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    I have an interest in this as well since I am O- type.
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    @unity strange things going on w/youtube users. Many thefts of original content being stolen by others, and used as their own, with the fake ones getting monetization for the original content that is not theirs. Dr. Dave Janda for one, and Sean from SGT Report, being two of those having that problem. I noticed that at about 30 minutes in, the talk went to Ancient Aust. and wondered if any of that content was Nex's I think you are on the right track with the RH - factor. I'd been having other convos about O - RH just recently, in particular, and learned that the Mexican population has a high incidence of O - RH factor, so when he started speaking about Mexico, SW USA, Spain, etc., it got my attention right quick like. At about 14:20 in, then 6 minutes later, South American countries are mentioned, and all of these would have Spanish influence. I don't quite know why, but O - RH really gets my interest. Intuition tells me that whatever gene creates that particular blood type is important. Moreso than any others. Yes, he went on about places all over the world - 6 fingers/toes, but is it possible they all come from that one gene? A God gene? Is it possible that all those with that anomaly had it, were created with it? Then of course I always end up remembering the Aco conversation about those having a certain gene would be safe, those without would not be. Supposedly, that blood type also cannot be cloned or artificially created and the royals all have it. I haven't personally verified that, so take it with a grain of salt. RH neg keeps coming into my conciousness, at the strangest times, and that must be for a reason. O- RH especially interests me, even though it's not the rarest type.
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