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  1. Thanx Breezy for sharing. Gazza
  2. Ok here goes, this has been given to me and I have no one else to discuss it with. I am looking for any ideas, comments (either way) from those smarter than I. I also believe when an idea is about to come into this dimension it is somehow broadcast and it is picked up by many, many people, this has been shown before with all major inventions or ideas being developed world wide at the same time, often ending with a race to see who gets credit first. Below is what I have been given verbally or in dreams, which I also believe others will have picked up on. Incursion Dreams, Vibrations and Dimensions. We have at the centre of our being ness; Atoms and then Neutrinos. Science has found within every neutrino there are a bunch of strings. Strings can vibrate or be vibrated; I hypothesis that these same very strings within every neutrino in every cell within this dimension vibrate at the rate that keeps us within this dimension. Further I hypothesis that while the majority of these strings job, is to keep us within this dimension, but not all are used for this purpose. Others are vibrating at the level needed to create our beings, objects people animals etc , in other words our reality. Further I hypothesis that to change dimensions we only need to change our vibrational rate of these strings, by harmonics to change our dimension. This can happen by spiritual abilities, naturally, and by accident, this has been going on for centuries which explains many of the Spiritual Writings that a lot of us have read about in the past, and finally by using a device to artificially change our core vibrational rate. This device I have seen, in my mind, is: You place an object or stand on a plate that is controlled to vibrate at a set artificial rate, secondly you have a plate that is lowered to touch your crown. These two plates are set to vibrate at the exact same level at the same time, by adjusting the vibrational rate up you will disappear from this reality (dimension) and appear in the next one. By lowering the rate of vibration back to normal the object will reappear. A good experiment for this I have been shown, would be to place a video cam on the device running, run the experiment, with it changing dimensions and returning, all the time with the video recording. Upon completion the viewing of the tape should prove other dimension exist. Obviously it is not as simple as this or it would have been done already, open to thoughts. Dimensions I have also been shown that there is 9 levels of dimensions that we are all participating in at the same time, gathering different experiences and feeding this back into the collective soul, that is how in this dimension some of us can just do something or occupation or skill without ever having done it before. We have directly gained the knowledge from our collective and used it in our own dimension. They are now showing me that on top of this, we know have been given the ability to travel back in time in each dimension, they are not showing forward just back at this time. This is a new ability for us to master. Not only travel back in our dimensions time but also in the other nine dimensions time frames as well. Therefore Dreaming now is to become our first step, in crossing the dimensions within our minds, until the device is built tested and perfected, to allow us to visit ourselves in these other dimensions. Keep alert within your sleep for these types of dreams, to see if we are all doing this. Also I am going to keep alert during the day to see if other me’s are doing the same and popping in to visit this current dimension I am inhabiting. I will be looking for this probably to cover some of the weird things going on in my life at the moment that I have difficulty explaining. One of these is, I have been getting symptoms of disease or injury, put up with it, then finally go to Dr, have tests, nothing found all goes away, magically. Have I just experienced a disease or injury from another me, or am I mad? This goes with the belief that each of us are a Soul Group, where, I at first had the belief that we inhabited multiple bodies at the same time during this lifetime on this earth. Now with the current vibrational changes going through us and the Earth at this time, I am getting more lucid events happening and being told; Yes we are multiple bodies, 9 in total, but inhabiting different dimension of Earth all at the same time. This is our new and current journey. Latest Dreams I have again been given a dream, that has shown me travelling through time, this particular dream was I guess back to the 60’s as a lot of hippy types were everywhere and they were smoking pot, it seemed everyone was. In the dream I was with someone I could not see and we were a bit worried and were discussing, Time Travel Portals and we hoped that the portal we came through, or place we arrived at, was still active and that it would take us back to our time. From this I would surmise that this was the first trip we had taken back in time. I believe that this was me in another dimension and while asleep I am able to bond and see through the other me’s what they are experiencing when the conditions are right. Lately I have been having many of these dream types where I am experiencing through someone else’s eyes and experience. Last night was the strangest, I was at a place, that I had the strongest knowing that I had been before because it was extremely familiar even though in the dream it was really run down and being restored. Not me in this dimension, as I had never seen this place before, so I am again surmising, that the body I was in had this memory, that allowed me to experience it also. When I went inside the building looking for the occupants 4 very different people came to me, the two that stood out, one had flames that kept appearing on the side of his face, not frightening just happening, the other that stood out was flickering as if he was phasing in and out of the dimension. The other two seemed normal and it was one of these I conversed with, though I have no recollection of him, further inside I could see a woman working, who quickly went off. The conversation took the form of I had either lived at the house in the past, or had organised some major event at this very large property in its heyday, and this person was interested in what I had done. I proceeded to somehow project in the air the event I had organised which seemed to be either a movie or a musical, because the person kept recognising the people in the projection I was showing and was very excited about this. There was a lot of debris and piles around just as would be in early days or renovating or major clean up. We proceeded to walk through more of the property with me projecting images of what it look like in the past. Then a lot of people started to turn up outside in all manner of transport to attend what I got the impression of was a fair or major event, though at the first stage it seemed as if nothing was ready for this to occur. My last recollection was me walking outside the house along a dirt road with a lot of vehicles and people to my right in the paddock. I then saw 3 people on the side of the road/track standing 2 men and little girl who they introduced as Sally (my wife’s name in this dimension). I then recognised further along the track a person without a shirt squatting down, who might have been black, the last memories of this Incursion Dream was I was walking quickly towards this person because I had recognised them from the time I was at the house in the past. Awake now. Now in the past there was a strong belief that our dreams were influenced by recent events in our daily life, these dreams and others all have nothing remotely to do with my dull life, I could not make these up if I tried. There are other answers to these dreams I am sure. This I really believe will be a continuing and new event, I have NEVER dreamed like this before with the quality and type, they are like movies, but complete with feelings and real life experiences. Has anyone else experienced similar recently, as they have only just started to happen for me. Garry Jones 15/01/2013
  3. I wonder if this could explain why my flat screen TV turned itself on at 2.37am on Tuesday morning here in Tasmania which was the 14th. Thought I was crazy when the noise woke me, then I thought darn cats walked over the remote, but ther it was in its cradle no way could be knocked on. Next though was it might have been some space rays passed through and did the deed. Gazza
  4. Hi found this today. Discovered by David Martines 2011. This could be the most important discovery on Mars yet! This structure is 700' x 150', and is colored white with blue and red stripes against the red Martian soil. This is not a rock or mountain. It is a manufactured structure. This is not something that I created, this is something that is currently on Google Mars. NASA wont talk to me about it. I've sent them a few emails, and no reply. Go see for yourself. The coordinates are: 71 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W Gazza
  5. Gazza


