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    Man in Sweden attacked by an unknown animal.

    We have known for some years now of 'Portals' in different places, where animals from other worlds can come into our world (and I feel the portals are bi-directional). I have seen a portal when it was open, like a 'black hole', but you couldn't look at it directly, but out of the corner of the eye. We are now seeing more and more portals now, but most of these are opening into higher realms, where only good can come. Some of our animals are 'pulling-out' (going extinct), but other new ones are starting to come in to replace them.
  2. As an ex-dairy farmer, and friend of a few Vets, we used to talk a lot about this. 1. Cattle (ruminants) can't absorb ANY animal protein (naturally). 2. To give the cows more protein, to 'aid' milk production and speed fattening, 'by-pass' proteins are fed to the cows. 3. These 'by-pass' proteins come from rendered animal products, offal, waste parts, animals not suitable for human or pet food, road kill, etc. 4. BSE occurs in cattle fed on 'by-pass' proteins, and not on natural-fed cows. 5. BSE wasn't really known until the feed producers in the UK started to use low-temperature rendering for animal waste. Prior to that, a very high temperature redering process was used, which apparently killed the prions. 6. Here in OZ, we used to use crushed Lupins for protein. These gave the cows an even higher intake of protein, totally natural, and the cows loved them. Stay safe!
  3. Phillip, you are correct... It is said that a 'failed prophecy' is a success, as the warning given in the prophecy has been heeded and worked on, so the (usually) 'disaster' has not happened. And the more we 'work on the Light', the more disasters we are preventing. Keep up the good work.
  4. Since the current Space projects are run, managed and financed by TPTB, could it be that they have been told to 'stay home', ie, 'you don't leave Earth' If what we are hearing from various forums, channelings and postings like "Fire in the Sky", it may well be that they are finally giving up, as every attempt to 'leave the sinking ship' has been a failure. I wonder.. and it's not money - 1 hour in Iraq and Afghanistan would have to equal NASA's annual budget..
  5. Won't they just get on all their little boats and come south to Australia - so we can send them to Christmas Island - just a few million....
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    Hi All, Further to the possibilities of things happening, and specially in Westen Australia, I have been given a couple of messages. A bit is from me, and some is from friends who 'feel' things. During Easter this year, we have several major planetary alignments (talked about in other posts), a Full Moon, and also the 'Christed' energy of the Easter (this is not just a Christain thing, but it always has been a very high energy time of the year.) The consensus is that Gaia (earth Mother) will get some massive energy inputs, and these will help move Her to a higher level - another step upward. The downside for humanity, is that for Gaia to lift into these energies, she will be doing a few 'shrugs' to shake off the old energies and adjust to then new ones. These 'shrugs' are likely to include earthquakes, weather and similar happenings. These are likely to occur prior to the energies coming in, as she prepares herself. If any of you get a 'feeling' or 'urge' to do something, go somewhere, or maybe not to go somewhere - then follow these feelings - you are being guided. Best wishes, and stay safe, my friends.
  7. kdog !!!!! Zombie Sheep! The Kiwi's (New Zealanders) are a gonner! Enough to frighten them out of their gumboots :'(
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    Planetary appearance

