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    Astronomers Discover Mysterious Radio Burst Originated Surprisingly Close To Earth Oct. 15, 2018 "Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are violent flashes of radio waves spread through space, packing a punch with as much energy as the Sun produces over the course of nearly a century, despite lasting mere milliseconds. They were first discovered just over a decade ago, but scientists still have very little idea about what causes them. Scientists have previously estimated these mysterious bursts come from galaxies billions of light-years from Earth. However, Aussie researchers recently went on the hunt for the host galaxy of one of these bursts, FRB 171020, only to discover that it originated from a source curiously close to Earth (well, relatively speaking). The new research, led by Australia’s national science institute CSIRO, can be found on the preprint server arXiv. Australian astronomers only discovered FRB 171020 (along with 20 other FBRs) fairly recently. With the help of the Australia Telescope Compact Array deep in New South Wales, this new study highlights that it might have originated in a galaxy known as ESO 601-G036, some 120 million light-years away from Earth. Galaxy ESO 601-G036 also has a similar star-formation rate and oxygen abundance to another galaxy where we know FRBs can spill out from – which was the only other instance where scientists tracked down an FRB's origin to a galaxy. For comparison, this is a dwarf galaxy some 3 billion light-years from Earth, while ESO 601-G036 is a mere 120 million light-years away." snip https://www.iflscience.com/space/astronomers-discover-mysterious-radio-burst-originated-surprisingly-close-to-earth/ Gee, imagine this....... Cometlike objects could be spreading life from star to star throughout the Milky Way Oct. 15, 2018 George Musser "When the U.S. football field–size, cigar-shaped object ‘Oumuamua entered our solar system last year, it didn’t just give us our first glimpse of an interstellar piece of rock. It also bolstered the plausibility of space rocks spreading life among the stars by ferrying microbes between distant star systems, according to a new study. “Life could potentially be exchanged over thousands of light-years,” says author Idan Ginsburg, a postdoc at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The idea, known as panspermia, has been around for centuries. Some astronomers have even speculated that life on Earth was seeded by microbes that hitched a ride on debris ejected from another life-harboring world in the solar system, perhaps on meteorites from Mars. But it seemed improbable that life could have come from interstellar space. Take computer simulations in 2003 by planetary scientist H. Jay Melosh, now at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. The analysis revealed that about a third of the meteorites shot off Earth were eventually thrown out of the solar system by Jupiter or Saturn, but that the process took millions or tens of millions of years—a long stretch for even the toughest bugs or spores to be exposed to the vacuum and radiation of space. And vanishingly few rocks would ever be captured by some distant system, Melosh found." snip https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/10/cometlike-objects-could-be-spreading-life-star-star-throughout-milky-way
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    I was very intrigued with that purported image, I've worked with paint programs even before the internet. so used my intuition and slightly rusty drawing skills to tease out what I saw. The first impression I had was the man was about 60. That's based on the neck. The other things that struck me were the lowness of the hairline and the bone structure of the forehead. which is unusual but seen a lot in people of Irish ancestry. The nose struck me as bein long with a slight bob at the top, and the mouth as loose and mobile. Here's what I came up with. Personally I'd be over 90% sure it's an older JFK jnr_ I only really looked at other images of him after I drew this. So ... maybe.
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    Vast cosmic explosions could be flinging gold and platinum across the universe, Nasa scientists reveal Andrew Griffin Oct. 17, 2018 Such kilonovae could shed light on some of the most spectacular parts of space "Vast explosions, throwing out gold, platinum and many of the world's most precious elements, could be happening throughout the universe. Nasa scientists have spotted what they think are immense explosions caused by neutron stars colliding into each other in distant space. When that catastrophic event happened, it sent an intense jet of of high-energy particles through space that made their way past the scientists who spotted them using Nasa's array of space telescopes. The researchers think the explosion could be a "kilonova". That is a bright flash of radioactive that flings out huge quantities of important elements like silver, gold, platinum and uranium." snip https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/nasa-kilonovae-neutron-star-merger-gold-platinum-precious-metal-a8585871.html
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    RenegadeSon, thank you heaps for your close analysis! Appreciating a lot here.
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    For some reason, Bulla just popped into my brain. It's been many year, my friend. I do miss our crazy conversations. Cheers !
