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    Another 'circuit board' image. This image has been inverted and sharpened a lot to bring out the detail, I also ran it through curves. For those who wish to travel a little further to see this area, the coordinates are 04 33 32.02N, 81 12 32.32W . Oh... this is on Mars but this is not about Mars, it is about these structures that are everywhere.
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    Last image I will post from Mars. Same location as first Mars image. Echus Chasma. 02 04 49.97N, 81 05 52.21W . I don't know if this is really there or not. I believe it is a real complex, but since there are no historical images for Mars or Moon, I can't verify whether it is physically there or just showing up like the ones on Earth. Maybe the images of structures we see on Earth are from Mars. If you look at this area on Mars, it does look like it was purposely washed out to cover the evidence. This is much like what can be seen in Hale Crater on Mars. Anyway...
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    Kitty carries his toy everywhere he goes I kept waiting for him to trip over it.
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    A bit late but. I did this to relax so took some time doing it, blowing up images etc. Personally I'm 100% sure it is the older JFK jnr-but of course I could be mistaken. I even got down into looking at incipient jowl lines, tissue suurounding the lips etc in the young JFK jnr, which to me correspond with later expansion. When I was almost finished and taking a look at it all I realised he had a crooked smile, showing a distinctive shape with the right corner different to the left. Anyway....
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    Thx... I hate debunking cool stuff though
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    41 33 29.54S, 71 40 24.13W 5500 ft, side of mountain.
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    Archaeologists discover 15th century indigenous tombs with Elongated Skulls in Bolivia If the elongated skull really was in the 15th C tomb, that's really a huge news to me. But I still haven't managed to get other sources to get further info on this story, I cannot be sure if the elongated skull really belong to the 15th C bodies. Someone might had been honouring the elongated skulled people in the region, and they might decided to remove the skull from the original resting place, then put it together with the 108 bodies for very special reason, such as that those 108 were also special group of people and were there to be reanimated with the elongated skull owner when that being would be resurrected....we can only speculate, but the skull itself could be from far older time, just being placed into the 15th C tomb, not exactly the skull owner being alive in the 15th C. So far there is not much detailed info to suss out the picture of what was really going on there. However, IF the elongated skull owner really did exist back in the 15th C.......FAR OUT!!!!!!!!! That really would be a super discovery to us because 15th C isn't that long time ago in our history!!!!!!!!! Columbus could have met an elongated skulled people!!!!!!!!! (c) UFOmania - The truth is out there 2018 Published on Nov 18, 2018
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    Black Goo Cafe THE place where you want to avoid putting your foot in...? http://www.blackgoocoffee.co.uk/ All menu sprinkled with nano particles for later remote turn on at your pleasure....? WTH...