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  1. dolphingirl

    I Have Returned---Monatom. The details.

    Great news Monatom and thank you for sharing--the information means a great deal.
  2. Hi Nex, Just curious to hear your insights/views on the 'afterlife'. Or if you can recommend some reading material. I know many people have gained insight from meditation, astral travel, hypnosis, etc. but for me personally, despite much effort, it appears I have chosen to experience this life within a blanket of amnesia, as frustrating as it is. Somewhere I read that we are born in order to prepare for death...and I've come to believe that the ultimate part of our stage play here on this planet is to die consciously. When we leave our bodies--I think we are presented with scenarios dependent upon our 'belliefs'. Do the watchers or overseers (for lack of a better term) trick us? Many NDE's discuss meeting with a loving guide, a life review, and then a choice as to how one wishes to reincarnate again on earth. Is there a soul catcher on the moon that prevents us from escaping? How do we graduate from the cycle of re-birth on this planet? Should we go to the white light or tunnel? Or is that a trap? I would really like to 'graduate' from this 3D existence...but how much say in it do we have, really? Another question: are you familiar with the Alien Interview/transcipts from Roswell? (and if this has been addressed before, forgive me). The alien's message about earth being a prison planet, really resonated with me. Sincere thanks for your time and thoughts~~dg
  3. dolphingirl

    CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

    Hey, thanks for the link Triton--will have a look---
  4. Well, here goes--my journey of "waking up" has streched over the last 40 years...emotions from these realizations can be compared to the 5 stages of loss and grief (from the book, On Death and Dying by E. Kubler-Ross). 1) Denial--not so much for me, but try to discuss ideas with family/friends, talk about Denial. I've always been hungry for new knowledge--have an open mind about everything... although this was difficult in my teens where NOBODY in my small, southern town was discussing Erich von Daniken (Chariot of the Gods, which luckily, it is the book that 'found' me in the 70's and opened my mind) After reading that book, there was no turning back. 2) Anger--we who understand that the stories taught to us in school are myths and methods of control--we are a lonely bunch. I resent that unseen 'higher ups' are pulling strings regarding my spiritual evolution. I have tried to astral travel, experience OBE's, have read dozens of books, etc.....but there is a filter around everything for me---no recovered memories of past lives, or life between lives, of communications with my guides are anyone for that matter..... 3) Bargaining--yes,countless pleas have been sent up, out, and behind for someone, something, anything to communicate with me on a personal level, to let me know 100% that that I am on the right track with all these truths I've developed and studied for myself. Or just an inkling of what's to come after dying. 4) Depression--from the notion of - 'what's the use?" we're not in control--life is sort of pre-destined (even though we had a part in the planning), etc. Who are our handlers, and why do we have to jump through these hoops? For enlightenment? 5) Acceptance--I've gotten here more recently--for some reason, this life experience was chosen by me and I am playing the role. Don't get me wrong....I have a fantastic life, great health, lots of love, more than my share. I'm really very happy. But this is the only place where I feel there are kindred spirits. The internet is truly the link in a long chain for people searching. We are all playing a role in this life--I don't even pay attention anymore to the 'politics, economies, or laws" of this planet. I try to look at things from a higher perspective....only I have not been able to 'go beyond the veil' so to speak....and I'm not ready to die (not for another 40-50 years or so) I have somewhat mastered the art of manifestation, creating my own reality-and that is very exciting. So...really, I'm trying to understand death and reincarnation, and the ins and outs of living here....and do we really have to go through all this for our evolvement? I know the answer is yes. But it can be frustrating--I want to know more!! And I have to go 'out there' (I think) to know more. And for some reason, I can't. Nex, I know you have already discussed this topic--just putting in my 2 cents and being so grateful to have Chani for a learning and sounding board. I continue to learn and be inspired everyday here. Blessings to all~~dg
  5. Apologies if this has been covered before--what is your take on John Lear and Douglas Dietrich's Presido- Michael Aquino Satanic military stuff? Thanks for your time...always a fascinating read, Nex!
  6. dolphingirl

    The Other Side.

    Agreed- also on my list for 'someday'. Still experimenting with Hemi Sync, but no breakthrough yet glad you are pleased with Gateway Kumo! Everyone's posts about their own journeys are really inspiring and hopeful for me--please keep posting about OBE's, dreams, etc. Blessings-dg
  7. dolphingirl

    NDEs, OBEs and 'out there'

    wow, so cool you had an LBL....would you care to share any part of your experience here? thanks for the info---if i were in Australia, would definitely contact him. blessings to you tonkacat!
  8. dolphingirl

    NDEs, OBEs and 'out there'

    Thanks all for sharing this amazing info. I truly believe that the 'death barrier', as Nex stated, is the ultimate, final frontier for humans to conquer and understand. Unfortunately, I have not had success with OBE's despite much effort....will try Hemi Sync. On my bucket list: to attend one of the Monroe Institute's retreats. Will be digesting everything here over the next few days and hope to share some of my own experiences soon. Blessings ~dg
  9. dolphingirl

    NDEs, OBEs and 'out there'

    Just read Eban Alexander's book. Impressive. He says that using the Hemi Sync from Monroe Institute helped him replicate his NDE experience. My question: Has anyone had experience with Hemi Sync? which mgz? from where did you get 'it'? download? Thanks--dg
  10. dolphingirl

    NDEs, OBEs and 'out there'

    Awesome! I love this topic! Thanks for starting the thread. Would also like to suggest the work of Dr. Michael Newton--website: newtoninstitute.org/‎ He has many books and videos. Hundreds of accounts where patients recount experiences of "life between lives". Also, Robert Bruce for astral work.
  11. Thank you both--it is amazing HOW brainwashed and controlled we humans have been/are. I come from a southern, conservative background and was taught that things are only accomplished by sacrifice-"we all must sacrifice joy, freedom, money, travel, etc. in order to achieve" and lived in a fearful place for many years.. Constantly heard: If you don't graduate, if you don't get married, if you don't have kids, if you don't go to church, if you don't get a mortgage, if you don't pay your bills, if you don't save for retirement, if,if, if--you're doomed. So tired of the fear. So hard to break out of the matrix! Especially when all the people around you are deep, down stuck in it. I do hope/strive to graduate from this planet and eventually move up the spritual ladder this time around. I want to assist everyone on the planet in reaching her/his potential---help wake people up...guess the best way is to choose joy and enjoy the ride! no loosh from me!
  12. First, just want to say thank you to Nexus, Aco, and everyone else for allowing me to lurk all these years and absorb the wonderful energy and knowledge here.... I have followed me tell u and it resonates deep within my soul. I do believe I'm here on this planet for the long haul to help and do what needs to be done. Nexus (and any other members), my question--how do we know for sure what we should be doing to raise earth's vibration? -- I have a nagging feeling I should be doing something more concrete, but what? Should we just wait for the universe to make "it" happen? whatever 'it' is?---or is it really as simple as being happy and putting as much love out there as possible on a daily basis as we go about our daily lives? What have you learned from your sources? I sincerely want to participate in increasing the love, cuz I'm not going anywhere for a long time.
  13. Thanks Nex for the great thread! I have always been fascinated with the Men in Black phenom--what is your take? Terran and controlled by TPTB? or Non-terran with unknown agendas? Again, your time is much appreciated--
  14. Thanks for the opportunity-- I have been researching life after life and life between lives (a la www.newtoninstitute.org/? ) What happens after we leave this world seems to make other issues that we face here less important. Anyway, curious to know if you have any other good suggestions for further research regarding reincarnation, etc. Thanks a million