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  1. TruthFairy


    My buddy got this on video during one of his jobs. Check out the afterimage of the aura.
  2. I hid a Link about that in the above post.
  3. This is a description of a modification of "incarnation", releasing the attached/embodied archetype and attaching a newer healthier type.
  4. TruthFairy

    I have stopped washing my hair

    This explains why I had such an extreme download a while back. I let my hair start growing out and bam I am hit with info from universe all at once, even causing head pain. I had always wondered if it was connected to my short period of hair growth. Now I will be letting it grow out again, and following the natural regimen as well.
  5. TruthFairy


    Gabriel Cousens has very good luck with cancer. Switching to a raw greens diet really puts health on a fast track.
  6. TruthFairy

    What ARE the Strange noises EARTH is making..??

  7. TruthFairy

    My Angels

    After something becomes more "habit" than ritual, it is possible for the subconscious to run on autopilot. This works with any ritual or magic, or even prayer. When you get to the point of automated response you are ready to add more to your program.
  8. If this was the case they would not have needed to start up the program 20 years ago. The particles do not stay airborne permanently. What chemtrails are very good at, turning the human body into a much better antenna than it already is. Antennas are good for reception. What do you suppose they want the body to pick up? Maybe the CME puts out the right kind of frequency to now be picked up by the body without affecting our surroundings as much? Naw, I would bet an "accident" is on the horizon.
  9. TruthFairy


    The hiring taking place right now is in preparation for expected disasters. Think I would keep my eyes open.
  10. TruthFairy

    The Bible and the Vatican?

    Genesis 5:2 King James Version (KJV) Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. One other thing I found interesting, the beast does not have 7 heads and 10 crowns in Greek.
  11. TruthFairy

    Messages From My Higher Self

    Good work you did there. Somewhat matching messages my friends are receiving.
  12. Astral beings. Due to directions in evolution some have never had a body to incarnate into. In the future they will have their chance.
  13. TruthFairy

    Music in the mist - no one around....

    Did it sound a bit like a cross between wind chimes and wind instruments? Kind of a random oscillating sound? Trying to describe what I hear, it would be like a bunch of flutes stuck up in trees with wind hitting them and multiple tones changing constantly.
  14. TruthFairy

    Cities That Have Vanished

    One of these days I hope to visit the ghost towns in the US. I have always had an interest in abandoned cities. I wonder if Detroit will be next.