    Thinking back to my days as a photographer, some of the lenses had their aperture blades form a heaxagon shape, they would only show as round when fully open... If you got a spot light-source, and it created lens flare, this would show as hexagonal spots. I feel one needs to keep an open mind, just in case something like this could be happening.
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    Tasmania Tasmania is an island, part of Australia, off the South-East corner of the main landmass. Tasmania had been part of Australia, connected by a land bridge, which allowed the plants and animals to cross between them. According to conventional science, this land bridge broke up several millions of years ago, and since then, the plants and animals have evolved independently. This idea has some anomalies – firstly, the Aborigines inhabited the island in the past 10,000 years or so, yet the dingo never went over to Tasmania (did the dingo arrive in Australia after the current Aboriginal peoples?). I have some more insights on this shortly.. The island is small, with windy roads and large hills and mountains. In the south, there are several deep rivers, with steep hills on both sides – almost like fiords. The central part is a large valley, running north-south, and is sheltered by the mountains on both sides. There is much evidence in the rocks of violent upheavals, layers of rock poking up at all angles, and places where volcanic rocks overlay sedimentary rocks such as limestone. On looking at the country, I get the feeling that the twisting and upturning of the rocks is a lot more recent than the millions of years quoted by the ‘experts’. There is erosion, but considering the weather and rainfall, I feel that the rocks have only been showing some thousands of years at the most. One can see lumps breaking off all the time, measurable erosion of centimetres each year, so if the rocks had been there for millions of years, there would be nothing left by now. And now my ‘feelings…’ The whole time I was there, I was uncomfortable – I kept feeling ‘bad’ feelings. I kept sensing in many places that bad things had happened there – murders, slavery, pain, the lot. Also, the land itself was in pain – the people there had stripped most of the trees off the land, even on very steep slopes, and in many places, the land had been ripped up and abused, raped. I felt the bad feelings particularly in the south of the island, everywhere I went. There were many different ‘messages’, including beatings and floggings, murders, murders for pleasure, extreme hard work, all sorts of bad things had happened. These things had happened to both the white people, (even going beyond the convicts), and to the native (Aboriginal) peoples, (who were exterminated by the whites – total genocide). I felt the land telling me that it was soon going to cleanse itself – wash away the pain and hurt – remove the bad Karma. The southern part of Tasmania has many deep rivers cutting into the land – almost like fiords, and I sensed that if there was ever a tsunami, there would be massive waves of water rush up each of these rivers, including the Derwent river into Hobart. A big change is coming to that land, and I think it will be very soon… The final revelation came to me when I was at Campbell Town – stayed the night there, and in the morning I had a ‘waking dream’, where I was shown the history of the place. The dream was given to me by the ‘old people’, or ‘Gardeners’ as they preferred to call themselves – the original inhabitants of Australia. They showed me that they had been in Australia for a very long time, tending the land and the plants of the country. There had been ‘Earth-changes’, but not enough to do great damage to their culture. About 12,000 years ago, Tasmania started to separate from the mainland, leaving a chain of islands – a kind of land bridge. It was also about this time that the current race that we know as the ‘Australian Aborigines’ arrived on the mainland. The Aborigines were a lot more warlike, and quickly displaced the Gardeners from their land, and in most cases either wiped them out, or pushed them further south – onto Tasmania. The Aborigines had also brought with them their dog – the present-day ‘Dingo’, and a few other animals. They were basically hunter-gatherers, who did not understand the Gardeners concept of ‘land-care’, but rather used fire to control their environment. To be fair, there were climate changes, partly through earth changes, and partly as the Aborigines changed the landscape with their fires. So, by a few thousand years ago, the Gardeners had disappeared from the mainland, and their remnants had all concentrated on Tasmania, which, with its wet climate, was able to easily support a large population, using their methods of food production (they were basically vegetarian) through a form of permaculture. Something then triggered the mainland Aborigines to want to go to Tasmania, so they got together many men (but only a few women) from many tribes, and assembled them into a large ‘army’. This seems to have been some sort of ‘religious crusade’, though I wasn’t shown how it was organised. This army then ‘island-hopped’ the slowly widening straight (although one could always see the next island) to Tasmania. The Aboriginal army then set about clearing the country of the Gardeners. Near Campbell Town, a large group of Gardeners were herded together and ritually slaughtered. This occurred in several other places as well. Very few Gardeners survived – just a few women and children, but they were soon assimilated into the Aboriginal gene-pool, with very little of their knowledge or stories surviving the occupation. The land that they had tended soon fell into a state of chaos, and with the Aboriginal fire methods, most of the food supplies vanished. Following the massacres and the dark energies released, there were more earth-changes, with many of the islands between Tasmania and the mainland going under water. The Aborigines on Tasmania were soon starving, and in a desperate state. They had no way to return to their mainland tribes, and there were very few women with them. There was much war and murder, and many cases of cannibalism amongst the survivors, but gradually, the population stabilised, as they learnt the new country and what it could provide them by their methods. Since the surviving Aboriginal genetics, social mores and living affinity with the land were so poor – they had lost so much, they in turn were easily displaced and exterminated on the arrival of the white settlers. The peoples who claim to be Tasmanian Aborigines are only a shell of their ancestors, who in turn have so much blood on their hands – thereby reaping so much Karma on themselves. Soon, I was told, the land itself will turn – it is straining under the pain of all that blood – and cleanses itself – wiping the slate and starting again from new. The spirits of the Gardeners asked me to help them – to find someone, preferably a woman, to come while there was still time, to listen to them and to write their history. They said that they will give many stories, about the land, of how it was, and of how they were able to make it into a very productive food garden. This is a way to purge the past hurts – to help bring in the new light to the world, so once again we live in a garden, without hurt and pain.
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    Hi Jessica, Yes, further to that, others have also seen Brisbane as just the tops of a few islands, and Sydney - the ocean goes to the Blue Mountains. Tasmania will also take a MAJOR hit, most likely all going under... I got an message a few years ago when I was in Tasmania, I will post it here for you folk. Stay safe (Oh, that's why I moved inland from Perth)
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    Yes, some of us have also had a feeling that parts of Western Australia will 'go under'. The areas we have see include: [*]Margaret River - Augusta - the break occurs around about Cowaramup, and goes inland to Rosa Glen road [*]Busselton, including the low parts of Dunsborough, basically following the foothills around. This will include all of Bunbury. [*]Harvey will be nearly on the beach [*]Perth - all the CBD and west.. the coase will be around Bayswater area I was told by a good 'seer' just a couple of days ago, that we will also have a very cold winter, including snow. So much for 'Global Wamrming'
  12. EagleWings

