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  1. buketron

    Black Goo & Programmable matter

    i was thinking its neutral. can be used for good or bad depending on your intent? just like any tech? if you have watched the whole vid or the part where he talks about his intention for graphene, you'll see that manoj wants to put this graphene cable deep into the ground to get the heat energy.... fascinating stuff this graphene.
  2. may as well put this here too.
  3. buketron

    Black Goo & Programmable matter

    this guy is quite inspirational. the whole vid is worth a watch. The world is facing some huge problems. There’s a lot of talk about how to solve them. But talk doesn’t reduce pollution, or grow food, or heal the sick. That takes doing. This film is the story about a group of doers, the elegantly simple inventions they have made to change the lives of billions of people, and the unconventional billionaire spearheading the project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbY6sPAdYBc 14.05 graphene alot of synchronocities have led me here which started with a black goo/kautz vella/st louis information bender couple days ago. then today been on a high after watching this doco. but then now i hear all you guys dissing graphene. i'm one confused panda. or are you NOT dissing graphene? lol. anyway...
  4. buketron

    Acolyte Information

    i found out 5 mins ago. have not been here for years. hope all is well with the people i used to chat with on here. obviously i had my reasons for leaving this site, but they had nothing to do with acolyte. i'm gutted. 'me tel u' has opened my eyes to alot of things and for that i am eternally grateful. it's amazing how much this has rocked me even though i have never met him, and i am sorry if i am rehashng old wounds for people as i understand this happened in august, but i cant help it if i just found out today and i could think of no other way than to pay my respects than to post something on here. i'm one sad panda. rest in peace acolyte.
  5. yes i just raided my old shoebox of memories . like the scene in Amelie where the guy gets his old shoebox of childhood toys back. today i am 21 again.
  6. undated titled "separateness" We are one my friends All else is folly, i contend. Let's not forget this simple fact, Find solace in it's truth As it slowly breaks the mind Only to put it back intact with a new configuration A more evolved vibration Where liberation resonates And perpetuates the soul's ascension From the illusion of separateness To a point of illumination Where fear does not have free rein of an untamed, scattered and dualistic mind, that, Given the opportunity will knock On the door of samsara Taking comfort in its lies, Its rationalisations and its judgements. We are one my friends All else is illusion.
  7. 2001 again coming down after having ingesting some san pedro cactus (may not even make sense :P) : Am i thinking too much, or do i know how you feel? Does too much thought cloud the beauty of empathy? Or is empathy the ability to experience sameness without thought? Thoughts simply amplify their words, but words cannot express my thoughts. Why is life so full of irony? To keep us believing!!! What greater gift of feeling existence in the present, is there, than when life's commentary mocks you with conviction and blatant disregard? I hear you Alannis! why do we torture ourselves through song? It's just good to know someone feels exactly like ME They may not feel that way now. And you may not feel this way tomorrow. But another feels sameness,and that's comforting Oh the beauty of empathy.
  8. written 7th november 2001 aged 21 and learning about relationships and unrequited love: The anguish of being misconstrued Good intentions refused - forgotten Past discrepancies resurface as fuel Setting blaze to a sorry heart A victim of circumstance More one explains The more desperate one sounds So i'll seek no more to explain myself Easier to forgive someone else Whose face falls not before the mirror That reflects my soul And leaves me no reprieve... But i have found a new way Giving rise to a new peace And despite temptations otherwise I no longer feel the need to talk about it.
  9. buketron


    http://resonance.is/news/a-message-from-nassim-haramein/ http://resonance.is/explore/quantum-gravity-and-the-holographic-mass-trailer-and-press-release/ april 30th 2013, "I am excited to announce that my latest paper, Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, a document four years in the making, has passed peer review and is now published in the Physical Review and Research International Journal, at ScienceDomain International. Although simple mathematically, as the algebra mostly expresses geometric relationships, the paper has deep significance to physics and profound meaning to our understanding of ourselves and the universe… I am in the midst of writing a complementary manuscript for the layperson to describe step by step the implications of each section of the technical paper. Stay tuned for the release of this article very soon. As well a wonderful 20 minute documentary is being produced walking you through the journey from the cosmological to the quantum world. Click here to view the trailer. I believe that this may be a pivotal moment in our understanding of the inner workings of nature and I’m delighted to be able to bring it to you. Please help us share it far and wide." At the basis of Haramein’s research is a bold prediction about the charge radius of the proton, which was recently verified by experiment. Less than a month after Haramein sent his paper to the Library of Congress, the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland released a new measurement for the size of the proton, confirming Haramein’s prediction.
  10. buketron


    maybe the samples are for their stupid carbon dating methods which will get it totally wrong. ok. devils advocate here. if you found this library, would you try and keep the location a secret until something concrete can be secured for it in terms of security or would you just blab freely right off the bat? i'd prob keep quiet about it and play my cards close to my chest. having said that, saying they have found it (albeit not its exact location) would be alerting the treasure bandits to search extra hard around the tayos caves. i seen indiana jones. i know how this sh!t works evil private collectors will be sending their henchmen right now. muahaha.
  11. buketron

    Non Polluting Power Generation

    this stuff excites me. hope the brasilians make it work i've been going nuts reading about tesla of late and it really saddens me what happened to him. it's like the world died with him. he took more hits than jesus. poor bugger. he was like tony stark - without the excesses. any aussies know what happened to john christie and brits' over-unity device? i believe it is the real deal, thus it should be up and going by now in 2013. anyone seen it? what happened to lutec.com.au? was it a scam or are we just being 'told' its a scam by virtue of the media ignoring it and govts not touching it? bit of both?
  12. buketron


    http://www.bubblews.com/news/468615-update-legendary-metal-library-found-in-tayos-cave-ecuador fake bs or the real deal? i hope the latter. if i was one of the discoverers i would pass out from awe at what i had found...
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GcxmAunB4Ck#! this is 'mainstream' now. well, not in america, but everywhere else in the universe
  14. buketron

    Coconut oil and dreams

    i was just using the word 'snort' for dramatic effect mia simply rubbed some on the inside of her nose according to the thread panther linked. thought i'd better clarify in case some young'un decides to go to town on some coconut oil and passes out.
  15. buketron

    Coconut oil and dreams

    i snorted some coconut oil last night too. no dreams. but i think that's just the weed. when i don't smoke my dreams go turbo charged and i wake up in sweats and exhausted sometimes. dreams are awesome but sometimes i want to 'just sleep' as feel more rested. if i wake up in the middle of a dream it can be exhausting for god knows what reason....