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    I'm on the fence regarding all of what's presented. How old a photo could it be? Jr. died in 1999, so IF it's an old picture, and IF it IS even him inside it, then which President would have had him in Marine1, and why? Clinton was Pres. in 1999, so I guess that would be possible, in that time frame. I just don't think Jr., would have been that close to them, considering her establishing residency in NY just to run for that Senate seat, but I could be wrong. So that picture would have to be pre July 10, 1999, no way it could be after that, IF it's him. Not only that, IF it's a recent picture, done with a purpose in mind, I'm reminded that 3 people can keep a secret, if 2 of them are dead. IF someone actually saw him in person boarding Marine1, recently, then how would it be kept quiet? Unless those tending to Marine1 had no clue who the person was. Hard to believe that could be, even remotely, possible. As to the video, easy to be deceived when considering what a person believes to be true, we all know that beliefs affect perception. I too, took note of the ears being covered. Plus absolutely unbelievable things can be accomplished with the use of makeup. From what I've read, there are 3 Fusca brothers, and Vincent/JFK Jr. were supposedly friends. So perhaps the message he's putting out with his presence at rallies, is different than the one being received. Perhaps he's not attempting to convince anyone he is JFK Jr., but his presence is simply to let us know that Jr., is alive and he's the representative stand-in. Not only that, but just imagine how that might affect some other people. I think his being there is deliberate, we just aren't privvy to the reason, or what it's accomplishing that we don't see. IMO the most interesting aspect of all of it, is Jr.'s grave site. IF that's not a Q, I'll eat my hat. Would I like to believe he's alive? Yes, for many reasons. Do I believe it's possible the two of them pulled such a thing off? Absolutely. When you have the resources DJT and Jr., had at their disposal, anything is possible. Not only that but iirc, there was an awful lot of funny business that went on with the search and the "cremation", burial at sea, etc. I recall thinking how none of it made sense at the time. One thing is for sure, time will tell. "Future proves past", so says Q. ps: PE, go for it, if you can find the time, I'm sure we'll be interested to see what you come up with.
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    Further correction... One image post Michael shows an F-22 in the Raptor hangar taken on 11 Oct 2018 from ground level. Only one can be seen. It was probably not air worthy at the time.
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    Slow morph is very very deceptive. You need to flip between the two photos quickly, instantly almost. This is the technique Animators used this technique between frames particularly for old school hadn't drawing inbetweening. The brian can see the difference almost as one image at once. It's hard to do this on youtube effectively and the images are not well positioned or from exact same angle. This Vincent Fusca is a different person. Unless there has been the addition of surgery or other techniques to change the facial features (even a beard is classic, it really can catch peopel who might have know you all your life if you suddenly have one). Teeth are not the same from what I can tell on the two men. However I'd really like to see comparative ears of both men. The lady being Carolyn B Kennedy is more compelling but still not 100%, i.e. the lady in the crowd, her ears are bigger and had small very petite ears. Yes cartilage grows all through your life so ears and noses gets bigger and your skulls does change shape including your teeth but this can not account for the differences or we don't have enough photos with decent clarity or more comparative angles. I'm surprised no one has tried to run some facial AI on these people. That's something we didn't have a until recently. I might drum up some better comparison if I get the time and can find better sources.
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    You know I was going to say that twitter photo could be an old photo! No idea why I didn't think of that in the first instance but occurred ot me last night so maybe we had the thought around the same time! It's cropped heavily too. So if there were any give away elements we can't see them that might help to age it. It also looks to be the Helicopter Marine One used to transport the US president - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_One
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    Ah that was from 28th Nov 2015. Still a great find, KMRIA! I didn't know about it. UFOvni2012 2015/11/29
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    I can only tell you that this appears to be Marine 1, the presidential helicopter. If you look up images for Marine1, it looks like it. The image was posted on twitter on Oct. 5, 2018. When it was taken, I don't know.
