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The CHANI Project Conspiracy Forum

Please Join our Online CHANI Chat Room

You have the choice to use the voice option to discuss topics you want amongst the other members in the room, or you can sit back and just listen to the other speakers. The Text chat is integrated with the Voice chat so while some members are speaking you can use the text option to chat and interact with the Speakers and others in the room.

It's really a fun way to meet other regulars of the CHANI forum.

We are using the Latest Team Speak 3 client software. Below is "safe link" where you can download the latest TeamSpeak3 client for use on your desktop/laptop directly from TeamSpeak:

Go to the link above, and choose your operating system for the "Client" software (windows, Linux or Mac 32bit or 64bit) and click on the download link. (Please Note that you must download the "Client" version and not the "server" version, Also don't download the TeamSpeak SDK Version)
Once the download is completed run and install TeamSpeak3 (you may skip the Setup Wizard by directly filling in the following values)
- Click on "connections" from the toolbar menu at the top (left)
- Then Click on "connect"
- Change the "Server Address" to read:
( If you ran the setup wizard then delete and replace voice.teamspeak.com with julieattrees.mainvoice.info:7915)
- Next choose a nickname and type it in.
- Then type in the "server password" which is: jingles
- Now click on the connect button and you will be taken directly to the CHANI Chat Server.

If you have any problems or need further help then please don't hesitate to send me an email at: