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    A man with a knife walks into a Bangkok police station.... How policing should be done...
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    I did that as well, but when you look closely, in one part of the video, the sphere is moving, and quite fast, and the lightings appear to be wrong, but then, that could be effect..
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Interesting, and the video looks to be real... Is this a "CosmoSphere"? http://www.disclose.tv/news/bizarre_luminous_giant_sphere_filmed_in_russia/139449
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    I knew a police Sergeant years ago who got into trouble as his arrest rate was too low, but he had a very low crime rate in his town. I was visiting his home one night, when a couple of constables came in. In part, he said that they should drive past XX's home, stop, and let the blue light flash so he saw it. Explaining, he said it had been 6 weeks since XX had tried to do something, and he would be starting to think of being silly again. On the other hand, this Sergeant (and his wife) would always talk to anyone, and try to help, this way, tis way, they helped many avoid the need for crime.
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    And where do we put this - many places I think (politely, of course)
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    Question - do you know anything on the current state of the "Cosmospheres"? Or are they now replaced by something better?
  7. I agree, and the possibility of something/one shutting the Fitz down like has been reported the Russians have done several times to Aegis ships. And military radar systems are programmed to follow both the radar image and the transponder - if there is a separation or the transponder goes off (or was never on), that target is flagged as high priority, and alerts sounded, specially if it's close. Because when you look at the damage to the Fitz, it was not much of an impact - if the Crystal had not stopped and even reversed, the Fitz would have been cut in half, or at least 'bent'. It appears the collision was at nearly right-angles, so the only way for the ships to come apart would have been for the Crystal to have reversed - as any movement by the Fitz would show as ripping along it's hull. That is also why I am so suspicious about MH-360, as that area of the Gulf Thailand is 'painted' by at least 7 countries (Malaysia, Singapore Vietnam, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippines) military radars, and there is a lot of air traffic, including military in the area. So MH-360 must have not only turned off the transponders (yes, plural), but also hidden itself from radar. "Me thinks dark deeds and evil smells in the state of Denmark"
  8. According to Benjiman Fulford ( https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/tag/ben-fulford/ ), there are many high-level links between power factons that we are not normally aware of. Some of these factions are actually in power in their countries. He links North Korea to the Kazarian Illuminati, specially Israel, from whom they got the technology to make nuclear weapons. These links then go on to a power block on mainland China and to the present and partly incapacitated Abe government in Japan. And of course, we have the normal names, Kissenger, Rothschild, etc. It is just like in Australia, the government there was corrupted and partially taken over during the war by General McArthur, and finally became a full puppet of the US with the Whitlam government dismissal. This is the main reason Australia is America's 'lap-dog', doing everything asked of it being in America's favour, but with Australia paying. (Oh, and not to mention giving to the US many inventions, and then having to buy them back at inflated prices to use).
  9. Just in from Sorcha Faal (reportedly US Navy Intelligence), it was the North Koreans who took over the container ship's auto-pilot and caused the collision.. "A grim Ministry of Defense (MoD) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Federation has received notice from the US Pacific Command (PACOM) that “hostilities are likely to soon occur” throughout the entire Sea of Japan region—and that the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states is “directly related” to North Korea hacking the autopilot controls of a massive container ship, then crashing it into a US Navy destroyer killing, at least, 7 American sailors. ...... Critical to note about the ACX Crystal’s radical departure from its course, this bulletin notes, is that two days before its ramming the USS Fitzgerald, on 15 June, the same type of “incident” occurred when a Federation registered yacht named the Katalexa, that was sailing from Taiwan to the Russian city of Vladivostok, was hijacked by North Korea with its frantic crew desperately radioing that they had lost “all control” over their vessel. MoD and SVR “assests”, this bulletin continues, quickly secured the release of the Katalexa from North Korea—with the SVR reporting that an examination of its onboard electronic systems showed that its autopilot had been hacked and was the cause of it’s being “steered” into North Korean waters in the Sea of Japan. Important to note, SVR analysts in this bulletin state, is that the Katalexa was equipped with a NAVIPILOT 4000 Marine Autopilot system that receives its orders from the Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine ECDIS, and that ACX Crystal was equipped with a more sophisticated version of called the Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT Integrated Bridge System (IBS), both being manufactured by the British based company Sperry Marine Northrop Grumman. The most striking similarity to the hijacking of both the Katalexa and ACX Crystal, this bulletin notes, is that they both occurred during the night hours “when everyone was asleep”. Though some American sources are claiming that the Chinese hijacked the autopilot of the ACX Crystal in order to ram it into the USS Fitzgerald, this bulletin continues, SVR and MoD analysts, instead, attribute this “act of war” to Unit 180 of North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB)—who just this past month, terrified the world with its WannaCry “ransomware” cyber attack that infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, and is linked to last year's $81 million cyber heist at the Bangladesh central bank and the 2014 attack on Sony's Hollywood studio too. http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2320.htm
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    JIM STONE .. Interesting News

    This would not supprise me at all. I have known several cases (luckily I was never involved), just in bushfires where all they found was a small pile of bone ash and maybe parts of teeth fillings.