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    I think this article is from today.. UFO International Project » Alien beings sightings » Strange Green Portals Seen Above South Africa Strange Green Portals Seen Above South Africa .http://www.ufointernationalproject.com/ufo-photos-and-videos/strange-green-portal-looking-ufo-seen-above-south-africa/
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    QAnon seems to have gone dark, for a bit. On the subject of JFK jr, I'm going to paste links to info. you may have not seen. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?103683-Is-JFK-Jr-Still-Alive JFK JR ? / VINCENT FUSCA, PROFILES OF COURAGE https://www.exopolitics.org/bombshell-qanon-posts-link-clintons-cia-to-jfk-jr-plane-crash/ A couple other links: https://www.bitchute.com/video/CR8uoj3-9_4/ >>warning - graphic-this is how it works- https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/congress/democrats-keep-kiss-of-death-hillary-clinton-away-from-campaign-trail https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/oct/14/ted-wheeler-portland-mayor-stands-decision-allow-a/?fbclid=IwAR3KPhXMuCamD_ATdiJ_9jl_K9W9UXdLvOH7VdifQQQG3qP-8Oi-4clSgRU <<Antifa group raised heck in Portland, Oregon, causing damage to cars,and harassed people while police watched/did nothing. https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/dems-force-local-exec-director-said-stand-flag-kneel-cross/
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    Tennis ball-sized hailstones batter Australia woman, as super storms hit Queensland Oct. 12, 2018 Fiona Simpson protected her baby from the hail. "An Australian woman has been left bruised and battered after being pelted by hailstones that had smashed her car's windows during a violent storm in Queensland. Fiona Simpson posted images of her injuries on Facebook and recounted her story of taking the brunt of the storm while on the D'Aguilar Highway, about 200 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, with her baby and grandmother on Thursday. She described covering her baby with her body when the windows blew out, leaving her back, arms and head badly bruised." snip https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/107793928/tennis-ballsized-hailstones-batter-australia-woman-as-super-storms-hit-queensland
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    https://youtu.be/GyFoDiOyFhc Transpicuous Views: What are the hiding in our sky?
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    LOL PM, POTUS looks like he's doing it very well! His decisions are trashing what was established as fake world peace after WW2 by the Cs. But because of our shallow views set by the slavery we are experiencing, it looks like we are going ahead towards the Block Economy scheme...which doesn't help the Humanity as the whole. So basically if we as the Humanity to collectively wake up and be freed, we gotta scrap monetary slavery system and change it over to something better. There's a scary bit we still gotta ride over to see what it does due to the time factor (which is after all, also an illusion...): the AI driven world because of the economic slavery as well as transhumanistic world which WE DON'T NEED but pushed to us on the dish now with full force. If we all can ORGANICALLY achieve mastering our own power which is to change everything with our will, to become able to do it without causing harm to others and to ourselves, then we totally won "the game", and we can evolve far to the level we really can start contributing to the rest of existences in local or far beyond of local universes, which is what I wish for us to achieve. It's up to our awakening and gripping to our full power vs the AI driven transhumanistic world being established with speed because "we think we still need such to aid ourselves"....can we break the mind control and fly high before it's going to set a new-damning-world for ourselves? (We don't require any machines to aid us any longer, once we regain the full power status. The world without computers and machinery ends clearly, and we will never to be ruled by the AIs or BS crap coming from lower consciousness based factions. We, the Humanity, will run the Universe with the power of love, then. It sounds corny, I know....lol But I saw that time line appearing, firmly. You don't need to believe any bits of what I wrote. Please refer to your own heart and gut feelings.) I continue to dream of that beautiful world we will get. Love you all....and I believe in us all.
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    R being the last letter in JFK Jr. I only figured that out now Think about witness protection program. How do they do it? Think about the other side and everything they’ve managed to hide and cover up from humanity and they involve a lot of people to do it. Is it that hard then for he good side to hide one man? Its completely possible and probably only requires money. Trump had money. I’m sure so too did JFK jr. It’s really not that unthinkable but it’s at least great script writing if nothing more. Q is full of quality hooks. This is the best by far. The Bobby Ewing plot line. We’re all hooked even if it turns out to be a psyop of ill repute.
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    If you were in Taiwan and needed the restroom, which would you choose? Find out here - you'll need to translate the page. http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1800977 If you don't care to check site, I will tell you the Giraffe is female. Strangest thing I've seen in this regard.
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    My information is that 'when' we have a 'magnetic collapse' - most likely from a pole-reversal, it will last a few days. Many substances will be affected, the 'report' states, ALL plastics, and most 'man-made' substances will 'dissolve', as they need Gaia's magnetic field to keep them together. But the biggest 'worry' for us hu-mans is going to be a lack of memory - it also seems a magnetic field is needed to keep one's memory, and once the field weakens, we 'forget'. How much this affects 'Spirit' and the connection to the Akasic I don't know. But apparently it has happened each time we have had a pole-shift.
