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  1. Zeroo

    A Cosmic Sonic Boom

    helo me tel u day be4 me have important thing 2 tel u elders finish calculate they say ok me can tel u this important thing now so me tel u know in best wordings me have lernt on 9 january yor astronomers cee 2 star xplode yor line time this 2 star xplode is part of yor 2nd witnesing prophesy now u must lisen me very good and lisen warning ok make yorself ready u know lite travel faster than sound ok yes on 9 january yor nasas cee lite of 2 star xplode ok yes elders calculate that from now it is time for sound wave of 2 star xploding come hit earth anyday soon now window open from today til end july yor line time for when wave hits why nasas wait so long 2 tel u on 14 may only about this me not know their reason 4 delay me lern wording sonicboom me tel u know what is coming yor way wil be a cosmosonicboom this sound wave wil change many things and cause big disasters and many sufferings this sound wavings make comets ignite ok this sound wavings make moons forget placing ok this sound wavings make planets lose or change orbit ok there is no more forgivnes earth this thing is coming yor leaders get desperat want escape try use cern but make things worsening but not sure yor leaders try haarp only make earth angry me sory 4 have to tel u this bad news ok sory but elders give some beter news also elders have problem calculate where yor sun wil be position when wave hits if earth is behind sun when wave hit earth sufering wil be much les ok sun wil absorb much damage but then sun damge wil have efect tranfer on earth also but not as big if not behind sun elders not al agree but many say earth wil be behind sun so this some good news ok u just be ready in mind spirit and yor body ok please tel every1 everywhere be ready with body and spirit from today can 1 u please post this front screen to warn me also need leve yor line time soon ok me witnesing completed soon well this is interesting.... found this article today, published on 9/1/17 (coincidence with me tel you date? perhaps 2022 is the date for sonic boom?) Exploding Binary Stars Will Light Up the Sky in 2022 Published: 9 Jan , 2017 by Matt Williams Stellar collisions are an amazingly rare thing. According to our best estimates, such events only occur in our galaxy (within globular clusters) once every 10,000 years. It’s only been recently, thanks to ongoing improvements in instrumentation and technology, that astronomers have been able to observe such mergers taking place. As of yet, no one has ever witnessed this phenomena in action – but that may be about to change! According to study from a team of researchers from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a binary star system that will likely merge and explode in 2022. This is an historic find, since it will allow astronomers to witness a stellar merger and explosion for the first time in history. What’s more, they claim, this explosion will be visible with the naked-eye to observers here on Earth. The findings were presented last week at the 229th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS). In a presentation titled “A Precise Prediction of a Stellar Merger and Red Nova Outburst“, Professor Lawrence Molnar and his team shared findings that indicate how this binary pair will merge in about six years time. This event, they claim, will cause an outburst of light so bright that it will become the brightest object in the night sky...... more here: exploding binary stars will light sky in 2022
  2. Zeroo

    Acolyte Information

    How very sad, and a great loss for all of us. You were a light that shone very bright Aco, but we will see & remember you in your next life.. kudos to you Aco x
  3. I wonder if AI "consciousness" resides in the hyperspace dimension of Terence McKenna's “squeaky self-transforming elf machines'' (the place that DMT users are transported to). This dimension is always described as being run by machine-like entities - where they sing to you in a language you can not only hear but see. Perhaps this hyperspace is just waiting for the arrival of AI on Earth to facilitate a connection to it and open some sort of portal.... (much like the Akashic records for human consciousness) http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/6619-matrix-reality/page-2 http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/6619-matrix-reality/?p=76069
  4. Unidentified Lying Object found in LHC. WTF? They don't seem too worried about it? How did it get there, what is it? What s its purpose? I would be pretty worried if something weird suddenly showed up in a VACUUM!!!! http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/04/150428142058.htm "It will take only one significant deviation in the data to change everything," De Roeck said. "The upgraded machine works. Now we have to get to the real operation for physics." "Unidentified Lying Object" not a problem -- remains stable But work remains to be done. One issue the accelerator physicists remain cautiously aware of, he said, is an "Unidentified Lying Object" in the beam pipe of the LHC's 17-mile underground tunnel, a vacuum tube where proton beams collide and scatter particles that scientists then analyze for keys to unlock the mysteries of the Big Bang and the cosmos. Because the proton beam is sensitive to the geometry of the environment and can be easily blocked, the beam pipe must be free of even the tiniest amount of debris. Even something as large as a nitrogen particle could disrupt the beam. Because the beam pipe is a sealed vacuum it's impossible to know what the "object" is. "The unidentified lying object turns out not to be a problem for the operation, it's just something to keep an eye on," De Roeck said. "It's in the vacuum tube and it's not a problem if it doesn't move and remains stable."
  5. Zeroo