    Here is a set of links on Coral Castle, will get you more informed. Coral Castle Interpreting Coral Castle This is very worth your while to spend some time and read this guys ideas, very plausible. http://coralcastleinterpreted.com/ http://www.leedskalnin.com/ Code 144 | The Secrets of the Universe http://www.code144.com/ The Tools of The Coral Castle In Homestead Florida http://wn.com/The_Tools_of_the_Coral_Castle_in_Homestead_Florida Coral Castle of Ed Leedskalnin http://www.world-mysteries.com/mpl_coralcastle1.htm Ed Leedskalnins Magnetic Wheel http://www.coralcastlecode.com/id44.html I have had a long interest in Ed, recently this has been revised. Gazza
  6. Yes to Bamboo and very yes to Hemp. I have a bamboo hard hat workers in Hong Kong used during construction of the very first Casino in Macau. This was a long time ago, and i still have fun showing guest hard hard and safe it is and all natural. Another case for control by the GREED > Or we would have these products. Plus if you ever visit Asia anywhere you will see Bamboo scaffolding, on all new sites. In China's Star Wars city Shanghai, HUGE skyscrapers were enmeshed in bamboo as they were built. Thanx for bringing it to our attention GHD Gazza
  7. Thanx Phil, beat me to it, as long as it is out there, a friend just sent that Russian flash mob to me andIenjoyed it. Gee I have forgot what it is like to have fun. It makes me want to just go out and have some fun. In these times we are taking it all too serious to just survive, and I know for one, fun is very low on my list. That was so good we should have a world competition to see who can have the most fun doing a flash dance. Let’s pull in some of that WAR budget squandered by governments and put 1/ 1000th or even 1/ 1000,0000th of it into a production COUNTRY versus COUNTRY. I am going to send this to everyone, and try to get it VIRAL. Please everyone send it on to everyone, just fun. Gazza
  8. Yes real weird Unity, I also posted it here then realized it was a different subject. Cannot explain, it seems it needs to be here, maybe because it is related to 21/12 or 12/21 in American. Gazza PS will be away for a while getting a new hip back in 7 days.
  9. Does this tie in with these dates This was taken from this site. When you read the site this Inbound Heavy-Mass Object is out in the the Leo Constellation. Can anyone shed light onto this. Gazza Terral • View topic - March 18, 2012 Press Release http://terral03.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=369
  10. T right on, noticed something not right, but every time want to look over a few days it would cloud over. It was the big craters I noticed also on the move. Any one with any scientific thoughts. Because all the planets in our Solar system are displaying anomalies of one thing or the other, I believe it has to be something very large's gravity pull is playing with everything. Two possibilities are of course Niburu's return is very close, or some planet visible or invisible is coming in, or the Black Hole in the centre of the Dark Rift is starting to play its games. Gazza
  11. Gazza