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    The 9 Locations Exist on Earth, where are Naturally Able to Accept Invaders from the Cosmos When Magnetic Collapse Happens From about 41:00~ Linda mentions re: 9 locations around the globe there are places where natural magnetic collapse cyclically happening and people are sent out to make buildings without windows, and containing the machines inside to PREVENT the collapse of the magnetic field there, because when the collapse happens, weird things from the cosmos can come through to our world.... Apparently it's to do with folding up the linear distances and the door opens up. <Add to Edit: 9-10-2018 In fact, the vid does NOT enlist those 9 locations. Though most of the vid was interesting to listen to IMHO, they won't give out the names or coordinates unfortunately. The only place gets mentioned was SEDONA, and a suggested another location was Skinwalker Ranch. I also suspect the location in Poland where the woods shows growth anomaly like twisted and curling that's to do with GRAVITATION and anything else....the location is being studied for decades, but still no one knows wth is going on. They often capture weird fog like thing appear in the photographs though you won't see anything by the physical eyes. No animals or insects exist and you don't hear any birds calling..... But where else IDK. Logistically pointing out to the Bermuda triangle and Dragons triangle region? That makes 5. Where else consist the rest of 4, I'm not sure---anyone got any idea???>
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    A Plan for Recreating Grids on Earth? Inspired by the Blade Runner movie? Cool. Yes we got the Graphane available now and it could kill off the weight issue of the structure they are talking about. Graphane in pyramidal structure? IDK what end result would be. But certainly interesting that the idea went as far as patent papers being submitted. Japan is the only country where achieved creating the mega-float system that actually works. So using the float might also help the structure? Anyway, if these structures are made onto important places around the globe to REVIVE the energy of Earth, that'd be great. (c) Kento Bento 2018 Published on Oct 1, 2018
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    Crazy cute range of Teabags....yes, teabags.... https://www.ocean-teabag.com/categories/528915 There was an interview article of the company owner. He said that he himself stays behind in the company till wee hours making these up by HANDS!!! ROFL Anyway, the company was supposed to deal with freshly caught fish and all, somehow this teabag business has been more focused. The demand is high and their stock has ran out very fast and many of them are on waiting list for restock. I want the raccoon one!!! LOL
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    The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1) The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1) THE NEW PLANETARY SITUATION REVIEW - FROM 20.000 B.C. UNTIL TODAY. Icke is right in some things in his new moon research but under the false guidance of his Rabbis, Mediums-Psychics and voices in his head (aka: Lunar influence) he continues to conceal the truth and the whole picture. So here it is in brief: Moon is a gigantic ex-physical-planetary body converted (terraformed) into a hybrid hollowed space semi-artificial body capable of travelling into interstellar space. Moon origins is the constellations of Draco and Boötes a coalition Draconian rebellious constellation. (See: scotish astronomer Duncan Lunan research, Russian Academics Vasin & Scherbakov, NASA/JPL leaked statements, G.H.REES research, Raymond Drake, Don Wilson, etc) Moon is governed by a race of Reptilians from the Draco constellation. The reptilians are dominating the Moon with extremely high technology and beings in two parallel space dimensions separated by light barriers (c, and c*10^6). Our current 1st visible Dimension of matter rarification (3rd Real) and the 2nd Dimension (4th Real) invisible to our sensors. The 2nd Dimensions of Reptilian Beings rules the 1st and can see all that happens in the 1st. The 1st cannot directly see what happens in the 2nd but has technological capability to communicate with the 2nd. The Reptilians are a mutineers spacebandits faction which acts as a cancer against the Universal Organism. They made a rebellion million years ago against the Galactic Order and the Galactic Government - Federation. They wander around the Universe stealing planetary raw - valuable materials, by using the original planetary settlers as slaves aka:"Lord's servants" who bring out the raw materials to the surface. After that, they steal them, genocide the settlers, destroy the planets and leave for another solar system in order to repeat the mega-crimes and spread the cancer. They create religions and after that masonic-matrix-mind-control NWO pyramidal beehive systems in order to manipulate the "Lord's servants". In case the system is occupied by populations that are faithful to the galactic government (aka, the white andromedian race) they usually create through genetic engineering serpent DNA hybrid humans that look like the Draconian Chinese that live today in our planet. Then they use the Draconian Chinese serpent-saurian looking hybrids in order to assimilate and essentially genocide and overrun the enemy unfaithful to them population. Moon came to our solar system around 20.000 B.C. when there was a legal