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  1. You are saying that Fifteen is not a real person? :'(
  2. sweetness

    New "Thank You" Feature

    What an awesome idea!! Hugs!
  3. sweetness

    My Angels

    Wow! You translated it? Amazing! I will look for it online. Thank you for your words.
  4. sweetness

    My Angels

    Thank you for your words again Jessica. I'm not sure what a gatekeeper is. That is like my angel? I do feel better today though. Not sure what was going on. I will not call any negative to me ever. Thanks again.
  5. sweetness

    My Angels

    Michael is also my angel. He is the one I felt first last night. That is what brought me to the door. And now we write his name. As if he wants to speak to me. I hope nothing bad is going to happen. Thank you for sharing Jessica. I need to do the light around my house tonight I think. Blessed Be.
  6. sweetness

    My Angels

    That is wonderful! I have never done many people before. I should try that too! That is three of us that do this. I wonder how many more? Why is it so hard to talk about this with our friends? They always just give me the look. Like I'm a nut! Thanks for sharing Tricia!
  7. sweetness

    My Angels

    That is awesome! I myself use the light for protection and to help my children too! How refreshing to have a place to come to and share my beliefs. Thank you for responding. You're the best!!
  8. sweetness

    My Angels

    Thank you Clark!! That was very sweet of you!
  9. sweetness

    My Angels

    Hello everyone! This is my first thread here so I hope all goes well!! I have a little story to tell. As a child I always felt someone with me as I feel vibes around me. From people that is. Well, many years have went by as I had need to call my angels to me. I'm not a particularly religious person but I know there is much more than the eye can see. I would call my angel to me at night if I was afraid. It was a ritual I would do. I would call one for each area of my home. To the north, south, east and west. I would see them in my minds eye. I felt them and knew they were with me as a warmth would come to me. So, last night as I was getting ready for bed, I felt my angel with me. I went to the window and looked and knew he was there. I went to bed and saw all of them with my minds eye. As I used to. One in the front and back and both sides of my house. Now I didn't call them and wondered why they had come to me. I felt loved and protected. I said thank you and went to sleep. I wonder what was going to happen? All was well when I woke up this morning. It is good to be loved by my angels. I have put this here in hopes of not being attacked or called a wack. It seemed the right place to be for me. Thanks for listening. Blessed Be.
  10. I can't think of a better place for you to be than here! Awesome!