    Another Ancient Machine turned up

    phillipbbg, No never met Rex Gilroy, I tried to contact him a few times, never got back to me, I sent him some coordinates for extra large Aboriginal glyphs I photographed while on a Balloon flight of Alice Springs, no reply. I even tried to buy some of his books and again nor reply. Seems like he wants to stay mysterious, though I thought he would like to sell some of his books? Gazza
  12. Gazza

    Another Ancient Machine turned up

    Good day all!!!! Thanx for the healthy discussion. Pity we could not get to see these things hands on. It would make someone some serious money if they could put together a travelling display of all these things, OOHPARTS, I remember they were called from a book I read long ago. There is lots of them reported all round the world and YES long long before the Internet when things were reported in BOOKS with pictures that could not be Photo Shopped because it did not exist. I can see the objects behind glass cases, just big enough to cover each object so you can get close and personal with a big movable magnifying glass so you could look at it from all positions close up. Imagine the lines of awake people like us who would love to see these up close. Ok I will dream on. Great day to all, keep your minds open. Gazza
  13. Gazza

    Another Ancient Machine turned up

    I just Google image searched "Machine dated at 400 million years found in Russia'' and found these pics: Gazza
  14. Ok, forget anything you have ever learned at school re our history. This planet HAS been occupied many, many times before and with more advanced civilizations before their total destruction. How about the latest, machine cogs etc embedded in volcanic rocks dated to 400 million years old, yes 400 million years! Read all about it here. Machine dated at 400 million years found in Russia | Pakalert Press http://www.pakalertpress.com/2012/03/12/machine-dated-at-400-million-years-found-in-russia/ This goes with the one found in Greece a while ago. Gazza
  15. Gazza

    NIBURU the topic is hotting up!

    You are right Unity we should be aware of who or what gives the info. I look at it all searching for a pattern or repetition, proof or just the wow factor that sits with me. We are going to be inundated with false prophets and information from now on. Just finished reading the Ark of a Million Years all 3 books as recommended by member Tricia, make sense. I believe it is not an end but definitely a change, some will see it some will not. The really annoying thing is each will not be able to talk to other about it. The journey is the best part. Gazza