    Bulla,The Rainbow Man- The Official Thread

    Hi, I've seen fully circular rainbows when flying, you see them when you can look down on the clouds.. And I've also seen rainbows at night, from moonlight - though they can be very hard to make out.
  13. EagleWings

    USS George H.W. Bush Completes Magnetic Treatment

    Reminds me of a story I heard, don't know how true it was tho... Told about a chap who was needed by the US Navy for a job, so it ends up, a Nuke carrier is diverted to pick him up.. Since they had to go a long way out of their way, the skipper went to "FULL" power.. And the escorting destroyers had gone on ahead by about a day.. I was told the carrier went past the destroyers like they were standing still (and they were at ful speed), the carrier was actually up and planing, and no one was allowed on deck.. the wind was that strong.. makes one wonder...
  14. EagleWings

    James Cameron close to diving to deepest ocean

    Years ago, I was told a story where a Navy Survey ship was going from Rabul to the Solomans - passing over the Marinas trench.. It seems that the Echo-sounder went off the bottom of the scale for about 24 hours, over part of the trench.. only thing was, the bottom of the scale was 40,000 feet! Rather like - really DEEP water there, a bit deeper than is stated...
  15. I am allergic to both Aspartane and also to MSG, so I make sure we always read the labels in the shops - if either are listed, or even if it looks like it may have the wrong things, then we won't buy it. And in restaraunts and other places, I tell them I have these allergies, and if I am given any, then thy will be calling an ambulance and getting me to hospital - and they will be getting the bill.. It's amazing how the menu changes...
  16. On the ABC radio news in OZ (Sat. night), in Syria, Amnesty interviewd a man who had been tortured by the authorities - "They had tied a piece of Dynamite to his hand, detonated it and blew a couple of his fingers off" Ha Ha Ha - that would have blown him apart - just the detonator to set the dynamite off will take your hand off.. So much BullS**t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the news about all these events....
  17. Yes, in OZ, they don't talk about the nuclear reactor adn other stuff at Pine Gap, nor the missiles they have at Exmouth.. So much hidden...
  18. I see some real good attempts to make it to teh top of the Darwin Awards.. It looks like a few made it as far as removing themselves from the breeding pool as well...
  19. EagleWings

    Who else lives in Tassie

    Things can change, no TimeLine is set in concrete until it is past. I visited Tassie a few years ago, second time, and I was struck by the feelings of 'black energies' in places. Going past different places, I would feel the very negative energies there, and particularly towards Port Arthur - horrid.. Then, just before I left I was given a message.. which I posted here http://2012isthefuture.com/2011/06/19/tasmania/ Things may have changed, who knows.. But a friend of mine has been 'in contact' with the 'Gardeners' and has been getting their messages and wisdom - interesting
  20. Some years ago, Stan Deyo (when he was living in Australia) had a page on his web site where he showed earthquake predictions.. From memory, they were based on similar things to this prediction - rapid changes in pressures and temperatures.. Interesting..
  21. I'm not supprised about the thought there may be something wrong with the picture that the ship ran aground.. I see that Sorcha Faal http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1554.htm already has a post up.. And another comment linked the date to an aniversary of the Titanic... So the question remains - "Who Gains?"
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    Children Remembering

    That's OK - a few years ago, I met the sister of a close friend, she had just come in from another country. We got talking, and a lot came back.. she had been my sister in our immediate past lives, and we both remembered many details from that time. We both ended up in Dachau (and we were NOT Jewish), passing over, just before the camp was liberated. I remember a few other past lives, and have met friends from these lives - often they remember me first, and in telling me things, it brings in my memories, where we cross-check details, which are always correct. This has given me a lot of comfort in 'life' and my mission here. Plus a massive faith in Creator and our place in the Cosmos. I have just finished re-reading "The Celestine Prophecy" and right through to Redfield's latest - "The Twelfth Insight", and straight after, Vladimir Megre's "Co-Creation". They are on the right path, that Mankind is in an 'Uplift" phase, along with Gaia. It is just that some are trying to keep the old energies, to keep us down, but really it is like an elastic band, the more they pull us down, hold us back, the more rebound they will suffer when the band breaks (the "Uplift" happens). Go forward in Love and Light