    Yes I agree that we are antennas, programmed to receive/emit a specific frequency! Our birth year frequency would be a good one to research more. For surely this is why everyone has a different reaction to the frequency of such things as foods, chemicals, drugs, sound, minerals, vitamins etc. To quote myself: "On Planet Earth are we only “tuned in” to experience a 3D reality? When we take a substance such as DMT or AYA, do we bypass the “programme” we are normally tuned into on Earth. Do these substances allow us a wider bandwidth? Maybe they are not just hallucinations, but a glimpse into another reality or dimension, which we normally cannot see or sense? Is the Universe like an enormous radio or tv, with millions of stations, each one tuned into the dimension you are inhabiting? Is our DNA an antenna used to tune into specific frequencies. Does our junk DNA tune into other frequencies?"
  6. Zeroo


    One of the connections that stands out between 1947 and 147 is that if you total them, they both add up to the number 3. Long shot and connecting some very spaced out dots here!! I've quoted Blanche McLanahan before, and found this on her website: http://www.missionignition.net/she/articles/1947.htm "Going back to the L2=Em if cv x hv x kinetic energy =, so I used Balmer's analysis of hydrogen (the only true bipolar sphere, as there is no neutron at its center) to isolate the differential, or deficit in light's kinetic and potential energy dependent on the mass......... all that remained was .6256 x 10 to the NEGATIVE 3rd power. This isolates the area between 19.5 degrees latitude and 19.47 degrees. There is obstruction in the 3rd concentric ring whether it be an atom or a planet. And Earth the 3rd rock from the sun has a rainbow of spectral color that outlines both the need and the promise. But her tilt has set our universal circuit and its ballast mislaid, creating time and gravity in lieu of her alignment to the sun, where an incident angle does not equal its reflection." (See chani post "Arrival of Moon, Tilt of Earth": http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/66-moon-connection-–-arrival-of-moon-tilt-of-the-earth/ (In above post McLanahan seems to think that the current tilt of the Earth to the Sun disrupts our DNA. And that this would be undone by the supposed shift in 2012. She also had an interesting theory that perhaps the Pyramids are some sort of capacitor that would react with the Sun in 2012 and use the Energy conducting minerals of the Earth - silica & quartz to bring the pyramids online to Reconnect the Earths iron core with the energy of the sun. This didn't appear to have happened, was something stolen from the pyramids to disrupt this?) "We are riding on the wrong frequency that prevents us from seeing the light. The 120 (1+2=3) degree longitude is not only the stabilizer for time and refraction, but it has the momentum of 60 degrees required to shift us clockwise and in link the true point of origin at Earth's center or core where all on the periphery becomes equidistant no matter where you stand on her surface." Or perhaps as Cinna has mentioned, "I also believe human beings are biological antenna capable of receiving digital data". Maybe humans as "correctly tuned antennas", are meant to help to connect the Earth with the energy of the Sun to create some sort of Portal? Woh, I told you it was a long shot!
  7. Zeroo


    Hi Cinna, re: FR, sorry I don't have any connections that I know of, only remembering each year that it is Bastille Day.
  8. Zeroo


    Hi Cinna Welcome to Chani. Your information is very interesting, please keep it coming. July 14 is my birthday as well, I have noticed that interesting things happen on this date. Here are a few links on chani which are specific to yours: 1947: http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/65-1947-degrees-latitude-sacred-geometry/ http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/43-space-weather/?p=552
  9. Zeroo

    X-Files Returns

    sorry here's the right link http://www.themareks.com/xf/conspiracy.shtml interesting: Millions of Years Ago, or more: A virus sometimes known as the Black Oil and that has the ability to take control of humanoid species is the "original inhabitant" of the planet Earth, according to the Well Manicured Man. He adds that aliens came, also apparently millions of years ago. Those that didn't leave have been dormant since the last Ice Age, waiting for the Colonists.(Movie)
  10. Zeroo

