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  1. I know, but for climate change - look at all their graphs, which show straight lines, then read history - always hot and cold periods.. But the BIG thing - see who has made $$$$$$$ from climate change !!!!!
  2. THe land masses are about times the weight of water, so any additional water will cause most of the land masses to rise - maybe not the full amount, but enough so as to not cause as much predicted flooding..
  3. The latest Lunar eclipse photo from the Flat Earth Society...
  4. EagleWings

    Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon

    The latest Lunar eclipse photo from the Flat Earth Society...
  5. I would also like to add milk and milk products in certain countries.... Several countries allow hormones to be used to promote milk production - Oxytocin is used to force milk 'let-down' (and a bit of stimulation, but other estrogen-type hormones are often used in some places to stimulate milk production in cows - so how much goes on to be in children's milk drinks? As an example - in the USA, dairy cows average 1.2 lactations per lifetime, in Australia, they average over 5 lactations, but don't give as much milk...
  6. EagleWings

    Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY

    Gitmo The U.S. Department of Defense posted a press release announcing the invitation of Alternate Media to cover military commission pre-trial proceedings (military tribunal) at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo)! Main Stream Media was not and will not be invited! Do you know what this means? It means the U.S Government just confirmed the existence and use of military tribunals in Gitmo! For those who had doubted whether Gitmo tribunals are a figment of imagination for "conspiracy theorists" (Q Patriots), you now have definitive proof right here from an official U.S. government website, that military tribunals will proceed. The case mentioned is only a preparation and preview of the bigger, more important Gitmo proceedings that will come involving VIP actors! CLICK THIS LINK TO VIEW THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE NEWS RELEASE https://c-vine.com/blog/2019/01/04/immediate-release-military-commissions-media-invitation-announced-for-united-states-v-khalid-shaikh-mohammad-et-al/?preview=true&_thumbnail_id=51028&fbclid=IwAR1ob7eYe-Jj2QO8l3BcSg4uLsE8UZ1MacLUq-EpaZEF4sVfTygy_5O3n5E
  7. Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing Everyone here and their Families and Friends a Wonderful and Happy New Year Love and Light
  8. EagleWings

    Earthquakes and Earthshakes

    The latest ( 0:00UTC, 26/12/18 ), ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Commission, OZ), 429 dead and 128 missing..
  9. All computer systems have to have a back-door, otherwise, how can a programmer get in and fix things or add more features? Knowing this, and knowing that the data is sensitive, where are the protection systems? High-level encryption, proper use of passwords, etc. Since all systems can be cracked, one designs systems that take time to crack, so by the time one can read some data, the data is too old to be any use...
  10. EagleWings

    What Do We Know About CHINA

    We've been watching from Viet Nam and Australia the massive amounts of food that China keeps buying. They buy a lot, process some, and sell a bit back - but what happens to the remainder? We heard years ago about some of their advnaced technology - the Minto electric motor, etc. I am wondering if they are using these Zero-point machines to build massive storage facilities for the food, and maybe the same forms of power can be used to get or clean up water (Suzzanne's coils, etc.) If so, then we have a country preparing for a long siege - from whatever direction...
  11. EagleWings

    What Do We Know About CHINA

    Several questions: Where are these cities getting their water supply from, and do they have enough? Transport appears to be based on the car, old-fashioned, but fuel supplies? How do people get to and from these cities? Food - where does that come from, and how do they transport it in? Shops, and distribution?
  12. EagleWings


    Died naturally, executed or 'taken elsewhere'?