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    @breezy what made you looking at those old books again? Also has it been confirmed it was all extended family and grand children? One thing at the time was the airforce bus was circling and not stopping when the flight was cancelled, reporters thought it was to avoid them the press, maybe it was and maybe also they were in a panic not knowing what to do if their plan was to certainly flee US territory. Not smart using the AF but the Q posts regularly these people are stupid.
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    Who was on the bus: Eliot Engel Adam Schiff Mark Takano Susan Davis Stephen Lynch Elaine Luria There might be one more since it was supposed to be seven congress types.
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    Another post by Brazile. A Hamilton note covering a Lincoln note. Hamilton, Lincoln and MLK were all shot.
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    I've been collecting links and info for several days now in regard to something I feel is strange and concerning, that's going on. I sincerely hope the whole thing is a fluke and will turn out to be nothing, but just in case, I'm going to put it down. In 1896 a book "The Last President" was written by Ingersoll Lockwood. In the last pages it tells about how the House of Reps. is deliberating, (The legislation the House was trying to pass had to do with the rights of Freemen being usurped by a majority. How those trying to save the Republic, fighting against wrong and tyranny, and had struggled against overwhelming odds, and did not intend to be present to vote on it.) when the President arrives to make his State of the Union speech and it creates such a clamor, that they try to keep him from speaking, and insist he leave. He asks for them to calm and allow him to speak, that the Senate, and V. Pres., are also invited, and greeted by the members of the House. As the President starts to speak about the legislation they are currently deliberating, The Speaker brings down his gavel and warns the President he must not speak about that. As he started to speak again the city bells tolled midnight and a new century was born. However, at the same moment a horrific explosion took place, dynamite had destroyed the Capitol Dome. The chamber was unscathed, but the President was led away, the House took the final vote on the legislation and the Republic died. Dawn came gray and the destruction of the Capitol Dome was viewed by one devilishly gleaming human eye, (illuminati?) which was then caught up in the people milling about. I tell you, this is so similar to what's taking place right now, it's mind bending. https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015080466603;view=1up;seq=1 <link to the book to read > only 47 pages and very interesting Speaker Pelosi suggests Pres. Trump delay his State of the Union, over shutdown https://www.npr.org/2019/01/16/685814372/pelosi-calls-for-postponement-of-state-of-the-union-address-due-to-shutdown Planning a White House attack https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jan/16/fbi-arrest-georgia-white-house-attack FBI arrests 21 yr old on Jan 16th Pres. Trump cancels Pelosi's trip to ME on military aircraft https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-denies-pelosi-aircraft-for-foreign-trip-in-response-to-call-for-state-of-the-union-delay Very strange this trip of hers. 7 Democrats including Adam Schiff and Debbie Wasserman Shultz along with her whole family, including her grandchildren. 93 people altogether. Other's thoughts below. https://twitter.com/StormIsUponUs/status/1086467745519030272 - Joe M https://twitter.com/TheRealRaNon/status/1086441355545460736 - RealRaNon https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2019/01/19/pelosis-secret-overseas-mission-included-93-family-members-why/amp/?__twitter_impression=true https://mobile.twitter.com/GregRubini/status/1086571377807761408 - Greg Rubini Then Donna Brazile tweets this - Past Leader of DNC #MadamSpeaker today #PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter #MLKWeekend is underway Keep Hope Alive! >>>SAY WHAT?? You all know that Speaker of the House is 3rd after Pres. and V. Pres., right? https://twitter.com/donnabrazile/status/1086376512985747457 Then she tweets this - Recall Comey tweeted about his dog dying just before GHWB death https://twitter.com/donnabrazile/status/1086512945515937792 This dog is connected to both Obama (name Boo) and Pres. Trump, but some feel it's about RBG SCOTUS Justice. https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/225530/trump-las-vegas-enlists-worlds-cutest-dog.html?edition=72744 https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=donna brazile screen shot&src=typd - screenshot of DB tweet in case it changes Then today V.P. Pence was appearing on TV and a fire broke out in the studio. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2019/01/20/fire-hits-building-housing-fox-c-span-msnbc-studios-in-washington/ https://www.dcclothesline.com/2019/01/19/roger-stone-warning-deep-state-coup-in-play-to-install-pelosi-first-then-hillary-clinton-as-president/ Watch The Water, Prisons Activated, [DS] Coded Messages - Episode 1770b So tonight we had the Blood Moon and Eclipse. Tomorrow is MLK day.