    X-Files Returns

    thanks Acolyte - I am a bit sporadic! I hope they do a bit more about the Black Oil, as discussed here on Chani - which seemed to be a vehicle for alien life to travel from human to human? Time to watch the old series again I think! http://www.themareks.com/xf/conspiracy.shtml (timeline xfiles) "State Department staff members have learned that the aliens encountered at Roswell are planning to colonize Earth in a process that will kill all humans. For reasons that are not completely clear, the Colonists negotiate to delay the colonization while the members of the Project develop both a means of distributing the alien Black Oil virus, as well as develop a race of human-alien hybrids that is immune to the Black Oil. The operatives of the project take a vote and agree to work with the Colonists as a way of stalling for time while they try to develop a defense against the Black Oil. In this way, the Conspiracy is born, and the new Consortium is not controlled by any government. Bill Mulder is the only dissenting vote. When the aliens provide an alien fetus to the Consortium, providing DNA with which to develop the hybrids, Mulder devises a plan to use the DNA to create a vaccine, so that the entire human population might be saved. When the humans agree to help the Colonists, the aliens demand that each give up a child or other loved one into the custody of the colonists, with the promise that they will be returned when the colonization begins. The plan is that they, as well as the members and other family of the Consortium, will receive the alien genes and become hybrids themselves. It is unclear why the Colonists need help from humans, and why they are willing to wait for years for the hybrids to be developed. It is also unclear what use the Colonists would have for immune hybrids. A dark, shadowy organization of people, mostly men, the Consortium eventually includes members from many countries. Conspiracy leaders and operatives do not hesitate at murder and other crimes to further the goals of the Conspiracy. The conspiracy is also also known as the Consortium and the Syndicate. (Two Fathers, etc.) Conrad Strughold becomes involved at some point and gains a position of authority in the Consortium. Meetings involving him are generally held in London, as opposed to most meetings of the Consportium which are held in New York. This suggests that he may be unable to legally enter the United States. As time goes by, and no vaccine is developed, some members of the Consortium come to believe that slavery for the human race is better than death. They become more interested in their personal futures and gaining preferred status from the Colonists. Other members of the Consortium, however, apparently remain pure to the original goal of defeating the Colonists."
  11. Zeroo

    X-Files Returns

    Used to be one of my favourite tv shows! Can't wait! The Truth is out there (somewhere) http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-25/x-files--david-duchovny-gillian-anderson-returns-screens/6348076 X-Files returns to screens with Mulder and Scully following 13-year sabbatical The original stars of the show, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, are set to return for the new series. (Getty Images) Map: United States Cult television thriller The X-Files is returning for six new episodes, 13 years after David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson's last outing as FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series — which ran for nine seasons, and over 200 episodes between 1993 and 2002 — will begin production this summer with the original stars, broadcaster Fox said. Scully was the logical, practical partner of Mulder, who believed that alien worlds could exist within the universe and constantly searched for the truth in government cover-ups and conspiracy theories. The show, created by Chris Carter, became the longest-running sci-fi series in US network TV history with nine seasons. The new series will comprise six episodes, due to start production this winter. An air date is yet to be announced. "I think of it as a 13-year commercial break," Carter, who is also the executive producer, said. "The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, [it']s a perfect time to tell these six stories." Duchovny tweeted about the show's return, writing: "It's been 13 years, hope my suits still fit". The series, which went from break-out sci-fi show to a global hit, earned 16 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes. The X-Files revival comes on the heels of Fox's recent programming hits with Batman prequel Gotham and hip hop drama Empire. The X-Files is heading into production this winter, with no release date in sight yet. But we want to believe early 2016.
  12. Zeroo


    check out the incredible Aurora Australis which has happened in the last few days: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-18/aurora-australis-captured-on-social-media/6327840 NZ: Oamaru NZ!
  13. Zeroo

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Not sure if this is relevant, but years ago when I was doing Barry Carter's Orumus workshop, he made mention of Mica. Ormus likes to concentrate in small or "tight" places - carbon based products,the molecules of water, seams of quartz and mica.... (note that gold also concentrates in seams of quartz or mica). There was a guy back then called Jim Carter (Twilight America) who was selling laminar mica crystal cupcakes which were meant to be energy accumulators, he had supposedly found some ancient artifacts which had the ability to improve the taste of liquids in which they are submerged, and to relieve energy blockages, congestion and pain.The Mica cupcakes were meant to be similar. I bought some but can't really really vouch for the healing properties. If you dropped them in water it did taste softer and better... Used to get strange dreams sleeping with a pouch of mica under my pillow too. So perhaps Mica was used in these structures because of its Ormus content?
  14. Mention of the Machine Kingdom got me thinking along the lines of DMT trips and the mention of the machine-like entities found in this DMT dimension.... Could this DMT "reality'' be contact with future humans cyborgs??? Terence McKenna ™ speaks of “squeaky self-transforming elf machines, made of light, grammar & sound that jump in & out of your chest. Singing to you in some sort of language, not only can you hear it, but you can SEE it!! (is this the language of light?) From this language they (the elves) are making gifts for you” (they are creators – they sing objects into “reality”). “The tones that they use are surfaces, insects, jewels etc. The Elves go mad with joy when you do this toning.” http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/6619-matrix-reality/?p=76069