  11. Most cargo ships only have the 1 propeller, and 1 driving engine, plus a smallish rudder. A pot now have bow and stern thrusters for maneuvering in harbour, but these thrusters can't be used in open seas. This means the cargo ships are slow to turn, and take a long distance to stop - they have to actually stop, and then re-start the engine to go astern (backwards) - the can't just put the engine into reverse. Now, a warship like a destroyer has 2 engines and propellers, and a large rudder, specially so they can maneuver quickly at any speed (to avoid getting hit by bombs and other nastys). They can also put one or both engines into reverse at quite high speed, so they can stop or spin around very quickly. So the question is, what the 'f**k' was the destroyer doing so close to the cargo ship in the first place, and on looking at the damage, they can't have hit at high speed, else you would have 2 destroyers... So the cargo ship was most likely trying to stop, but the destroyer kept coming in - and should have been able to avoid contact. So either deliberate or utter incompetence and carelessness..
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    "Hey, we've just got billions of dollars of new weapons, let's take over............." Oops, the weapons were just signed for, now they have to be paid for, built, delivered, and our people trained to use them... that's a few years....
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Just a thought, considering previous comments by Kandee... Could it be that Comey has either 'taken-over' by some other entity, or else, this is not the 'original' Comey, but a 'replacement' to do someone's bidding?
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Just a thought - it is so easy to 'set someone up', someone in a 'sensitive' position... All you need to do is to discover one or more of their bank account numbers, there are multiple ways of doing this... It used to be, get a copy of one of their cheques, but these days, most efpos payment slips will have enough information... Then you set up a series of payments into that account, payments from say "Al Capone' or 'Osama bin Laden'. That way, the 'victim' appears to be receiving kick-backs. And how can the 'victim' prove they didn't ask for money? Guilty by default..
  15. Or "debunked" after he was found with his hand in the cookie jar??? Suddenly the property is owned by someone else, so he can now plead innocent...