Andromedian Government in our system, the Uranides or Varuna Dynasty (See: Hindu Scripts). Uranides means "People that came from the Sky" = Skylings. The Uranides rulers dynasty consists mainly of Zeus (Diaus Pitar in Sanskrit) and Saturn-Cronus factions. By the time moon entered in our solar system there was already a civil space war between Zeus-Cronus (See ancient Hellenic myths, Hesiods' theogony, Titans clash etc). Zeus made a temporary win against the mutineer Cronus-Saturn-Savaoth and closed the rebelious Cronians to prison-like places, like the Underground Tartars. Moon at this time (20.000 B.C.) made a first attempt to enter Earth's orbit, that failed. It made a collision course towards Earth which was intercepted by the Andromedians Uranides. The second attempt was successful and Moon entered Earth's orbit around 11.436 B.C. (See G.H.REES and Raymond Drake research, Tiahuanaco Bolivia encarvings, etc) The Earth then was already occupied by white race colonizers from the Andromeda constellation and by the local indigenous Black Sirian Race. The white race Hellenes civilizers from Andromeda came to Earth through the star-portal of Sirius(Hyperion=Supersun) as a scientific mission in order to teach and civilize the indigenous Black Race about the Ecological Harmony and Universal Physical Laws. (See the Chronicles of the Dogon Tribe in Africa) The Reptilians Draconian Moon having as high commanders: Asmodai Metatron and El Shaddai (See: Bible) or Sendai - Jendai (See: Star Wars) - or Judas, asked from Zeus permission to disembark its populations to Earth. Hospitable Zeus who was outnumbered and not at this time fully aware of the aggressive-piratical intentions of the moon, allowed them to do so, under the terms of keeping population analogy 1:108 and keeping the then present cultural trend and language of the planet (archetype Hellenic). The Reptilians from the Moon then disembarked to Atlantis the first Chinese hybrid settlers capable of living in Earth and genetically designed to withstand against attacks from earthborn viruses. The Chinese under the commands of the first Serpent Priesthoods under the guidance of the Moon quickly degenarated and turned the Whites Pelasgians Hellenes of Atlantis to a civil world war against their racial brothers Pelasgians of Europe and the Prehistoric Athenian Empire. (See: Plato Timaeus - Critias). In this catastrophic global civil war were used nuclear weapons of the era of special effect, and meteorological weapons which were discribed in the ancient Hindu texts of Vedas & Mahabarata. The White Atlanteans instigated by the Chinese of Atlantis (See books of Raymond Drake) successfully invaded Europe, but the Athenians managed to overrun them and were ready to drop them back into the Atlantic Ocean with a massive counter-attack. Metatron El Sendai Jendai Reptilians overlords were now terrified because the Athenians under the guidance of Zeus were now ready to massively counterattack and completely eliminate the Chinese of Atlantis with the charge of the devious enorchestrating of the Pelasgian civil global war. And thus along with the terran global war a parallel space war begun between Moon(Selene) and Zeus HQ's. Moon then used its gravital canons to put gravitational pressure on the lithospheric plaques of Earth and managed to sink both Atlantis and a little later sunk and Aegis (today Mediterranean and Aegean Seas) and put to death in the depths of the sea millions of white race Atlanteans and Athenians. The Pelasgian high technology golden age Natural Harmony Civilization quickly converted back to "stone-age" At the same time the Moon and the Serpent Priesthoods notified the Chinese of Atlantis who left on time from the Sinking continent and were rescued to Esperia (Today's America) Zeus ships (Vimanas, mainly of scientific tasks) at this time were outnumbered against the superior in size and numbers aggressive piratical Lunar Starfleet. The Reptilian Lunar Draconian Starfleet consists mainly of: a) The flagship Moon ("Death-Star" hybrid hollowed titanium-zirconium body) b) The flagship Lilith (dark glossy Metallic War-planet) which around 9.600 B.C at the time of the sinking of Atlantis & Aegis was moved and stationed behind the Moon at a selenosynchronous orbit. c) Around 118 additional much smaller titanium ships To make things worse some mutineers Cronians managed to escape from Tartars and quickly made an alliance with the Reptilians of the Moon against the Uranides of Zeus. After that in the big monotheistic Religions El Sendai was referred along with Cronus-Saturn-Savaoth as allegedly a common "Universal God" (Draconian mega-fraud and religious manipulation) as Lord Yahweh(Sendai in mongolhebrew or Jendai-Jade in Chinese) and Lord Savaoth(Saturn) After that time Earth came to the dominance-rule of the Reptilians and their allies the Andromedian Traitors mutineers of Saturn (Cronus-Savaoth) Zeus ships in order to avoid a general Earth's catastrophe due to the space war, essentially tactically withdrawed 1/3rd to the 4 external planets (Saturn-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto), 1/3rd to the Inner Earth cavity (from the North Pole opening), and the rest 1/3rd escaped from our solar system in order to notify the local Galactic Government in Andromeda Constellation about the crimes and the invasion of the Reptilian Moon, and ask for reinforcements. Source: Group of Hellenic Reestablishment http://hellenandchaos.blogspot.com/2011/05/complete-truth-about-draconians-and.html