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    The Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo is moving toward a major city. That’s not good. Jan. 19, 2019 Julia Belluz "With at least 680 cases, it’s already the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history. At least 680 people have been infected with the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history, with 414 deaths so far, and the first Ebola outbreak in an active war zone, DRC’s eastern North Kivu and Ituri provinces. But it could get worse: Health officials this week are concerned that Ebola appears to be spreading in the direction of Goma, a major population center in DRC. Just this week, DRC’s health ministry confirmed four cases of the deadly virus in Kayina, a town in North Kivu, where fighting among rebel and militia groups has repeatedly interrupted the painstaking work of health workers who are responding to the outbreak. Kayina happens to be halfway between Butembo, currently one of the outbreak’s most worrisome hotspots, and Goma, where a million people live. So far, the outbreak has not affected DRC’s biggest cities. But Ebola in Kayina “raises the alarm” for Ebola reaching Goma, Peter Salama, the head of the new Health Emergencies Program at the World Health Organization, told Vox on Friday. Goma is a major transportation hub, with roads and highways that lead to Rwanda. “These are crossroad cities and market towns,” Salama added. People there are constantly on the move doing business, and also because of the insecurity in North Kivu. Ebola in Goma is a nightmare scenario WHO and DRC’s health ministry are scrambling to prevent." snip https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2019/1/18/18188199/drc-ebola-outbreak
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    I am a Garage Sale tragic. It started 24 years ago when our house burnt down and the Insurance Company would not honour the replacement policy. I learnt to buy at 5c in the Dollar and have been ever since. I have kept a database of local Garage Sales that shows the changes I have seen in media. I used to look to the local newspapers and radio station to compile the weekly list but Social Media has taken over. As many of my friends are not on FB etc, I started sharing my list until now it is eagerly awaited by over 500 people. I also post my list on FB and have a large following. I then started attaching cartoons that I found funny, scary, thought provoking, cryptic or just artistic. So I am sharing my weekly selections with you as well. Sources include... http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/ https://twitter.com/leahycartoons http://yourdemocracy.net.au/drupal/?q= https://twitter.com/broelman http://www.leunig.com.au/works/recent-cartoons Regards
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    This is about preserving your own culture, too. I'm more and more realising that because of the majority wishing to retain their happy state that they are used to should never be disregarded over the unreasonable level of demand using Human Rights flags, because there's NO ONE WINNING by pushing loads of MAJORITY of the population by applying HR justice of MINORITY. Why the majority should lose their happiness..........IF THERE IS A WAY TO AVOID ALL THIS? And I say YES we have the way to avoid all of this. Use the sea. Use the Mega Floats and set up the refugee camps on top of it with infrastructures like hospitals to the immigration processing place on it. Stop try to accept foreigners who don't even try to meet in the mid way and just keep on demanding what they want and ransack what it used to be normal for you now dissipated with additional anger, phobia and real victims of crimes. We can't help being humans yeah? We get rubbed on a lot trying so hard to be politically correct. If we are to lose our peace by accepting influx of people, no point in doing it forcefully. Because it's threatening the MAJORITY. Problem appear, then shifting the people in need of help all the time into established countries just cause heaps more hustles mentally and physically to EVERYONE. So I feel we should stop that way of outreaching to the people in the need. Thus the Mega Floats idea. We can't say we won't have huge problems in future, unfortunately. But when the situations such as wars to mass-sickness etc rise, we just should stop people expecting to move to an/other country/ies. Let's have a safe place for them on the sea, away from the troubles. Yes it works as the Quarantine for all of us, too. We shouldn't accept planted terrorists, hybrids and war professionals who are hiding among the real people in need. I think it's also politically correct to protect MAJORITY as well as MINORITY, yeah? But they don't need to come to live with us. They can safely stay on the near by sea. (Mega Floats can be pulled around.) When the problem on the land subsides, they can safely return to their land from the Mega Floats. Then no one loses, everyone wins. Ooops, spoken too early....yes there are people who lose over this...that's all the nasty factions against us, the Humanity. Their plots against us crumbles. We won't have wars, numerous sufferings including rapes to robberies to loss of culture, people killing themselves or attacking others so Loosh production goes far down and "they" suffer, and able to give far more secure and sound environments for our children to grow safely. It's obvious what should be done now, IMHO. ....What would you say, if we can do it as the Humanity? We win either way, though!
