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  1. According to the latest result of scientific study, Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold BOTH HAVE TOXIC LEVELS against Human consumption---Ken the scientist from C60 Purple Power dot com said so to Alfred on a vid yesterday. Holy cow.......... BUT great to learn C60 is absolutely toxiticy-free for humans! It's PROVEN now.

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    2. unity


      Ken was also mentioning that data can be accompanied by completely different way of describing it. Also the point of it is; it's good to know about it now, if that was the case--we can come up some combined method like using C60 along side the Colloidal Silver/Gold, which means that C60 can absorb any toxic amount of heavy metal particles and take them outside the body. So your body gets the best of benefit from Colloidal Silver as well as C60's benefit. 

      I think everything is meant to be in moderation, though. Balance is the key I believe. 

      Over dependency will become a concern if we don't take care of that possibility, I guess...

    3. MungamineBoy


      I only take Colloidal Silver when I need it and it is much better than the alternatives that I am expected to take.


    4. unity


      I totally agree to the topical (!? I mean the short period of time to get healing going faster) use of it. We can't afford to ditch things that WORK for us, just because of a Chinese supercomupter came to the conclusion that the substance is toxic in TINY AMOUNT. Silver/Gold can help us a lot, that's for sure!