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  1. albatross


    What if it is a Wave that has originated in deep space to transform all those who have done the work and prepared for it; by vibrating at a different frequency for the wave to pick you up. It is coming not far off now, probably.That is a version of The Event I am currently thinking. The TV series was the other one I can think of. It was not too bad.
  2. albatross

    Acolyte Information

    Belated RIP Acolyte, miss you freaking me out every April 1st . Thank you and thinking of you.
  3. Something has been thawed out down there or released and needs to be viewed or seen by all these certain people for I don't know what?? There was a 'Berserk' in the Antartic too not to mention a pyramid and now the Chinese. following with interest
  4. I am having the feeling that Fidel Castro died a while ago now I am hearing he just died (is he my Nelson Mandela??), the Castro effect!! LOL Anybody else or is it just me??
  5. albatross

    Weekly One People Show by Lisa Harrison and Dani

    got the distiller and 100% Unlock going (did a pH test on the distilled water it was very Acidic) do I need to add something Phil??
  6. albatross


    oh wow this is like a rabbit hole!! I am finding so much new stuff thanks Breezy and Team!!
  7. albatross


    Cool a wolf pup, called iceberg excellent stuff. Like Breezy says we are all in this together. Onward and upward Chanites Thanks to all involved. PS Just realised that LOVE is involved. tee hee
  8. albatross


    Thanks Unity (and to all the likers) out there, anyone got any clues? Could it be a massive hologram or is it a computer glitch maybe a natural phenomenon, is it visible to only certain people and cameras (you would think that if half the sky is different everybody would notice). Anyway all the stuff that's happening in the sky is doing my head in(as well as everything China does; such as Ghost Cities, even CHANI has all the letters of China)Haha. PS Loving CHANI.
  9. albatross


    Sorry if in the wrong thread looked around for a relevant thread this was the closest I could get somethings going on for sure!!??
  10. albatross


    Any ideas what is going on with the sky in this picture my friend said it went all the way across the sky in Cairns Australia i saw a you tube Project Bluebeam Hologram sky; with a similar thing any ideas out there? iim
  11. Yeah good info 12;12, it is all a dream (like: row row,row your boat...).Anyway back to time, before the word time (or the idea of time) what did they do?? Was it just day and night? I wonder what would happen if we had no time for a certain period of time or are we stuck in time?
  12. albatross

    Acolyte Information

    Love your work Acolyte, Thanks to you we have us. Rest in Peace.
  13. Happy Birthdays P's love your work and happy birthday slayer have a good one.
  14. what about time in dreams; from what I recall I never notice it like when you are lucid. The Dreamtime with Indigenous Australians is interesting. Just putting it out there.