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    1) NOT surface but a deep intel Warning for Japan has been released but the message isn't clear for me or others yet. However the way how the info is coming out....something big sounds like being plotted. But some are saying the warning can be about the plot "not inside Japanese soil" but the word was used for the overall bigger image they are using the word for. Like "Far East oriented" info. The situation added full on colour just a few days ago. The reason was that the FMry leaving a message outlet adjacent to Hiroshima station was discovered. The message had key words: a)Maneki Neko (Waving Cat) b)Dharma (Daruma-Daishi, Dharma icon) c)Tanuki (Racoon) d)OhSho (King for Japanese chess) e)Mt. Fuji f)Tokyo Tower a~c are considered to be luck bringers. d = king...a CHECK MATE or Check Mate Time? e = the most sacred mountain of all in Japan and people believe that when Mt. Fuji explodes, Japan sinks as a country. f = an UNUSED broadcasting station acting as the Obelisk in W.D.C. The height is 333m, the metal used were gathered from used tanks (meaning had human dead bodies in them) and war planes, and FMry had their big property DIRECTLY UNDER IT. Far more disturbing point is that "they" chose it over the latest monster broadcasting tower made in recent years called the Sky Tree, and picked this eye sore for the Japanese nation instead...........this tower is where all the War Guilt Information Programming started full on after GHQ took Japan over. These 6 figures were made into small figurines and being sold ONLY IN JAPAN. I wonder if you get even more codes ON the bodies of figurines when you get all 6. (300 yen each. About $3. Even the cost of each figurines are taking part in the messaging.) Hiroshima? That can be deeply read into it a lot, too. So we dunno wth it will be but as a general warning, avoid Hiroshima station and Tokyo Tower for now. A Big One: source .youtube.com/watch?v=Ws7BQZExkEs (Sorry No Sub---about 29:00 into it) 2) China Maybe Plotting To Copy Russian Crimea Retrieval Action To Take Over TAIWAN...SOON From an undisclosed informant, this story is coming out. China had learned what steps were taken by Russia when they took back Crimea. So China is planning to use any chance such as natural disasters etc to send their own military ships to Taiwan, and calling it "We are only trying to rescue our own people, since its a disaster, only military ships could come...." and stay on Taiwan, and basically take the island over by military very easily. Russia had done their job absolutely super professional, and apparently even took over the media broadcasting and inserted FAKE NEWS, and they rushed in really quickly to take the area over.
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    Croc killed an Indonesian Worker ワニに襲われ女性死亡か 邦人飼育、インドネシア 2019.1.13 17:47 https://www.sankei.com/world/news/190113/wor1901130008-n1.html 21hrs old news it is. The above article was sourced from Kyodo Tsushin where is the source of most of Japanese news, and where is known to be Anti-Japan....anyway, it's the biggest news source in Japan. I have been using Ggl search and other search engines to get more data. Well, there's NOTHING coming up on English based sources....yet. Again and again, using different angle of words and different search engines to dig any write ups, nothing came up. So basically to me, it means it's a bogus, and an intel news which someone wanted to release the info broadly. The News: At Minahasa Prefecture, North Sulawesi, in Northern Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. A 44 yo Indonesian female worker's dead body was discovered at the Japanese based Pearl fishery, and reported by Kyodo Tsushin in Japan on 17:47, 13th Jan 2019. The Japanese owner was keeping the croc as his pet. Local police thinks the crocodile had attacked the woman. According to the local media and the locally associated people, the body was discovered on 11th. The crocodile is 5 metres in length, and the woman was the carer for the animal for years. It's considered that she fell into the pond accidentally when she tired to feed it. The local police will investigate the Japanese owner for the matter. I can read into this so deep and actually because of that, things can get cloudy for me. Whatever they tried to spread is, it's something big to be punctuated by using Kyodo Tsushin IMHO. Thus the post despite seemingly such a local content. I'll just leave some points I thought while I chased the story. Drac has a strong hold in Japan, and Japanese owner, Japanese company were used as motif to say it's Japanese branch initiating the situation? Drac attacked "Indonesian female worker"? "Finally it happened" being the key words as well? Indonesia---The last IMF Meeting rocked by a large EQ on Bali; mega strong hold of IS soldiers Muslim country; China waging in with Economic tie 5-->"bringing the fresh energy to start anew" 44 11 13 17:47-->8:11-->both powerful numbers but end result can be totally great or totally bad or swings roughly between such extreme ends