closed, given I have shown you via the Cern Hadron collider, and the Neutrino Generator and receivers data I have exposed just what level the Scientific fraternities are at, and given that I say that they are a long way from actually doing it, Given surrogate wise, all there research and development all be it, they will not admit to it comes directly from the Black opps of the Rainbow data To this I think I have published enough Data and interlocked it in such a manner that blind Freddy can tell you who is in front of who on the relevant issues in regards to the portals and or vortexes, "split Photonics" (Neutrinos) need I say more ? Further Id like to add that the average Joe blow, off the scientific test bench so to speak is not mentally equipped to go stepping through any portals as the culture shock alone would be enough to derange there mind, as its not a tunnel or pipeline with hand rails and or steps to guide you To this I let Nostradamus explain it in his words, where I feel he dose it Justus for any would be time travelers, its not a place for the weak of mind and if one was to have the smallest glimmer of fear or apprehension of where one might be going even for a Milli second, then you may find yourself surrounded by you worst fears and nightmares it is not a place for the devious or faint hearted Its a place only for the pure of Heart and mind and sole, or a place where one needs a guide, for within the endless dimension, there is both Hell and Heaven the past and the future and anything and everything that has or will exist To this if anyone knowingly or unknowingly opens the said portal via what ever means, then be warned dont play with it just because you can, and remember it can be a two way proposition, and this may well be a timely message to anyone fooling with Neutrino machines above or below ground, as it has "been noted", it the Neutrino is not inhibited by Earthly matter nor can it be contained Bulla master of dots
  10. Here is a link for a bit of light relief given to me by a good friend for our pleasure and when you look at the pictures and watch the Small video, then remember its all very simple, it is the missing rainbows that are causing climate change and the magnetic decline, so what is it about the powers that be, that there not understanding about mother nature Or is it that fixing climate must first have a profit and lose statement, and if the powers that be cannot make profit from fixing the climate change, then it ant gonna happen ? and is that why they invented Carbon release, so as it can be capitalized on, profiteered, Taxed , bought and sold, listed on the share market, stock exchange, traded, wroughted, down sold, unsold, short sold It totaly bewilders me how the power of the world can invent a totally fictitious set of imaginary circumstances that "fails" all scientific endeavors and any and all so called golden standard rules that science claims it has and applys with due diligence, to all comers supposedly regardless And yet here is a supposedly progressive thinking country like Australia and here is the Government, going against all odds and all known scientific evidence world wide and have introduced a Carbon Tax, is this pure madness, even when there chief annalist and climate specialist DR Evans after being asked to examine the carbon release issue, and he found it was a load of rubbish and a total fraud, and told the government so, and that resulted in his dismissal, because it wasn't what they wanted to here i SMELL A RAT IN THE WOOD PILE , in fact a hole big nest of rats Anyway here is the nice part of the post please enjoy http://www.whitewolfpack.com/2011/02/photos-miraculous-rainbows.html Bulla the pied piper
  11. Sisss you may be surprised to discover you dont need a Pyramid to build a star gate, the primary use of a pyramid was not to open a transporter, the star-gate was a complete byproduct of insignificance in the main, that is not to say it was not used, as I have explained that's how Horus and his people left this fiscal world Horus being the king of light, the king of Electromagnetics that includes the full Monte the Photon, split photon, (Neutrinos) or super magnetics and the full Harmonic balance and imbalance up to and including the full square sine-wave four element driven array all the way to infinity into and through all the dimensions on and off this planet both via the actual rainbows and or the latter upgraded crystallized versions The reason the pyramids were built was to circumvent and repair or substitute damage that was caused to earths primordial manetics and specific gravity generation systems some 12,000 years ago, when the natural rainbows were going into a decline very much like today, and were sending earth into a spiral chain reactive magnetic decline, that affected the Northern hemisphere and also was destroying the Ionosphere You could say very much like what I see taking place today being the early onset of the repeat of history given we are locked within a 26,000 year cycle that repeats itself, just like a primordial CD Rom with repeat selected To this we must respond accordingly man must lean to again help himself and each other where we can if we are to survive, for individually we cannot accomplish this task , as mother Nature can not now help or protect us, she the Luna Queen is wounded mortally, and has no way of overcoming this man made damage, we did it, we must now undo it,or the consequences I see will be Cataclysmic, beyond your wildest horror As to Portals they are a natural occurrence that occur continuously, opening and closing at some hundreds per hour every hour and have done so for millions of years all around you and everyone else, across the entire planet, but only on the lite side of earth, it is they that make up the ionosphere, it is they that is the ionosphere, that protects us, its just you dont see them, as you dont know how to, however that is not the main issue, getting this issue up front and beginning to plan how to fix it is, as to be distracted by other issues will be fatal Bulla I have some dots
  12. I think that World Heritage idea would be a nice signal to send to the Saudis and any other tyrants on a political level, and it would be an Ideal place to start the war, right where it finished last time, that would deferentially confirm that time is indeed repeating itself (Verbatim) but if they do, I dont want to be around when Horus finds out Bulla I'm out here
  13. bulla

    Planetary appearance

    Well Neo it dose appear that you in fact captured what you thought on camera and at dawn, in several hours, I will see for my self, with the naked eye a daylight image of a planet and 7 or 8 moons and 2 suns just above the Horizon @ 243 degrees North West and just for you mate I will take a phone cam picture and we have crystal clear Azar blue sky Bulla joiner of dots
  14. bulla


    So lets have a look and see if these particle physicists and bulla are on the same page, as I discovered the Higgs field and boson, the god damn god particle within the HydroH2o@Atomic Six (MIST)and or (CLOUD) first published back in 2007, see for your self Bulla the seer of the god/dots as did Horus (Par Excellence)
  15. Well lets see if these particle physicists and bulla are on the same page given I say the Higgs boson and its fields, I have discovered within the HydroH20@ Atomic Six and in 2007, see for your self And this is why the Hadron collider added the "HydroH2o@Atomic six" chamber, they call the cloud or mist chamber Further evidence and bulla support comes from the Iowa University and its NASA funded research and resent 2012 discovery release, that shocked the entire Scientific fraternity Being the magnetic portals discovered fluxing 4 to 8 minutes but only on the lite side of earth extending out towards the sun that they say may reveal some form of another dimension The finding did not shock bulla as its what I published in "check the lucky numbers out" 07/07/20/07 Bulla seer of god/dots as did Horus Par/Excellence