  16. Question, wasn't Qatar where Obama was said to be building a massive mansion?
  17. Just spotted this - I do not know the source or accuracy...... Saudi Arabia has announced 10 "conditions" to Qatar via Kuwait (since they have cut diplomatic relations). These "conditions", or demands rather based on the actual nature of the requests are to be fulfilled in less than 24 hours. The "choice" is in Qatar's hands. 1. Cut all diplomatic ties with Iran, immediately. 2. Expulsion of all Hamas members, freezing their assets and suspension of all dealings with them. 3. Stop the broadcast of the State owned media and news outlet, Al Jazeera. 4. Official announcement with an apology to all gulf state governments, in terms of offenses broadcasted from Al Jazeera. 5. That Doha should pledge not to play any political role or exercise any governmental control that is contrary to or is inconsistent with the policies of the Gulf States. 6. To commit to the pact signed in 2012 during the reign of the late King Abdullah._ 7. Expulsion of members of the Muslim brotherhood. 8. To stop interfering with Egyptian, Arab or Gulf state internal affairs. 9. To stop supporting terrorist organizations in all their forms and by all means. Have yet to find the 10th demand, it might not have been released yet. There will be a conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia tomorrow, with all members of the GCC including Qatar. Please disregard the image here it's from CNN. Just a place holder to post this info. I've been advised not to post this, since the internet in the ME is under heavy surveillance, especially involving this. (Partly why I'm not using hashtags recently)._ These are orders, any nation wouldn't stand for another nation demanding such things and expecting them to kneel. Also they are damning, full of accusations and it omitted the role of KSA in some of these matters (particularly number 8.)_ Depending on how Qatar reacts, this could be the start of a major escalation, or the beginning of the loss Qatar's autonomy._ My source was from somewhere else, but here are some news outlets that said the same. Use Google translate to read._ http://www.almalnews.com/…/336436/19/بكرى--السعودية-تمهل-ال… -ساعة-لتنفيذ-مطالبها_ http://www.xn--igbhe7b5a3d5a.com
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Not sure where to put this... Why The 'Min Min Lights' Are The Scariest Things In Australia That You've Never Heard Of Move over Wolf Creek, there's a new thing in the bush that's going to ruin Outback Australia's tourism. Min Min Lights is the name given to the mysterious lights which have been spotted numerous times in Outback Australia. https://www.buzzfeed.com/nickw44/why-the-min-min-lights-are-the-scariest-things-i-gmia?utm_term=.daqkOGPnax&ref=mobile_share#.vxbq8voMLX An old stockman/drover (well, not that old, just a couple of years up on me), was telling me once, he was out droving, and camped for the night, and the lights came and started to dance around the camp. He and a mate went blackfella-like, and crawled out of the camp, and tried to get behind the lights - no chance, it was like hte lights knew where they were, and kept moving and dancing, but always away from the camp. And they checked next day - their tracks were there, but no others... And the country was flat, no trees but low scrub, spinifex.
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Question - wouldn't one just put on body-armour, like put on a jacket? And to just have the clothing in a heap on the ground, and to dump your stuff on the ground? How many would have labels on their clothing, so they can get their own stuff later?
  20. not "Hu-Man", but maybe 'Man" - as some of those 'tricks' are possible and have been recorded before, being done by "Master's". And for one person to know how to do so many, it offers hope...
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    A "Zapper" in it's basic form is quite easy to build. I am looking at designing one that can store and use all the frequencies, shouldn't be hard. And I do have a list of all the 'bugs' and their frequencies - it is a large .PDF if anyone would like a copy....
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in Perth (or the rest of OZ), they will be there, and mostly it is word-of-mouth to find them. And remember, specially fot chiropracters, but with all - not everyone will suit YOUR BODY - you may need to see a few before you find the one that really helps.
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    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    I was picked with high blood pressure a couple of years ago, up in the danger zone, but lucky the cholesterol was low, so just put on pressure-lowering tabs. But came to Vietnam, and feet swelled up. Back in OZ, feet still up, so not just the hot weather. Then, mid-November, did something to lower back, and it hit the sciatic nerve. I got a bit of relief from a chiropracter, just enough to get on the plane (had already booked back to VN). Partner found me a local chap here, natural healer, so went to him - massage, pushing a bit and cupping, was able to walk home. Couple more twinges next day, but 4 sessions with him - on the last, he did rows of tine nicks in the skin (mosquito-bites), and then cupping - the gunk that came out, not good blood for sure. He has treated me for a couple of other problems since, and now my blood pressure is right down - almost low for my age. Same for my partner. The things I've seen this chap cure - people who should be dead, and now active again - all sorts of things. In talking to this chap, he claims (and I believe him) he can kill/cure most if not all viruses and most bacteria. Oh, and he doesn't charge - it is what you feel and what you can pay... I've seen him give money to a patient who couldn't pay, so they could get a bus home.. So there are answers out there.......
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    The Rainy Season has started early in Saigon... Saigon submerged following torrential rain for 2nd time this week A prolonged deluge early in the rainy season swept through Ho Chi Minh City, resulting in severe flooding in many locations on Saturday, the second time this week. The two-hour-long downpour caused congestion and inundation in various areas in the southern Vietnamese hub. http://tuoitrenews.vn/society/41084/saigon-submerged-following-torrential-rain-for-2nd-time-this-week