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  1. Did Matrix Got Updated Today?

    I have been having this feeling that last 24 hrs was a very special day.

    Something had changed about our shared reality.

    It was as if to "upgrade" and it feels neater and better.

    Even to my visual cue, when the change of the structure was taking place right in front of me, the perspective of the space got changed, and immediately I felt the same space somehow bigger and wider with fresher feel to the whole place...wth...

    But then, I can't be sure if I'm having a very positive result from C60 and this is a part of it....

    Anyone else felt something very profound today??

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    2. breezy


      I see more people thinking alike, synchronicities, etc taking place. Maybe not exactly teleportation, but a bit more telepathy? Other than that, no,, but you are so positive unity, you might  just be more receptive than those of us with a bit of cynicism to deal with first.  :rolleyes:

    3. unity


      With the fact that Ben/S0 stating vividly lately re: imminent POLE REVERSAL and DISASTER to go with it to happen sometime SOON, we maybe all feeling overall change that Earth is going through....(it means as usual for us.)

      Interesting that loads of CT heads turned away from Pole Shift and the disaster story, while S0 and his crew came back with stern WARNING over it now. 

      Apart from that....LOL C60 has been doing something to meeeeeeeee I guess...!(≧▽≦)ノ

    4. breezy


      unity would you please cross post this video onto a thread ?   Thanks, very interesting. I hope you are correct and that C60 is making you feel better.