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  1. I just had a shock realisation to myself.

    I'm absolutely amazed that how far the compartmentalization are established for all of the people who have deep info about the alien interference to Humanity.

    Compartmentalization actually SAVES LIFE so I feel it's important to be installed, but am so stunned to realise even someone who got so much info at hand doesn't know the stuff I knew about. (There's no way I say I know all! That's a true dick-head attitude to have if anyone thinks that way in Humanity, if the person is dealing things in 3-4D world. No way anyone to possess the entire pictures dished out by every single alien faction either; they all got different "truths" to themselves.) BUT I KNOW WHAT I WANT in order to save all. To know what you want is really the key for the future of Humanity.), and then I realised maybe the info I got passed was not intended to spread to the public. (Duh, I thought it was publicly stated stuff back then, but obviously not so.)

    Regardless of what we know of, no one was given the entire picture to assure the safety for us all.

    The Humanity needs to know and understand what we want.

    And start working out everything from that idea.

    Let's not to put weight on how much knowledge is in a person, but accept everyone got different assets of knowledge, and when we work together towards LOVE based society, we can render the differences then.

    Love you all. Let's make it through alright. Because we can.