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  1. stutteringp0et

    Hmmm. What's The Donald up to now....

    The earliest comment on that page is dated September 19th 2012, and the date of death is listed as tomorrow (October 24th 2012) Either these guys have a time machine, or it's total BS.
  2. stutteringp0et

    How smart are you ???

    This test has existed in its present form since mid 2003, and probably before that because it started life as a Mensa warm-up test.
  3. stutteringp0et

    Clif High Quits

    So, where in his post does it say "quit"? The title: weäcnm translates to "hide your talk, by whispering, by talking a different language; talk secretly; gossip" according to the Selish dictionary he linked to.
  4. stutteringp0et

    Media About to Break Out in a Truth Attack!

    I found this page which contains 9 youtube videos with Clif High from 4 days ago: http://theperiledsea.ning.com/forum/topics/mainstream-media-whores-burst-out-truth-attack-posted-february-16?page=1&commentId=6439274%3AComment%3A30263&x=1#6439274Comment30263
  5. stutteringp0et

    Media About to Break Out in a Truth Attack!

    I wonder if Clif High is talking about the election shenanigans going on...
  6. stutteringp0et

    Cat Tattooed by Russian Tattooist

    As I scrolled down the article, he has a tattoo of his tattooed cat on his arm - complete with the misspelled phrase! So it's misspelled twice!
  7. stutteringp0et

    Cat Tattooed by Russian Tattooist

    I would think that anyone tattooing their cat was a few mcnuggets short of a happy meal, but this is unreal. He spelled it "carpe deem"!
  8. stutteringp0et

    Your Last 26 Days of Life..webbots

    After buying the future recent history 2020 report, I'm left a little dumbfounded. There seems to be a lot of speculation and sci-fi wishful thinking in it. Not that I'm opposed to that sort of thing. Although there is a lot of gloom and doom, I hope he's right and I'm able to survive to 2020 so I can see these things.
  9. stutteringp0et

    What's this!? UMA??

    Looks overproduced. I can't take it seriously.
  10. stutteringp0et

    fifth order house

    It's a new delivery method for clif high of halfpasthuman.com. If you're a HPH reader, this is the new delivery method because (supposedly) things are going to speed up!
  11. stutteringp0et

    Extreme Idiots Compilation

    That video is a real ego boost. Regardless of the stupid things I've done in my life, none of them were as stupid as the things on that video.
  12. stutteringp0et

    Rainbow UFO Vid

    The colors remind me of aurora borealis. Remaining captive in that tubular/conical shape is entirely odd. As if an energy being beamed in/out is causing the interaction. HAARP? Something from space targeting us?
  13. stutteringp0et

    Neanderthal Breakthrough Idea

    Your first link is a 404
  14. stutteringp0et


    Lets hope this doesn't turn the sky red: http://science.slashdot.org/story/12/01/20/2026256/sunspot-tosses-plasma-cloud-toward-earth
  15. methane hydrate is like ice cream. As long as they keep it cold, it remains a solid. It's neat stuff, I've seen several reports about it, speculating that it is an incredible untapped energy source.